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Revival: A Mafia Romance

Series: Return to Us Trilogy , Book 1.0
By: M.K. Gilher | Other books by M.K. Gilher
Published By: Angel Press
Published: Jan 15, 2015
ISBN # 9781634524872
Word Count: 55,700
Heat Index     
Eligible Price: $3.99

Available in: Mobipocket (.mobi), Epub

Categories: Romance>Contemporary Romance>Suspense/Mystery/Thriller Romance>Erotic Romance


Revival: A Mafia Romance (Return to Us Trilogy) by M.K. Gilher - Romance>Contemporary eBook

Sexy alpha-male doctor fights to the death to shield his true love from a brewing mafia war.

He's a surgeon, he's a cage fighter, he's not a good boy. I feel as if I know him, yet I'm sure I don't. Dr. Jacade J. Jordan, my mysterious sex god on a stick.

Damn, she's delectable. My sweet Ivy. I want to eat her alive. But how can I possess her when she doesn't even know me? When the deception runs too deep? When I've killed for her and would do it again in a heartbeat? How can I watch her submit so perfectly when I am the one at her feet?

Enjoy the ride in the Windy City as Ivy and Jacade's timeless love story unfolds in the Return to Us Trilogy.

"Had one of the most erotic moments I have read in a book." -Amazon 5-star review.
"Mystery, intrigue, sex and war!" -Amazon 5-star review
"Intense, hot, mouthwatering, scorching, sheet burning, panty melting." -Amazon 5-star review
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Sensuality Rating:   Not rated
"Ivy, you and I are going to play a little game." His voice strips me down until I feel naked. I'll play any fucking game you want me to, just as long as you're playing with me.

Without thinking I blurt out, "What kind of game?" Once the words leave my mouth, I wish I could rewind to about five seconds earlier. The way he's standing and speaking to me, I know this is no time for questions. He's going to blast through all the barriers and forts I've erected to keep men like him out. This is a game I'm going to play because he's already decided it for me.

He chuckles, and for a moment, I see a playful boy peeking through. But he swiftly recovers and locks his stoic mask back into place.

His stern voice answers my blurted question. "A game in which you don't speak unless you're instructed to do so." He raises his eyebrows and wrinkles appear on his forehead.

Well, that shut me up.

"I'm impressed. You learn quickly."

He moves closer until he's standing directly in front of my desk with his arms still across his rippling chest. I peek up at him through my mascara-ridden eyelashes, attempting to gauge his feeling or mood. But, his blockade is secure. No emotions in or out.

"You're going to do everything I tell you to do for the next twenty minutes. Just twenty minutes." He pauses while I catch up.

A game? I can't even think when I'm around him. How am I supposed to play a game?

I'm elated Feminist Ivy called in sick today, but Slut Ivy has graciously picked up the slack and located a pen and paper, waiting to take notes on the rules of his game. Way to go, Slut Ivy.

"These are the rules. First, you don't speak unless I tell you to. Second, you do everything I say. No questions asked. No hesitating or arguing. No attitude." He's staring into the depths of my soul, searching for my reaction to his words.

Without thinking, like I always do, I open my mouth to speak. He stares at me with a look of disapproval and shakes his head back and forth. "No words, Ivy. Those are the rules." I snap my mouth shut.

I stare back at him, studying his facial features. Maybe I'll see a clue as to what kind of game he's playing right now. He shows me nothing.

Wow, he's good.

I have no idea what cards he's holding, except for the unsettling feeling he already has clinched my very own ace of hearts.

"You game, sweetheart?" His challenge glows in his dynamic eyes.

Fine, Jacade, I'll play your game with your rules. Ante up, big boy.

Revival: A Mafia Romance

By: M.K. Gilher