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Samantha's Cowboy

By: Marin Thomas | Other books by Marin Thomas
Published By: Harlequin
Published: Aug 01, 2009
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Categories: Romance>Contemporary Romance>Westerns/Cowboys Fiction


Samantha's Cowboy by Marin Thomas - Romance>Contemporary eBook

There should be millions in Samantha Cartwright's trust fund...but it's empty. Luckily for Wade Dawson, her financial adviser, Samantha doesn't know that yet. So Wade's buying time to solve the mystery of the missing money by playing cowboy on her ranch. But he's in way over his head!

Wade is so different from the men Samantha is used to. He wears a tie to work instead of dusty jeans and a Stetson. And while she's intrigued by him, she's frustrated by the delay. After all, starting her new horse ranch will finally prove to her overprotective father that she's capable of running her own life.

But Samantha's memory lapses from an old injury once brought harm to a child she loved, and she cannot risk being a danger to Wade or his young son. Even if the businessman does look irresistible in a cowboy hat...
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Samantha Cartwright was fit to be boiled down to glue—that said a lot for a woman who intended to run a sanctuary ranch for neglected horses.

She swung her Chevy Silverado pickup into the no-parking zone in front of First Place Tower at 15 East Fifth Avenue in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. Three o'clock on a Friday afternoon and not a soul in sight. The mid-July hundred-degree heat wave had sent the city's business professionals home early.

Charles Dawson's ornery backside better be in his office.

No sooner had Sam's dusty Ropers hit the pavement than a security guard materialized out of thin air. Sucking in his baby smooth cheeks, he pointed to the sign at the curb. Sam fumbled with the floor mat until her fingers found the fifty-dollar bill she kept hidden for emergencies—empty gas tanks or bribes.

"The... sign... says... No... Parking." The young man emphasized each word as if Sam was slow on the uptake.

She willed herself not to react to the insult. He couldn't know that her uptake was indeed problematic at times. "I'm not parking here." She slapped the keys and the money into his palm. "You're taking my truck for a spin around the block until I return."

His cheeks inflated like air bags, as he protested, "Ma'am, I can't." But she noticed his fingers curled around the cash.

"Of course you can—" Sam read the name embroidered on the front of his blue uniform "—Dave." She strode toward the building's entrance, catching her reflection in the dark glass doors. She should have showered and changed into street clothes before driving into the city. Oh, well. Sam had ceased trying to impress men years ago. No matter how she dolled herself up or how many male heads she turned, in the end her shortcomings sent them running. Not even the Cartwright name had been enough to coax a down-on-his-luck cowboy to stick by her side.

"May I help you?" A woman in a lilac-colored suit with blond hair neatly tucked at the nape of her neck stood behind a crescent-shaped kiosk in the middle of the lobby.

Now that Sam had sacrificed the time to make the hour drive into Tulsa everyone appeared eager to assist her—except Mr. Dawson who hadn't had the courtesy to return one of the several messages she'd left for him over the past two weeks.

The purple flower flashed a placating smile as her French-manicured thumbnail clicked and unclicked the ballpoint pen in her hand. Sam approached the desk, forcing the petite blonde to crane her neck to maintain eye contact. At five feet nine inches, Sam towered over most women.

"Thanks, but I'm afraid the only person able to help me is Mr. Dawson." Sam veered toward the bank of elevators at the back of the lobby, her boot heels clacking against the marble floor. A plaque on the wall indicated Dawson Investments occupied the fourteenth floor. According to the directory, the building did not have a thirteenth floor.

Once inside the elevator, she patted the front of her jeans, double-checking that the note she'd written earlier in the morning remained tucked inside the pocket. Stick to your agenda and all will be fine.

The doors opened to another lobby and another blond receptionist—this one wearing a fuchsia-colored suit. The woman gave Samantha a head-to-toe glance, nose curling with disgust. "Good afternoon."

"I'm here to see Charles Dawson."

"Did you have an appointment with Mr. Dawson?" The receptionist flipped furiously through the day planner on the desk. "I'm positive I rescheduled all of his commitments."

"This is a spur-of-the-moment visit."

Veronica Smith—according to the nameplate on the...

Samantha's Cowboy

By: Marin Thomas