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Series: Prince series (Novella) , Book 1.0
By: Claudy Conn | Other books by Claudy Conn
Published By: Claudy Conn
Published: Nov 11, 2011
ISBN # :9781466063686
Word Count: 33,000
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PRINCE IN THE MIST (Prince series (Novella)) by Claudy Conn - Romance>Historical Medieval eBook

Fact one: By tradition and treaty, Fae do not interfere with the human world—it is against the rules.

Fact two: For a Royal Fae prince who suffers from the ennui of immortality, watching and interacting with humans—especially lovely, spirited human females—can be entertaining.

Fact three: When entertainment changes to affection, and affection becomes love, rules will be broken.

Reader Rating:   4.6 starstarstarstarstar (40 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   lipliplipliplip
Editorial Reviews:
From Jenn Hassani of Wild About Bones 5 stars
5 stars This first in the Prince Breslyn novella trilogy is a great companion/addition to Claudy Conn's Legend series. For those familiar with the Legend series, this quick read tells the story of Prince Breslyn and Chartelle, his "first human love" back in 1314 Scotland. Those who haven't had a chance to read the Legend yet, will find this to be a quick insight into Bres as well as an introduction to some of the characters who are the ancestors of those appearing in the series. Since the Legend series takes place, for the most part, in present day, the reader doesn't need to know anything about the series to enjoy this novella. Breslyn, sexy bad boy Fae prince, rule breaker, a favorite of the Fae queen, is "phenomenal of mind and body" - just ask him, he'll tell ya himself. He also has a heart of gold, is loyal and faithful, if a bit arrogant and spoiled.

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From Vonnie Faroqui 5 stars
5 stars Review by: Vonnie Faroqui on Dec. 27, 2011 : Sweet Satisfaction It happens. Once in a great while a character is born into literature that is so richly interesting one simply can't get enough of him. In the world of romance novels, Breslyn, Fae Prince of Dagda, is one such character. Introduced to us first through Claudy Conn's Legend series, Breslyn quickly became a character that enlivened interest and inspired fantasy beyond his intended role in the overall series. With Puckish mischief he disregards the rules of human-Fae engagement to tickle and tease Claudy's heroines and readers temptingly. We are intrigued by his interest in us, intrigued that for him we are more than a mad distraction or passing fancy. He is loyal but rebellious, a warrior who loves humans enough to risk his queen's disfavor by entangling himself in their lives and struggles. If you, like I, have fantasized about being seduced by this golden Fae you will not be disappointed. Claudy satisfies her fans' deepest desires to experience more of one of her most beloved heroes by taking us back in time to explore and discover Breslyn's early heroic and romantic exploits. In 'Prince of the Mists,' Claudy gives us not one but two romances, set in the era of English-Scotland conflict, before the tides of history turned in favor of Robert de Bruce and his Scotsmen. Breslyn digs himself right into the thick of things, aiding the Scottish by bringing the Knights Templar -guardians of many sacred Fae hallows, and Robert de Bruce together against the British. Claudy's knowledge of the era, lore and history give this novel a depth of color and excitement that is undeniable. Prepare to be swept away. (reviewed long after purchase)

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What was it about this human woman that made him shiver with a desire he could not remember ever feeling before?
Breslyn stood at Chartelle’s closed bedroom door. The time was late, and he believed she was asleep; however, that did not deter him as he moved to open the door. But then, suddenly, he stopped.
It was in that moment he hesitated with doubt, a flaying doubt that suddenly and totally assailed him and kept him frozen in place. Was he moving too quickly … would he frighten her when she realized what he really was? For she was a discerning creature that would eventually see the alien in his ancient eyes. She would see him for who he really was before he was ready for her to do so. What would she think when she discovered he was a Royal Fae?
He banished this concern, and instead of stepping forward he boldly shifted, Fae-style, into her chamber, as though a part of him wanted to let her see, acknowledge, and get it over with …
She was awake and tossing about under the covers, unaware of his presence. He watched her a moment, in awe of her beauty in the moonlight from the undraped windows. She threw the covers off, and he felt his raging hard-on throb in his leather trews. With a blink, his clothes were gone, relegated to the floor. He stood naked, hungry.
What was it about this human woman that made him shiver with a desire he could not remember ever feeling before? Beautiful, exquisite Fae females had enticed and held his interest and passions over the thousands of years that he had lived, but this was … different. What was it about this human that curled his ardor into a tight coil ready to spring? No Fae female had ever wrung out such primal sensations from him before, and Fae females were skilled in the art of making love.
She moved something inside him to ‘feel and experience’ sensations he had not hitherto been aware he was capable of experiencing. Something wild and yet sweetly entrenched in her heart drew on him … called to him …
Such emotions were nonsense, and yet, it was a fact he could not deny. He felt feral as he gazed at her and waited for her to see him …

Reader Reviews (4)
Submitted By: lyjo46 on Jan 11, 2015
It has a workable story line, the chemistry between the hero and heroine is ok.
Submitted By: mkeefe on Nov 20, 2012
Read this and Prince Prelude before you continue on in the series. They are part of the Legend series and fill in gaps. While wordy in places, the story drags you in and keeps you entertained. These stories, like the rest in the series enthralls the imagination so you can't wait to see what happens next. This whole series is a serious recommend to all who seek adventure not clouded by eroticism, romance not steeped in sex. Loved it!
Submitted By: anonom on Mar 6, 2012
Prince Breslyn plays a role in a lot of Conn's Legend books and he is hot, and adorable. Love him and this is a wonderful love story filled with history and supernatural...5 stars!
Submitted By: candices on Nov 12, 2011
Another wickedly cleaver, scintillatingly sexy Fae adventure by Claudy Conn! Prince in the Mist will forever be a sensual, daring favorite of mine. The moment I started reading, I was taken on a delightful, passionate journey that left me satisfied, but so hungry for more.


By: Claudy Conn