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Revenge Encounter: Pegging Her Ex Boyfriend

By: Jillian Cumming | Other books by Jillian Cumming
Published By: Jillian Cumming
Published: May 02, 2012
ISBN # JLLCMM0000045
Word Count: 3,434
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Categories: Erotica>BDSM Erotica>Contemporary


Revenge Encounter: Pegging Her Ex Boyfriend by Jillian Cumming - Erotica>BDSM eBook

Janice is heartbroken. Her boyfriend, Adrian, just cheated on and broke up with her. Luckily for Janice, her friend Cat has a sexy plan to exact revenge, showing Janice a 10-inch strap-on that will be her weapon. All Janice has to do is get Adrian into her bed and get the cuffs onto his sexy body. Will she be able to peg her ex?

Warning: this 3434 word story contains hot revenge sex, a woman pegging her jerk ex boyfriend with a huge dildo, as well as handcuffs, spanking, rough sex and domination.
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Sensuality Rating:   Not rated
Janice still wasn’t over the breakup. She’d loved Adrian, and the piece of that love still in her just couldn’t believe that he actually did what he had done.

She was deleting all of his photos from her computer and, against her better judgment, had decided to look at some of them. At first, it had been only thumbnails. But that had quickly escalated to enlarging each picture. She already had a pile of tear-filled and crumpled tissues on the desk beside her.

Opening a chat window, she typed a message to her friend, Cat. “Why?” She added a sad face after the question mark.

A reply popped up moments later. “Because he’s a bastard.” Then, the next second, the phone rang. Still looking at pictures, Janice answered.

“Hi, babe. IMs aren’t good enough,” Cat said.

Dabbing at her eyes, Janice said, “But why would he cheat? Wasn’t I good enough?”

Cat jumped in before Janice could continue, “Jan, the boys all think you’re smoking hot. If I was a lesbian, I would do you.”

Janice smiled and almost laughed, “Thanks, Cat.”

“You know what? I have a fucking awesome idea that will get you out of this. I’ll be there soon, okay?”

“Okay,” Janice said. They hung up.

True to her word, Cat knocked on the door about 15 minutes later. Her full lips were curved in that mischievous smile that told Janice she had a plan.

“What’s with the box?” Janice asked as Cat walked into the apartment. Cat had a long, thin box under one arm. She didn’t say anything until she’d put it on the coffee table and they were sitting on the sofa. Janice was so curious that she’d almost stopped crying. She dabbed at her eyes again with a fresh tissue.

“This, Jan, is your revenge against that cheating asshole.”

Cat lifted the lid from the box. Janice raised herself a little on the sofa. When she saw the contents, she clapped her hands over her mouth and almost fell over.

Smiling, Cat reached in and pulled out a large, black strap-on dildo. It must have been at least 10 inches long. It was shaped like a real cock, with the ridges around the head and simulated bulging veins. Janice felt herself clench up just looking at it. Why the hell does she have that? It’s not going to fit, Janice thought.

Janice must have made a face, because Cat laughed and said, “Relax. I’m not going to fuck you with it. You’re going to peg Adrian with it.”

“I’m going to what?”

“You’re going to strap this fucker on and pound Adrian in the ass with it.”

All Janice could manage was a whispered, “Oh.” She was too busy staring in shock at the shiny dildo.

Cat grabbed Janice’s wrist and made her look into Cat’s eyes. “Look, that fucker needs to get what he deserves. He fucked behind your back. It’s time to fuck behind his, literally.”

This time, Janice did laugh. It felt good to know she still could.

Continuing, Cat said, “And here’s how you’re going to get him to agree to it.”

As Cat laid out her plan, Janice thought how glad she was that Cat was on her side. She also started getting wet.


Two hours later, after Cat had left, Janice answered another knock on the door. It was Adrian, and, even though burning hatred filled her, Janice had to admit to herself how tall and handsome he was. She hesitated a moment, to his obvious annoyance, as she fought within herself over whether she could go through with the plan.

“Well?” Adrian said, “I’m late for a date, so please make it quick.” He frowned down at his watch.

She’d texted him to come over based on the pretence that she really needed to see him face to face. As soon as the word “date” left his mouth, her choice was made. I can’t believe it, she thought, we’ve been broken up for only a few days and he’s already dating!

Trying to look sad, she stepped to one side and said, “Come in.”

He frowned again, hesitating. After a suspenseful moment for Janice, he entered the apartment. She got him to sit down on the couch. The dildo and the box it had been in were gone now, secreted under Janice’s bed. Janice sat down beside him on the couch, their thighs touching. This seemed to surprise Adrian, but he didn’t pull away from her. Good, she thought. Janice had changed into a very low-cut and tight shirt, and she didn’t have a bra on. She leaned over a little so that he got an eyeful.

Revenge Encounter: Pegging Her Ex Boyfriend

By: Jillian Cumming