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Riding Curves

By: Christa Wick | Other books by Christa Wick
Published By: Straw Man Digital
Published: Feb 20, 2013
ISBN # STRMND0000019
Word Count: 24,900
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Available in: Epub, Mobipocket (.mobi), Adobe Acrobat

Categories: Romance>Contemporary Romance>Rubenesque Romance>Erotic Romance

Plus-size graduate student Cecelia is all set for a long weekend at her parents' lake house, but her car won't start. Family friend Aiden offers a simple solution, she can ride with him on the back of his motorcycle. He promises to drive slowly, but it's not a fear of crashing that's stopping Cece from getting on the back of Aiden's bike. She's worried about what will happen when the engine is thrumming between her legs and she is pressed up against the big hard body of her secret crush.

This 24,900+ word short story is for readers who enjoy secret crushes, big curves and bad boys with big bikes.
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His fingers working between our bodies, Aiden thumbed the button of my jeans open. Easing the pressure of his hips against mine, he undid the zipper with a slow, teasing efficiency. Releasing his hold on my head, he untucked my t-shirt. One hand slid under it and up my torso as the other slid beneath the top band of my panties. Plunging lower, his middle finger parted my labia. Under my shirt, he freed my breast from the bra and gave my nipple a slow tug.

"I don't know how you managed not to soak my seat, baby. Or burn a hole through it. You're pussy's so hot and wet."

My hips moved without instruction from my brain. Aiden rewarded me with a strangled moan. He cinched me closer and his mouth fastened on my throat. Sucking at my flesh, he fingered short strokes along my clit.

"Have you thought about us, Cece, before right now?"

I managed a small nod and a gurgle that sounded like "yes." It was all the self-control I could muster as I ground small circles against his fingertip.

He took another slow tug on my nipple. "Were you thinking about me on the bike?"

"Mmm-hmm." My hips surged and I felt a pulse of cream leave me. Breathing hard, I rocked up onto my tip toes as he continued rubbing the spine of my pussy.

"And before that?" He squeezed my mound, lifting and rocking me so that my toes only occasionally touched the floor. With my answer stuck in my chest, he lightly nipped my throat. "How long?"

How long?

Far too fucking long -- that was the answer.
Reader Reviews (2)
Submitted By: sarahd on Jan 9, 2014
this story was wonderful. I love the stories this author comes up with. They are always entertaining.
Submitted By: PianoACS on Feb 28, 2013
Love this author but this story spent a bit to much time with the characters in the same mis-understanding. Yes I know people don't learn their lessions the first time but really this story went around the ring of "I'm not sure I can trust you" to many time. It came in many forms but come on you either trust another person or you don't, and if you can't trust the little things the big ones are right out.

Riding Curves

By: Christa Wick