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Private Sessions

By: Tori Carrington | Other books by Tori Carrington
Published By: Harlequin
Published: Oct 01, 2010
ISBN # 9780373795727
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Categories: Romance>Contemporary Fiction


Private Sessions by Tori Carrington - Romance>Contemporary eBook

The Players:

1) Caleb Payne. Calculating entrepreneur. Avowed bachelor. He takes what he wants--in the boardroom and the bedroom!

2) Bryna Metaxas. Emotionally invested in her family's business. About to enter into a business deal with Caleb that will shock her on every level...And she'll love every minute of it.

The Situation:

Dangerously hot, filled with steamy sexual tension and cold business machinations.

The Turning Point:

Caleb makes a critical error. And in the fallout, he realizes that he's lost far more than he gained--he's given up his one chance at happiness. He'd have to pull off the coup of a lifetime to earn Bryna's trust--and love--again.

Then again, that's all part of the plan...
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The more things changed, the more they stayed the same.

Bryna Metaxas weighed the old axiom, feeling exasperated by her job, by the current stagnancy of her love life—or, rather, the lack of one at all—and frustrated by everything in general.

She sat in her small office at the old lumber mill where Metaxas Limited was located in Earnest, Washington, blind to the view of the lush, pine-covered hills visible through the window behind her. She was too busy trying not to think about the weekly Tuesday meeting she'd attended that morning where she'd been marginalized yet again. She couldn't help wondering why her older cousin Troy included her if he wasn't going to have her do anything more substantial than take notes and follow up on minor details. She was half-surprised that he hadn't asked her to serve coffee to the dozen attendees while they brainstormed ideas on where to go now that the deal they'd been working on with Greek billionaire Mano-lis Philippidis had fallen through.

Fallen through. Now, that was a print-ready description for what had happened. Disaster would be more fitting.

Bryna drew in a deep breath. How long had she been working at the company? Nearly two years. And while every six months she was given a positive review and her salary was increased incrementally, she was doing basically the same mundane tasks she had done since the day she hired on.

At any other company she would have quit long ago. But this was a family operation...and she was part of the family.

Besides, as a resident of Earnest, she had a vested interest in seeing the plan succeed for the good of the community. Hell, she'd minored in green energy at university and had a better working knowledge of the emerging technology than either of her cousins.

Bryna sighed and pushed her straight black hair back from her face. On her desk sat three different versions of a proposal—variants on the original she'd put together months ago, but had never seen the top of her cousin's in-box. A proposal she'd thought stood a chance when the Philippidis debacle happened. But, no. If anything, Troy was even less interested in looking at her ideas. No matter how many bricks walls he continually ran into.

Ultimately, she'd decided she'd have to fly solo.

It was just after eleven and she'd been at the old family mill offices since six, moths fluttering their wings against the walls of her stomach at the thought of going this alone. If some of that wild flapping was also associated with the very attractive person she'd decided to approach first...well, she wasn't admitting to it, beyond allowing that it had been a while since she'd enjoyed male attention...and this particular hot, single male not only appeared skilled in that specific area, he was renowned for it.

At any rate, if her plan worked the way she hoped, she'd be a major player in the business rather than the second fiddle to which she'd been relegated.

Of course, if her cousins Troy and his younger brother Ari found out what she was up to, they'd probably fire her sorry butt on the spot, family ties be damned.

She heard Troy's voice in the hall outside her door. Bryna quickly put another file on top of the proposals and picked up a pen, pretending interest in the routine accounting job she'd been given to do the day before.

"Hey, Bry," Troy said, leaning against the door-jamb the way he always did.

Everything that the gossips said about both of her cousins was true. They were powerful and impossibly good-looking, walking, talking Greek gods, a double whammy to any single female within grinning distance.

Of course, Ari...

Private Sessions

By: Tori Carrington