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Power Play: Ivy and the Cop (erotic alpha romance)

Series: Power Play , Book 4.0
By: Selena Kitt | Other books by Selena Kitt
Published By: Excessica Publishing
Published: Dec 31, 2012
ISBN # 9781609826208
Word Count: 10,000
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Categories: Romance>Suspense/Mystery/Thriller Romance>Short Stories Romance>Erotic Romance

Selena Kitt’s *Power Play*—where those uber-hot alpha authority figures take full advantage of their status to strike up all sorts of sexy naughtiness with their subordinates!

Ivy’s car has broken down in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere on the way back from a summer babysitting job, her cell phone neglectfully uncharged, and she’s never been so grateful to see flashing lights in her rearview mirror. The familiar, rugged, gorgeous cop who comes to her rescue is sympathetic, inviting Ivy into the front seat of his cruiser where he intends to call for a tow-truck. But before he can get that far, their incessant flirting leads to Ivy’s confession that she has a secret fantasy about cops, and officer Paxton declares himself off-duty—so he can play out Ivy’s fantasy with her over the hood of the police cruiser. But there’s more danger lurking than just being stranded by the side of the road, and Ivy finds herself in a quandary even her rescuer may not be able to save her from.

Selena Kitt Single
Short Story—Big Bang!
(approx 10,000 words)

Warning: This title contains hot, steamy nobody-writes-it-like-Selena-Kitt sex between alpha authority figures and their subordinates!
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“What would you do if I tried to grab your…” Ivy’s other hand moved slowly toward Patrick’s side. “…gun?”

He grabbed both of her hands in his, the look on his face serious, encircling her wrists. “Arrest you.”

“Would you handcuff me?” She teased, twisting her hands, but he held her fast, an exciting prospect.

“Yes.” His eyes narrowed as she struggled.

Ivy leaned in closer, close enough to feel the heat of his body, smell his distinctly masculine scent. Then she got closer still, putting her lips to the shell of his ear, whispering, “Would you bend me over the hood? Rough me up a little?”

His response was a very hoarse, “Yes.”

“Officer Paxton, is that a gun in your pocket or…”

He kissed her with surprising, sudden force, his mouth opening hers, not asking, demanding, forcing her to give him her tongue, his grip on her wrists tightening as the kiss grew deeper. Ivy couldn’t help herself. She melted into him, let him grab her and pull her over the gearshift like a rag doll, trapping her between him and the steering wheel, two impossibly hard, unforgiving, unrelenting objects.
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Submitted By: 67afrostdo on Jan 15, 2013
A good cop fantasy Ivy has the whole car trouble and dead cellphone that lands her stranded by the roadside.But the hero cop Patrick just shows up and from there, the fantasy is on. Well paced story with real characters and a realistic situation.

Power Play: Ivy and the Cop (erotic alpha romance)

By: Selena Kitt