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See Dick Run

By: Kassanna | Other books by Kassanna
Published By: Sugar and Spice Press
Published: Feb 27, 2013
ISBN # 9781939151179
Word Count: 20,415
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Eligible Price: $3.99

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Categories: Romance>Contemporary Romance>Interracial Romance>Erotic Romance


See Dick Run by Kassanna - Romance>Contemporary

Moira Blackstone is living her dream. She is a private detective in Baton Rouge, LA. Most of her jobs involve low level cheating husbands and minor thefts, until the case of a lifetime falls in her lap. She’s been tracking a potential serial killer dubbed the Valentine’s Day Widower. There are only two small problems with this job. Kever LaRue is the officer assigned to the case, and the serial killer she was after committed suicide in front of her.

Or did he…Someone has made multiple attempts on Moira’s life.

Kever LaRue is a gator hunter turned homicide detective with the Baton Rouge P.D. He’s been after Moira since she came to town in her tight jeans and fast car. She’d never really given him the time of day, but now she had no choice. An unknown assailant is after her, and Kever is assigned as her protection. Now if only he could keep her from getting herself killed without throttling the life out of her himself or making love to the aggravating woman, he’d say it was a good day.
Reader Rating:   2.0 starstar (1 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   lip
Dustin Marks, the third, a man she’d been shadowing for months, did the same and used his other hand to reach past the column he gripped and drop the black bag he’d held into the dark water. He raised his head to meet her stare, a crazy glint sparked in his eyes.

“Good luck getting any proof now, bitch. It’s just your word against mine! Nobody’s going to believe you. I would never hurt any of my wives. I am simply the recipient of a horrible turn of luck.” His lips lifted in a smirk. “After I’m done with the defamation case I plan to file against you, I will own your ass.”

“Ya think. Dustin, you ignorant SOB, I’ve been collecting evidence on you for a while. Even if I don’t have the syringe or the drugs, per se, I have the receipts from the drugstore, dumb ass. I have the pictures of you with Alicia Newell, the future Mrs. Marks. I have the copies of insurance policies and I have no problem giving all that paperwork to the police.” She called out above the wind. “So you go for it. Meanwhile, I’ll be sitting at home while you and your cellmate get intimately acquainted.”

Dustin stared at her, his eyes wide in disbelief. “It’s all circumstantial. You have no fucking clue to what’s really going on.” He stepped back and onto the last plank on the pier. The quay moved again, dipping closer into the brown water. “I will have my freedom…one way or another.”

Moira eased back placing one foot behind the other. She surveyed the channel, gators infested these waters and she had no intention of being any creature’s happy meal. Glancing back to estimate exactly how far from the shore she’d come, she let go of the pylon and kept moving backwards. Dammit, why did she let him lure her so far from the outlet’s edge? “Dude, you do realize that gators reside just beneath the surface of this bayou, and are probably waiting for a tasty snack. A jail cell would be an infinitely wiser choice. Just saying.”

“There’s nothing you can do to me. But you’ll see, with me gone your pain is just beginning,” he screamed. Veins shown at his temples and the tendons in his neck strained. Dustin marched forward, the soles of his shoes slapping the wood. A thunderous crack rent the air and the structure tilted, aged wood started to pull apart in quick succession. Moira met his gaze, a knowing smile split his lips as he extended his arms and winked at her. Her heartbeat sped up as she watched in horror when his footing gave way and he fell back into the water. She took a few steps in his direction before she realized the rest of the dock was breaking up. Turning on her heel, she ran in the opposite direction, the sound of breaking wood following her.

Moira pumped her legs, sprinting for the shore. The mist of water sprayed across the back of her arms as more heavy planks fell into the depths. The unraveling dock was catching up with her, the boards disappearing from beneath her feet even as she moved from one to the next. With nothing left to lose and close enough to jump onto the rocky outcropping, she leapt. Wind milling her arms, she watched the rest of the small pier collapse, sinking sideways beneath the water’s surface. She exhaled and tensed at the thought of the beating her body was going to take as the shore rose up to meet her.

Sharp pain pierced her side as her body bounced off the rocks and she settled a few inches from her landing spot with her calves still in the water. Grunting she pulled her limbs under her and scrambled to get to higher ground. The stones she wrapped her hands around cut into her palm as she hauled herself up. Her missed footholds sent pebbles splashing into the water.

“Please, Lord, let the gators be too busy munching on Dustin to notice me.” She tossed the words into the air as she continued her upward climb.

At the top, she threw her arm over the edge of the drop-off, groping for a handhold in the soft grasses and felt strong fingers encase her wrist in a vise-like grip. Suddenly, she was hauled straight up by her arm. Moira dangled in the air for a moment. She opened her mouth to thank her savior and promptly snapped it shut. Before she could come up with anything witty to say she was dropped onto solid earth.

“Tell me, Cher, why am I always dragging you out of trouble?” Her good Samaritan, Kever LaRue, asked as he bent over to offer her a hand.

Biting back the pain that speared her side and traveled up her arm, she brushed his hand away. It would be a cold day in hell before she took anything he offered. She inhaled as she rose, careful to keep from stroking her ribs. Show no weakness. “Kever LaRue, what are you doing here?” Moira plastered a smile on her face.

“Other than saving your luscious ass once again? A motorist thought they were witnessing a domestic violence dispute and called it in. Me, being the diligent detective that I am, and since I happened to be in the area, I decided to check it out.” He stared at her through deceptively innocent eyes.

“Hmph.” Moira started to walk in the direction of her car when two patrol cars swerved in, blocking her.

“Just where do you think you’re going, Ms. Blackstone?” Kever secured her by the bicep and swung her around. “You have a lot of explaining to do.”

She stared at him. He was six-foot-two, with black hair a tad too long that screamed at you to run your fingers through it and eyes as equally dark. Broad shoulders and a trim waist, Kever was a native son and one of the most eligible bachelors in the Baton Rouge area. He wielded his Cajun accent like a super power, making any woman within listening distance willing to drop her panties indiscriminately. His tan was testament to his outdoor activities. She’d heard more than once that he’d put himself through college hunting gators. He was also an arrogant ass who charmed her when she first moved into town. Moira rolled her eyes at him. At least they’d never shared more than a very hot kiss and she was claiming tipsy on that occasion. She’d be damned if she ended up on the gossip line’s phone tree.

See Dick Run

By: Kassanna