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Prison Sex Slave

By: Lexie X | Other books by Lexie X
Published By: Lexie X
Published: Oct 30, 2011
ISBN # 9781465962546
Word Count: 5,600
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Eligible Price: $2.99

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Categories: Erotica>LGBTQ>Lesbian Erotica>BDSM Erotica>Contemporary


Prison Sex Slave by Lexie X - Erotica>BDSM eBook

Sandi has survived in prison by servicing women, but her 'owner' has just been transferred. In her place, a young girl has become her new cellmate. Can Sandi turn the tables and make a sex slave out of the new girl?
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Mary stuck close to her throughout the day. Sandi thought lunch would be tense, but the guards on duty happened to be mostly her regular 'clients'. The other women stayed away, but she could tell that some of the meanest were eyeing them. They were especially interested in Sandi, who had formerly been protected from the most brutal, violent, and older women. It only made it worse that she was now a package deal with fresh, innocent meat.

They made it to the end of the day without physical incident, though several aggressive displays by the meaner women scared Mary even further. Shower time came, and Sandi knew she'd have her chance.

Mary wanted to stick to the far corner of the shower area, but Sandi picked the center, and the brunette didn't dare stray too far. Sandi folded her jumpsuit and placed it on the rack, relishing the sideways looks from the other women. She knew her body was gorgeous, and even more so in a place like this... and she started soaping herself and rubbing her round breasts, running her usual display.

Mary watched with wide eyes. Shaking, she took off her own jumpsuit. Sandi made sure the girl saw her check out her petite body. Her perky breasts and thin limbs made her pretty, but Sandi still felt she herself was more beautiful than the new girl. Even so, she felt herself growing heated at the thought of turning the innocent young girl into her sex slave. That body was so fresh and attractive... she understood now what all the other women felt when they looked at her.

As the shower area emptied somewhat, a few women stayed behind - as she'd expected. Her overly sexual show in the flowing water was her usual call for action. She'd been craving it, in fact. It'd been too many days since she'd done this. She enjoyed being the center of attention and missed it when it was gone, but she was starting to miss the warmth, slickness, textures, and scents, too...

Three women remained. First up was a twenty-something brunette that Sandi serviced often. She brushed back her wet blonde hair with her hands and then positioned the woman so that Mary could see. She looked back to meet the girl's frightened gaze, ensuring that she would watch, and then sank to her knees.

Sandi slipped her fingers in her own mouth, more for show than anything. The water from the shower was more than enough. Still, she drew out the process, matching the woman's gaze as she watched in lust. This was the part Sandi enjoyed the most - being lusted after. She gave the woman a wicked smile, and then slipped her fingers past the woman's bush and into her pussy.

She heard Mary give a quiet gasp. Somewhere behind her, she could hear the heavy breathing of the two other women start. They would be masturbating while they watched, and Mary would stand and watch all of it, too afraid to leave. Sandi smiled, and started working the familiar sex in front of her face.

The warm slick pressure felt good on her fingers, especially in contrast to the cool shower water running down the woman's legs. The woman leaned back against the tiled wall, and Sandi used the better angle to give her clit a good lick as she fingered. The woman breathed deep, and Sandi watched her large breasts rise and fall above.

She liked this one. The woman had a large clit. Sandi got to work sucking on it as she curled her fingers up to get her G spot. She rode the woman's tensing legs with her mouth, building her toward orgasm like clockwork. She prided herself on remembering how each pussy got off the best... and she was sure the women appreciated it. Sandi looked to the side to give Mary a long glance as she licked, sucked, and fingered a woman in front of her.

The young girl was still standing there, frozen, her eyes on the lurid lesbian sex in front of her. Sandi was sure the girl had never seen anything like it. Was it turning her on? There was no way she could tell as long as the girl was under the shower.

The woman under her tongue shrieked, and her legs gripped Sandi's head. She kept on working with her mouth and fingers, pushing the woman to orgasm, and she was rewarded with a squirt. The woman sighed with satisfaction, stood, and moved off. Sandi relished the flavor of the woman's juices for a moment, then washed her mouth out in the shower. She felt sexy as hell, and in total control... which was rare in this place. She turned to the other two women.

"How about both of you at once?" she commanded rather than asked. The two women, one black-haired and one blonde, lined up against the tiled wall in front of Sandi. She turned to Mary.

"Want to try one? I'll show you how," she offered.

Mary shook her head, still frozen in place. Sandi saw her leg twitch.

Prison Sex Slave

By: Lexie X