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Series: Sensual Captivity , Book 1.0
By: Aubrey Ross | Other books by Aubrey Ross
Published By: Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc.
Published: Dec 05, 2007
ISBN # 9781419913600
Word Count: 54,617
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Eligible Price: $3.75

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Categories: Romance>Erotic Romance


Seducer (Sensual Captivity) by Aubrey Ross - Romance>Erotic Romance eBook

Sensual Captivity, Book One.

Determined to save his people from a debilitating mutation, Mal Ton abducts a gifted geneticist and brings her to his war-torn world. Andrea wakes up naked and in the arms of a handsome doctor who claims to be Mal Ton's captive as well. Roark charms and seduces her while Mal Ton overwhelms her senses, awakening needs she didn't realize she possessed.

Roark's smoldering intensity is even more intoxicating than Mal Ton's blatant sexuality. Slipping beneath her emotional defenses, Roark unleashes her passionate nature and makes her long for the soul-deep connection she gave up on long ago. She wants to believe they've found a bond more meaningful than lust, but how can she trust her captors? Now her sensuality is pitted against her intellect and the fate of two worlds hangs in the balance.
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An Excerpt From: SEDUCER

Copyright ? AUBREY ROSS, 2007

All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing,

are you down here anyway?? her lab assistant asked. ?Isn?t your bodyguard
waiting in the departure ring??

only response was an annoyed look. The rent-a-cop hadn?t been her idea.
Director Sanchez refused to allow her off the space station unless she
agreed to private security. She understood the precaution but balked at the
director?s highhanded means.

Andrea?s brainchild, had completely disrupted her well-ordered life. The
synthetic DNA backbone maintained, and in some cases restored, the
integrity of DNA during intentional transcription. The medical community
had just begun to explore the potential of the revolutionary process.
Military factions were half a step behind. Bidding wars and thinly veiled
threats were now an everyday obstacle. Little wonder she?d become reclusive.

wanted to check on a few things before I took off.?

is so pathetic.? Janelle turned back to her console and entered a series of
quick commands. Andrea?s display went blank. ?I?m here to hold down the
fort. Go! Have a good time.?

She started
to object when the door slid open and a dark-haired man stepped into the
lab. Tall and broad shouldered, his stiff posture and sharp-eyed stare
identified him as military even without the uniform. His hair had been
sectioned off and formed into thin dreadlocks that reached the middle of
his back. The thick mass was secured at the nape of his neck, accenting the
ruthless angles of his features. He appeared humanoid, yet not quite human.
His skin tone was a bit too golden, the tilt of his eyes too pronounced.

is a high security level.? She sounded as assertive as her evening attire
allowed. ?How did you get down here??

Mal Ton Adoha.? He spoke with a pronounced
accent, adding to his exotic appeal. ?I?m your escort for the evening.? His
shoulders remained squared, arms at his sides as his teal gaze boldly
assessed her figure.

would have been insulted by his stare, but in all honesty, her dress begged
for the attention. Her breasts curved well into view and one side of the
gown was slit to mid-thigh. The dark brown material shimmered with green
and gold iridescence, perfectly matching the multi-colored hazel of her

arrive at the gala on schedule, we must leave in the next few minutes.?

acknowledged the statement with a stiff nod and turned to Janelle. ?Com me
if there are any unusual developments.?

corners of Janelle?s mouth quirked suspiciously as she looked from Andrea
to Mal Ton and back. ?Gottcha covered.? She
dropped her voice to barely a whisper and added, ?Remember my suggestion
about the coat closet? That one is perfect for the job.? She turned back to
her desk before Andrea could react to the comment.

measured steps, Andrea crossed the lab. Mal Ton?s gaze focused on her face
and awareness arced between them like sizzling currents of electricity.
This could prove interesting. Director Sanchez had streamed Mal Ton?s
dossier to her workstation when he?d first insisted on private security for
the evening, but the profile hadn?t included an image. Now she had a devastating
face to put with his impressive credentials.

paused near the door and motioned to the security scanner, needing to
alleviate her final paranoia. ?Would you mind??

course not.? He pressed his palm against the smooth surface and the scanner
confirmed his identity.

said commander. What do you command?? She switched to Standard, the
language established for the facilitation of interplanetary trade. He was
making a valiant effort to speak Earthish, but
she preferred to avoid miscommunication.

They turned to the right as
they left the lab, her high heels providing a rhythmic accompaniment for
their conversation. The extra three inches only brought her head even with
his shoulder. Damn the man was tall.

I keep forgetting I?m retired.?

glanced up at him, her brow furrowed. He was a man in his prime. How could
he be retired? ?How long have you been on Earth??

chuckled. ?I immigrated from an obscure planet you?ve probably never heard
of and to my knowledge no human has ever visited. I could say the name, but
it doesn?t translate well into Standard.?

sorry. I didn?t mean to be rude.? She scanned open the lift and stepped
inside. ?Scientists are curious by nature.?

only reply was an enigmatic smile.




By: Aubrey Ross