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SEALed with a Kiss

Series: Whipped Dreams
By: Nikki Winter | Other books by Nikki Winter
Published By: Shara Azod, LLC
Published: Dec 31, 2012
ISBN # 9781300511571
Word Count: 13,000
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EligiblePrice: $2.99

Available in: Epub, HTML, Adobe Acrobat, Mobipocket (.prc)

Categories: Romance>Erotic Romance

Ten long years have passed since Noel Austin left Baton Rouge in search of solace. Having lost two of the most important people in his world, he needed a clean break, a life away from the constant reminder his parents were gone. Now, a decade later, he’s realizing what he really needed was the love and support of the woman he adored half his life but left behind. The question is; can he get Ambrielle Hudson to understand his reasons for becoming a SEAL? Or is the damage to her heart too extensive to repair? One Christmas and one storm that lands them together gives him all the answers he needs.
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“I am going to kill you!” Ambrielle Hudson snarled, chasing her best friend around the island of said best friend’s kitchen.

Sophie Kakos moved in tandem with her, staying just out of reach. She threw her hands up. “It’s the holidays! You can’t kill me! It’s in the Bible...or something!”

“I’m gonna snap your neck,” Ambrielle calmly hissed, lunging for Sophie again. “And then I’m going to drag your still-twitching body back out into the living room to your husband before I kill him too!”
“Would you just calm down for a minute and listen?”

“No!” Ambrielle shouted. “Why would you do this to me? Why?”

“I didn’t do anything! It was Arius!”

“Oh, real nice, just throw your husband under the bus!”

“He’s the one who invited him. I had nothing to do with this.”

“You’re telling me you didn’t know?”

“I’m telling you I didn’t know,” Sophie insisted.

Eyes narrowing, Ambrielle stalked the other woman. “You know how I can always tell when you’re lying, Sophie?”

Her hazel eyes widened. “I’m not lying.”

“You get this small tic right over your left eye,” Ambrielle continued like Sophie hadn’t said anything, then she went up and over the counter.

“Not the face! Not the face!”

When you knew someone for twenty years, it wasn’t uncommon to want to strangle them every now and again. The fact Ambrielle was actually doing so currently? Not at all strange.

She and Sophie had been best friends since Ambrielle beat the shit out of some miniature assholes on the playground after she saw them push Sophie down just because she wouldn’t give up a swing. Ambrielle had never taken too kindly to bullies and, at the young age of eight, she had a temper. A bad temper. It seemed that temper hadn’t disappeared.

“Stop...choking...me...” Sophie gasped.


She gripped Ambrielle’s hands and pulled them off her neck, staring up at her. “I’m doing this for your own good!”

“You’re doing this because you apparently have a death wish!”

“Um...I don’t know about you, Noel,” a deep, amused voice drawled from the doorway of the kitchen. “But I have to say this was definitely on my Christmas list this year. I just didn’t say anything, because the last time I mentioned it as a birthday present I got a black eye and blue balls. Neither of which are good colors on me.”

Growling, Ambrielle looked over her shoulder to find the current bane of her existence standing in the doorway with the man she had once looked at as an older brother, a friend, a great man. Now...now all she saw was the possibility of what his throat would look like slit.

“Shut. Up.” She stood and held out a hand for Sophie to grip before she pulled her up.

“Why’d you stop?” Arius Kakos--Sophie’s husband--teasingly asked. “We could’ve gotten pudding involved, or at the very least flavored body oils.”

Ambrielle bit the inside of her cheek before strolling up to her longtime friend and poking him in the chest with one finger, ignoring the man standing beside him, no matter how much she could feel that very man’s gaze burning into her. “Stop while you’re ahead, before I roast your chestnuts on an open fire.”

Pouting, he cupped a hand over his undercarriage and turned puppy eyes to his wife. “I thought you were gonna talk to her about threatening my bits.”

Ambrielle didn’t have to turn around to see Sophie shrug before she told her husband, “You kind of walked right into that one, baby.”
“Happy holidays, sugar.”

A hush fell over the room as Ambrielle’s head slowly turned to the one who’d spoken those words. That voice. She hated that goddamn voice. It was the same goddamn voice that was the reason she was up all goddamn night. That fucking low, Southern drawl was as sweet as fresh-picked strawberries and as deep as the waters that ran through the Mississippi itself. And the source of that goddamn voice? No better. Just a dark, just as alluring, just as arousing.

SEALed with a Kiss

By: Nikki Winter