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Rebel Obsession

Series: All the King's Men , Book 4.0
By: Donya Lynne | Other books by Donya Lynne
Published By: Donya Lynne
Published: Jan 01, 2013
ISBN # 9781938991011
Word Count: 114,800
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Eligible Price: $4.99

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Categories: Romance>Vampires Romance>Paranormal/Horror Romance>Erotic Romance


Rebel Obsession (All the King's Men) by Donya Lynne - Romance>Vampires eBook

Former cobalt addict and AKM drug counselor, Io is a male vampire known as much for his abrasive personality as for his playboy lifestyle. Life on the edge suits him, and he lives full throttle, making his own rules, damn the consequences. What he wants, he takes, and what he wants now is Miriam. If only he can find a way to see her again without getting himself killed, but her father stands in the way.

Miriam is the daughter of the king. Strong-willed and defiant, she feels like a prisoner in her own home and struggles to break free from under her father’s oppressive hold. The king’s law surrounding Miriam is explicitly clear: No one touches her. Period. It's a sentence that's left Miriam to suffer from loneliness and resentment.

In a fit of rebellion, Miriam has turned to cobalt to find relief and freedom, but now she’s a prisoner to addiction as much as to her father’s strict control. What's more, she can’t get sexy Io, who gently tended to her at the AKM facility as she recovered from her first overdose, off her mind. Will she ever see him again?

When Miriam overdoses a second time, she and Io are thrust back together, and all bets are off. Seeing each other was the one thing both wanted, and not even the king’s laws and threats of punishment will be enough to defuse their rebellious obsession with one another now that they’ve found each other again, even if the consequences are death.

Author’s Note: As we follow along with Io and Miriam, new and old enemies begin to emerge, and we get a glimpse of their deranged plans for the vampire race. Traceon’s story continues to develop as new characters are introduced who have had, and will have, a profound effect on his life. As usual, Micah is a dominant force, because…well…it’s Micah. Need I say more? I hope you enjoy this new installment to my All the King's Men series. –Donya Lynne
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Sensuality Rating:   liplipliplip
She swallowed heavily. His gaze drifted down her body then back up to her face. Before, his scrutiny would have made her self-conscious, but not anymore. She wanted him to look at her, because the way his eyes glazed and he rubbed his lips together—slowly, thoughtfully…hungrily—lit butterflies in her stomach. Sexy, lusty, wanton butterflies.

"This is your first time." His words carried portent, a promise hidden just under the surface that tonight would forever change them. As he breathed, his gaze dropped to his fingertips as they outlined the curve of her breast, caressing her like a feather. "It should be special." His fingers skimmed down her stomach, his hands disappearing under her shirt after a moment's hesitation. He inched the fabric up to reveal her skin.

She lifted her arms, moving just as slowly, and he tugged her shirt over her head before tossing it aside. It landed on the floor with a soft thwump, and his palms slid up and over her lace-covered breasts. His fingers played with the scalloped edges of her bra as she reached around and unfastened it. The material loosened, and his hands glided underneath and over her skin. She tossed the bra so it joined her shirt on the floor.

Io seemed fascinated with her breasts, his gaze following his hands as he massaged, squeezed, and caressed them.

"Are you okay?" she said.

Without lifting his gaze, he nodded. "Yes. I've just never seen more perfect breasts, and to think they're mine…they—you—all of you…you belong to me, and I belong to you. I just never thought…." He trailed off.

"You never thought what, Io?" She placed one of her hands over one of his.

He smiled, and this time his eyes lifted to meet hers. "I never thought I would take a mate."

"And…? How do you feel about that?" She smoothed her hand down his arm.

"I can't imagine ever going back to the way I was. You're perfect, Miri. Perfect for me, and perfect in every way."

She felt the same way. Everything about Io screamed I'm your mate. He was bold and outspoken. He took risks and went after what he wanted. He refused to be intimidated by money, titles, or even her royal blood.

"Claim me," she said, whispering.

His gaze blazed hot, and his full lips parted seductively. "Precious Miriam, make no mistake, your body will be fully and well-claimed by morning."
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Submitted By: bigbookworm on Jan 21, 2015
This episode in the All The Kings Men series is great. We finally get Io's story and learn more about the vampire royals. Love the bad guy too - really nasty! Brilliantly written with more of the full story woven into the plot.

Rebel Obsession

By: Donya Lynne