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Pridelands (Collection)

By: Jade Buchanan | Other books by Jade Buchanan
Published By: Changeling Press LLC
Published: Apr 09, 2013
ISBN # 0618401986
Word Count: 122,000
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Categories: Romance>LGBTQ>Gay Science Fiction & Fantasy Romance>Erotic Romance


Pridelands (Collection) by Jade Buchanan - Romance>LGBTQ>Gay eBook

Book Summary

Darren is looking for his brother and ends up finding something a little more alien. Durai has come to claim his mate. He won't let anything get in his way. Not even Darren.

Jai realizes he's found two people that complete him. Only, one wants nothing to do with him, and the other claims he's only interested in women.

Jai's sister, Rabi'a, isn't going to sit down and let any man determine her future. She has claws of her own, and Tigris Sheer Ma'at and Leo Rais Steinsson are about to feel them.

Griffin and Mazin have finally found a woman who completes them both. All they have to do is seduce her. Easy, right? Not if Joy has her way.

Khalid Steinsson and Pran Devan were once deeply in love. It will take something monumental to bring them back together.

Achan's nightmares won't let him move forward. Hunter Miles wants more than anything to be able to express his love for Achan. Tafa Morn never expected to find two wounded souls that needed his particular brand of care. Now that he has, he doesn't plan to let them go.

The Pridelands collection contains the previously released novellas Darren's Surprise, Zula's Stand, Sheer's Choice, Griffin's Joy, Khalid's Challenge, and Achan's Peace.
Praise for Pridelands (Collection)

"The stories are hot, lusty and filled with sex. I liked that the stories are connected and that the plot evolved throughout each individual tale. This is a great collection and each story is just the right length to enjoy in one sitting."
-- Emma, Night Owl Reviews

Praise for Darren's Surprise

"You can't help but love Darren and Durai is the kind of guy who'd melt your world with words. When they meet, it's electric. The verbal foreplay and impassioned sex will warm your body and set your heart aflutter!"
-- Raine, Joyfully Reviewed

"Strong plot, engaging characters, a thrilling ride from the first page."
-- Hayley, Fallen Angel Reviews

"Set in the majesty of forested mountains with creatures that ooze sensuality and power Darren's Surprise is a brilliant start to the Pridelands series."
-- Megan, Erotic-Escapades

"Yet another steamy and captivating story from Jade Buchanan.... Those new to this series will be drawn in by Darren and Durai's story, and those who are already fans will not be disappointed."
4.5 Blue Ribbons! -- Christina, Romance Junkies
Praise for Zula's Stand
"Passion, humor, tender exchanges and denim ripping sex, Zula's Stand is filled with action guaranteed to satisfy"
-- Lori Ann, RRT Erotic

"The scenes and pages moved swiftly. It had a nice rhythm that made finishing the story a breeze. The characters drew me into their lives and made me care about their future."
-- Suni Farrar, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"Jade Buchanan has done it again! The Pridelands 2: Zula's Stand is definitely a book you will not be able to put down... the intimacy is off the scale! I have no doubt that fans and newcomers will be pleased with the book."
5 Nymphs! -- Scandalous Minx, Literary Nymphs
Praise for Sheer's Choice

"Jade Buchanan has once again crafted a wonderful tale in Sheer's Choice. Not only does Sheer's Choice have a bit of chaos mixed with super hot love scenes, but it also contains suspense..."
-- Raine, Joyfully Reviewed

"If you enjoyed the previous of the Pridelands series, The Pridelands 3: Sheer's Choice will have you laughing and overjoyed for the characters destined to find heart mates. Jade Buchanan is a natural at creating believable characters and stories that reach out to the reader."
5 Nymphs! -- Scandalous Minx, Literary Nymphs

"Jade Buchanan has always had a talent for building strong characters and intriguing worlds and Sheer's Choice is no exception... I love Jade Buchanan and I love all the books in the Felidae and Pridelands series and Sheer's Choice is one of my favorites."
4 Angels! -- Hayley, Fallen Angels Reviews
Praise for Griffin's Joy

"Jade Buchanan definitely makes the men from the Prideland something to be proud of... You've written a wonderful story Ms. Buchanan."
4.5 Nymphs! -- Scandalous Minx, Literary Nymphs
Praise for Khalid's Challenge

"A wonderful addition to the Pridelands series."
-- Scandalous Minx, Literary Nymphs

"There is a lot of sex, very physical and with an heavy dose of brutal force, but always tempered by love."
-- Elisa Rolle

"I love The Pridelands series and think that, unlike some series, the books stay consistently good throughout. Khalid's Challenge is no exception to this rule. I can't wait to read the next offering in this scrumptious series!"
-- Hayley, Fallen Angel Reviews
Praise for Achan's Peace

"Jade Buchanan's sixth release in the Pridelands series takes us back to those fantastic characters we've all grown to enjoy. I was wondering what kind of mates Achan would wind up with and I have to say I'm pleased with the outcome."
4 Nymphs! -- Scandalous Minx, Literary Nymphs

"Jade Buchanan's sixth release in the Pridelands series takes us back to those fantastic characters we've all grown to enjoy. I was wondering what kind of mates Achan would wind up with and I have to say I'm pleased with the outcome."
4 Nymphs! -- Scandalous
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Excerpt from Darren's Surprise
Jade Buchanan
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2013 Jade Buchanan

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Stifling a yawn with the back of his hand, he surveyed the loft. A bunk bed was sidled up against the wall beside him. A single bedside table was arranged on the side closest to the stairs, nestled between the dresser and the bed. A large area rug was the only decoration in the middle of the room. Across from it, a very small double bed was set up, the covers strewn about as if a wild animal had slept there the night before.

He tensed, spying the results of his late night.

Sheets of formerly white paper littered the floor. Sketches covered the three walls. It appeared as if he'd gone on some drawing binge last night.

Picking up one piece of paper, he studied the drawing. Anthropomorphic cats sprawled along the page. A head here, a hand there, a full body just barely traced out.

The next sheet he picked up had the same theme as the first. On this one he'd focused on an ear, the pointed tip, the hint of fur shading the delicate slope. He'd drawn the ear from the front and back and every other angle he could possibly imagine.

The next sheet portrayed various tails, some rough and some more detailed. There was one covered in crescent shaped spots, and another that had a hint of stripes.

Every sheet he picked up had the same theme. He'd even used up several sheets just drawing eyes. The corners tilted up in amusement, narrowed with heat, wide with surprise.

Turning his attention to the walls, he realized he'd gone into even more detail here. A planet was stretched above his dad's bed, hints of trees and mountains sketched out in minute detail. Around the planet, he'd obviously started and halted several prototypes, because small shadows of round globes circled the larger shape.

He had no idea where he'd gotten this inspiration from, but he wasn't going to complain. It was some of his best work recently. Apparently he only needed to come out to Bumfuck, Nowhere, to get plenty of material for his next project.

The bunk bed wall and the wall by the stairs were covered with various drawings, some of his past work that had been up for years. He'd done that over a decade ago. It'd been so long he barely noticed it anymore.

Darren scratched his belly, looking down at his chest covered only by the freckles he'd cursed since junior high. He was barefoot, his feet peeking out from under the worn and faded jeans. They were a size too large on him -- courtesy of his rebellious teenage years when he'd been in love with a certain rapper/male model. God, that man was gorgeous. Darren sighed in remembrance. He'd jacked off on more than one occasion to pictures of the underwear model.

Hell, at least his own tighty-whiteys weren't showing above the waistband. Come to think of it, he wasn't wearing underwear. His pants were in danger of falling completely off, hanging precariously from his narrow hips. Darren sniffed, trying to remember when he'd last had clean clothes. The jeans he'd originally found in a forgotten cupboard set along the wall beside the stairs. He hadn't realized he'd left clothes behind but he was grateful for it when his previous jeans just about stood up and demanded to be washed.

Making his way down the stairs into the main room of the cabin, he looked around to see what kind of trouble he'd gotten into out here. His dad was going to tear a strip off him. He was still mad about the two walls in the loft, and Darren had done that in his teens.

Directly across from him were more anthropomorphic cats, drawn up and around the front door. Hell, he'd even drawn on the back of the door itself. He was so screwed when his dad saw this.

Cats of every species… some covered in stripes, some in spots, some furry with tufts of fur along their cheeks. The majority of them resembled lions, though, sleek and beautiful cats. With one single big cat front and center dwarfing the others.

Make that cat men, since every one of them was anatomically correct, especially the large lion creature in the center of the wall. He blinked, impressed despite himself. He'd definitely been more than generous when he'd been shading in the cats' nether regions. Good on him, it'd obviously been way too long since he'd been laid.

No way would he get away with that in a movie. Lordy, he still considered himself lucky every time he got a job on another film. The last thing he needed was for some bigwig to see this display and he'd be laughed out of Hollywood for being a perv.

Not that there weren't a fair share of pervs in Hollywood, but he prided himself on being above the rest of the riffraff.

He turned to view the wall to his left, behind the ragged couch. The two windows interrupted the mural, but it was still impressive.

A massive warship sat high within a galaxy of stars. He'd paid special attention to each constellation, meticulously drawing every tiny detail.

This was by far his best work.

The warship was shaded intricately with blue ink, each hatch set apart from the sleek lines of the ship. What appeared to be weapons stood out from the simple style of the rest of the craft, bulging along the sides and at the front. The entire top of the ship was open, the hint of glass reflecting back at him. Shapes were present behind the glass, but he couldn't quite make them out.

"Not bad," he murmured. "A race of alien beings inhabiting a large planet. A ship carrying space explorers from Earth crash lands. Suddenly the cat-like aliens take the humans prisoner, binding them and using them as slaves."

He snorted, laughing at himself.

"Yeah, sounds familiar. Planet of the Apes, anyone? Strike one for Darren. Although it wouldn't be too bad to be used as a sex slave by some of these big guys. Talk about wishful thinking."
Reader Reviews (3)
Submitted By: enjoy on Jan 7, 2015
I loved how the different personalities of the characters melded together well and the friendship, love and family evident in this story.
Submitted By: karol44 on Jan 11, 2014
Brilliant read ....hot sexy cat men...
Submitted By: roula on Jan 3, 2014
a nice bundle with some original ideas on the whole shifter-romance theme for all sexual tastes.

Pridelands (Collection)

By: Jade Buchanan