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Seduced (Rockstar Romance)

Series: Lost in Oblivion , Book 0.5
By: Cari Quinn | Other books by Cari Quinn
      Taryn Elliott | Other books by Taryn Elliott
Published By: Rainbow Rage Publishing
Published: Jul 04, 2013
ISBN # 9781940346014
Word Count: 74,000
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Eligible Price: $2.99

Available in: Mobipocket (.mobi), Adobe Acrobat, Epub

Categories: Romance>Contemporary Romance>Erotic Romance Romance>New Adult


Seduced (Rockstar Romance) (Lost in Oblivion) by Cari Quinn, Taryn Elliott - Romance>Contemporary eBook

Music kept them going. Now it might tear them apart…

Guitarist Nick Crandall has one focus in his life—Oblivion, the band he started with his closest friends, lead singer Simon Kagan and bassist Deacon McCoy. After losing their drummer to rehab, they’re struggling. Until Deacon poses a surprising suggestion.

Bring in someone new. Two new someones, and one of them happens to be a chick.

One YouTube video gone viral later, the band is heading to the top faster than they ever dreamed.

If the band doesn’t break up—and hearts don’t get broken—before they manage to sign their first recording contract.

**The guys are in the driver's seat in Seduced…and the ride's gonna rock. This prequel is the novel-length introduction to the band Oblivion and occurs before the books about each of the band members.**
Reader Rating:   4.0 starstarstarstar (2 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   liplipliplip
He’d just walked in the door, and now he wanted to walk right back out.

But he didn’t. Instead Nick let his gaze bounce from face to face. Simon, sulky pout already in place. Deacon, expression wary. Then the kid he assumed was Gray, who didn’t look nearly as young as he’d expected, not with eyes that haunted.

And closest to the door, a pink-haired pixie watching him with unabashed curiosity, the kind that killed cats and mindfucked men into paying attention.

So was she the drummer or some groupie girlfriend of the guitarist? Hard to tell from that get-up she had on. If she traded that dark red lipstick for bubble gum gloss and tugged up her low-cut tank top a little, she’d be ready for a nineties-style high school sleepover. A wrist full of bracelets clanged when she shoved her fingers through her hair, which was held back with glittery barrettes. Barrettes, for God’s sake. She was like a living anime doll.

Nick’s gaze dropped, quite unintentionally. Did anime characters typically have tits like this babe’s? He’d walked in on Simon watching some freaky cartoon porn once or twice. Maybe he’d have to check some out himself. Had to be better than one-handing it under the covers while Deak sawed them off in the bunk above him.

Without warning, the kid with the ancient Gibson bobbed to his feet and stuck out a hand in Nick’s general direction. His gaze, however, rested on the big-eyed doll. “Grayson Duffy,” he said in a voice that sounded as if it had been rubbed with gravel. “You must be Nicky.”

“Nick, yeah,” Nick replied coolly, cocking an eyebrow at Deak. He just shrugged. Calling him Nicky to outsiders? So that’s how they were playing things now. “Can I call you Gray or do you prefer son?”

Gray flexed the hand around the neck of his guitar. “Gray’ll do.”

Nick slid his gaze toward the pink princess. “She yours?”

She started to reply, but Gray beat her to the punch. “Yeah, she is. So don’t fuck with her.”

“Jesus, G,” she said softly, scuffing the toe of her boot across the dingy floor like she’d been chastised. Or maybe she was into that submissive crap.

Nick raised a brow and glanced at Gray with new respect. “Define ‘don’t fuck with her’. What about if you’re there? Because we don’t mind sharing. We’re just that kind of band.” He made a show of walking over to slap Simon on the back, who promptly shoved him away. “This one especially. If you put it in front of him, he’ll nail it. And Pinky over there is just the kind of candy we like, right, Pretty Boy?”

“Shut the hell up,” Deacon muttered. “Why do you always have to be such a dick?”

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Nick clutched his chest with mock concern. “I didn’t realize we had to roll out the red carpet. Someone should’ve warned me I was in the presence of rock royalty or something.” He looked back at the woman. Her expressive eyes and blush-prone skin did all the talking her lips didn’t. “How about you?” He stalked toward her, his boots thudding heavily over the cracked lineoleum. “Are you offended by my crudeness?” He licked his lips. “Or intrigued?”

Gray stepped between them and slammed a hand against Nick’s shoulder. “Back the fuck off. Got it? We didn’t come here for this. We just want to play.” He looked back at the woman, and Nick registered the visible conflict twisting her features. “We don’t need this, Jazz.”

“Jazz?” The word was out before he could stop himself. “What the hell kind of name’s that?”

Now it was her turn to sneer, and she did it with a flash of her big blue eyes that would’ve turned him to stone in a second if he hadn’t had a dude’s fist about six inches from his windpipe. Gray hadn’t let him go yet. “Jasmine to you, asshole.”
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Submitted By: Vampire66 on Jan 2, 2014
I loved this book Nick and the crew are hot. I so can't wait for the rest of this series to see who grabs Nicks heart. This was a more or less a get to know the band book but it grabbed me from the start I 'm a fan.

Seduced (Rockstar Romance)

By: Cari Quinn, Taryn Elliott