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Runaway: A One to Chase Prequel

Series: One to Hold , Book 6.5
By: Tia Louise | Other books by Tia Louise
Published By: TL Productions
Published: Apr 28, 2015
ISBN # 978069242955
Word Count: 7,700
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Categories: Erotica>Contemporary Erotica>Free


Runaway: A One to Chase Prequel (One to Hold) by Tia Louise - Erotica>Contemporary eBook

Just in from Paris…
Just in from Chicago…

Neither Marcus Merritt nor Amy Knight are up for a wedding, especially when it drags one of them back home to old memories and the other to a life left far behind.

A random hook-up seems like a good distraction—it is a wedding after all. Isn’t everyone supposed to hook up?

The latest Merritt-Knight pairing starts off with a bang, but neither party knows where this random is going to lead.

A ONE TO CHASE short prequel. Due to strong language and sexual content, “Runaway” is intended for readers 18 and older only. One to Chase is everywhere June 25, 2015.
Reader Rating:   1.0 star (1 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   lip
Striding into the cozy, dim-lit space, I place the full bottle of vodka and two slim glasses on a tall table with two bar stools.
“Do you play?” he asks, stepping over and sliding the cue ball across red felt.
“Not billiards.” Cracking open the bottle, I pour two glasses mid-way. “You’re up.”
Stepping to the counter, he lifts one. “Skal.” With a clink, he slams the entire contents back.
“Swedish?” My eyes only pinch a little as I do the same.
“No, I only figured if we’re shooting vodka, we should keep it real.”
I’m pouring another drink feeling looser than ever. “So if you’re not Swedish,” I glance up and give him a playful wink, “Where is home? Here in Wilmington?”
“Chicago.” He takes the glass, openly letting his eyes run all over my body. A warm tingle follows his inspection.
“I don’t believe it,” I say, sliding the fur off my shoulders to give him a better look.
“Why?” He moves a bit closer. “Too conventional?”
“Chicago is where I live now.”
“I spent the last year in Paris.”
His eyebrows rise. “The City of Love?”
“I prefer City of Lights.”
“Right.” He’s even closer. Close enough that I can smell the fresh linen scent of his cologne. “You don’t do love.”
“I do other things.” It came out as more of a purr than I’d intended, but I’ll go with it. I feel good, and I want to bury my face in his delicious scent while I tangle my fingers in those caramel-brown waves.
A pause. Our eyes hold each other’s a moment. “What’s your name?” I ask.
“Marcus.” I like it. Marcus the lawyer. “What’s yours?”
“Pretty.” Unexpected warmth simmers in my stomach. “What’s your game, Amy?”
The sound of his voice saying my name is a delicious vibration under my skin. What’s my game? It could mean anything, but I go with the less provocative interpretation.
“International trade and finance.” I push my lips out just a bit over the S sound, allowing my eyes to stay on his mouth. It’s a nice mouth, and I love the feel of scruff against my bare skin. “I’ll probably focus on PR now that I’m home.”
He’s not backing down, and a shimmer of excitement moves through my stomach. “Are you experienced at PR?”
“Why don’t you find out?” My voice has gone a little lower. It’s enough for him.
Another step forward, and our bodies are touching now. He’s warm, and that crisp linen fills my senses. Large hands slide up my hips, and I close my eyes, dropping my head back for him to kiss me.

Runaway: A One to Chase Prequel

By: Tia Louise