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Player's Ultimatum

By: Koko Brown | Other books by Koko Brown
Published By: Koko Brown
Published: Dec 02, 2011
ISBN # 9780615576299
Word Count: 59,000
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Categories: Romance>Romantic Comedy Romance>Interracial Romance>Erotic Romance


Player's Ultimatum by Koko Brown - Romance>Romantic Comedy eBook

Yvonne Floyd’s best friend and gay soccer player Robbie Gutierrez proposes the impossible-pose as his fiancée until he can ink a lucrative contract. Hounded day and night by the media’s constant speculation over his sexual orientation, Robbie doesn’t want to run the risk of losing his career over who he sleeps with. Although Yvonne feels Robbie has lost his marbles, she takes one for the team.

While Yvonne is initiated into the fast-paced world of international soccer, she’s ill-prepared for a mutual attraction to Robbie’s teammate, Paolo Saito. And when the Japanese Brazilian footballer discovers her secret and turns the tables on her, Yvonne loses sight of her goal and risks sacrificing more than just her heart.

Author warning: strong sexual content and adult language.
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Reader Rating:   4.3 starstarstarstarstar (41 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   lipliplipliplip
Editorial Reviews:
From Stacey, Reveiwer Sizzling Hot Book Reviews
If you are looking for a very hot, very sexy conflict ridden, romance that will thrill you and make your eyes water than look no further than this book by Koko Brown!
From Beth, Reviewer Night Owl Reviews
Koko Brown has done a good job of incorporating soccer, lust, love and friendship in Player`s Ultimatum!
“Are you insane?”

Damned near close, Paolo thought but said, “perfectly sane.”

Why did she have to be so exasperating? He’d tried to soften the circumstances of their arrangement, but she’d thrown everything in his face.

Paolo wanted to release her from their bargain. He’d thought about doing it a half-a-dozen times during the past week and every time he talked himself out of it by putting the situation into perspective. He wanted to hurt Robbie Gutierrez for causing João’s death.

Even to his own ears, his excuse sounded weak. Fact was Yvonne Floyd had become more than a way to even a score, she’d become an obsession.

He’d meant to only seduce her, have a few pictures taken by Malfi, who would leak them to the press. His game plan should have been simple as a wall pass. Of course, like any play the execution turned out to be damn near impossible because he hadn’t anticipated the strength of the defense or taken into account his own weaknesses. And above all he was consistently breaking the cardinal rule: never take your eyes off the goal.

Paolo frowned. The idea of being out played by a woman stumped him. How did this happen and so fast? The women he’d slept with had always been as interchangeable as cleat socks. Extremely superstitious, he wore a new pair every single game for luck.

His involvement with Yvonne Floyd was complicated at best. Paolo found it harder and harder to remain detached. Every single emotion he’d never associated with a woman came into play with her: anxiety, aggression, jealousy and even neediness.

Even now when she sat so rigid and distant, he suffered this insatiable need to wring some kind of emotion from her until she lay raw and vulnerable beneath him. No time like the present.

Snatching up one of the chairs, Paolo placed it between her legs then plopped down on it. He grabbed hold of her booted feet and pulled her toward him, as he hiked up her knee-length skirt.

She’d come dressed like a librarian or a school teacher in a camel-colored sweater set, matching skirt, dark brown boots and a high ponytail. Paolo almost nutted on himself. Her scent, a combination of crisp wool, brand new leather and vanilla scented lotion, aroused him more than any one hundred dollar perfume.

Sure she’d chosen the outfit to appear unappealing, Paolo smiled. Her plan had backfired. Big time. She was his biggest fantasy come to life. With a certified I.Q. of one hundred and forty-seven, he’d spent just as much time in the reference section as he did on the pitch.

“Can I ask you a question?”

Paolo glanced up and caught her gaze. Her brown eyes contained a hint of vulnerability, and something else he’d seen many times over the years. Lust. She desired him, but was fighting it. Admiring her tenacity, he decided to entertain her, at least for the moment.

“Wondering if I'm hard as a rock right now?”


“Want to know how long I’m going to keep you in my bed?”

Thoroughly exasperated, she sighed and poked out her bottom lip. Paolo resisted the urge to take it in his mouth and suck on it until she begged him to kiss her.

“You want to know why I have these beautiful Japanese features, even though I’m a third generation Brazilian.”

He must have caught her off guard because she frowned. “Actually that wasn’t my question, but since you brought up the subject.”

Now it was Paolo’s turn to be caught off guard. Every single woman he’d met had wondered about his heritage. Usually when people imagined Brazilians, they didn’t picture them with Asian features.

“Brazil has the second largest Japanese population outside of Japan. My great, grandfather migrated in 1912 in hopes of becoming rich. He ended up working for less to nothing on a coffee plantation. He survived, married my great grandmother and the rest is history.”

Paolo watched her eyes widen. And for some reason he experienced a feeling of affinity.

“Umm...what was your real question?”

“It sounds sort of corny now.”

“Nothing is corny when it comes from your lips.” She rolled her eyes and Paolo chuckled. He should have known by now she didn’t buy his bullshit. It was one of the things he liked about her. He squeezed her ankle, and slid his hand up her calf as he said, “go ahead and ask.”

She stared at him for the several seconds, then lifted her shoulders and sighed. “I was wondering what you like to do for fun.”

How random! “I like making love to a beautiful woman.” Her brown eyes narrowed and for some reason Paolo knew if he didn’t come clean, things might not go so well later. “I like playing football…and I love working the earth. The garden. I designed and planted all of it by hand.”

She turned her head and gazed out at the five or so acres behind his estate. During her silence, time stood still. Paolo suddenly realized he actually anticipated her feedback to his hard work. So much so, he could hear the blood pounding in his ears.

“It’s beautiful,” she murmured.

Paolo couldn’t prevent the smile forming on his lips even if he tried. “Do you have any interests or hobbies?”

She shrugged her shoulders. “Cooking and traveling, you know the usual, but also doodling, especially when I’m stressed out.”

Paolo frowned. Doodling? Was that some kind of fetish? Deus, he hoped so! “What’s doodling?”

“Doodling is like sketching or drawing. I’ve always wanted to learn how to paint. What about you? Anything of interest you’ve wanted to learn for some time now?”

Paolo answered automatically, “you.”

Tipping her head back, she laughed. Infectious and slightly husky, her amusement had to be the sexiest thing he’d heard since…well, Paolo couldn’t quite remember. Her laughter made him think of rumpled sheets and half-smoked cigarettes.

Turned on, Paolo scooted forward. He ran his nose against the inside of her leg and she trembled. Good, his insides weren’t any better.

“Since you’ve already eaten I hope you don’t mind if I do.” Paolo reached inside her skirt and latched his thumbs around the band of her panties. He pulled them down her thighs and over her booted feet. They were black and silky to the touch! Bringing them to his nose, he inhaled. Paolo’s eyes fluttered to half-mast. She smelled better than he’d imagined!

“What are you d-doing?” She asked, glaring down at him between her legs. If it was remotely possible, Paolo thought she couldn’t look more beautiful if she tried even with a tiny frown marring her brow.

“Exactly what it looks like, I’m smelling your panties.”

Reader Reviews (19)
Submitted By: zskd on Jan 10, 2016
Okay read, read the second book in the series which was on par with the first but I didn't really care for either. Female lead was compelled the force of her libido over which she had little control. Was not a bad read overall but not great either.
Submitted By: nverde6 on Mar 24, 2013
This book is oh soo good! Paulo s hot hot sexy intelligent athletic and demanding... what more can a girl what :)
Submitted By: jpeeps83 on Jan 23, 2013
This book was alright but it could have been better. It was sensual but it also took a long time to get to the most important pieces of the puzzle, i.e., the point of the book. The best part of the book for me was the last twenty pages they explain a lot of why the character felt the way he did.
Submitted By: nilotic on Jan 15, 2013
Hotness for real, Italian man and African American woman equals sparks for real.
Submitted By: margarettaylor308 on Jan 4, 2013
This was awesome. It was funny, especially Robbie. He was cute, and so hilarious, but he did care for his bff. The sparks between Yvonne & Paolo are HOT!!! It is a good read with plenty of steam, but it does not overpower the book. And the ending was cute and had me laughing. Great work.
Submitted By: junecharles73 on Dec 13, 2012
I really enjoyed this book.
Submitted By: ladytee20019 on Apr 8, 2012
This was an EXCELLENT story, I can not put this book down. The sex between Paolo and Yvonne was on fire!! I like her loyalty to her best friend to help his career. The book moved at just the right pace, I would recommend reading this one. You will not be disappointed!!
Submitted By: spoodle on Feb 21, 2012
Great, Great, Great read, one of the best I have read so far and the price was beyond reasonable. Folks-You would not be disappointed with this one. Definitely a keeper.
Submitted By: bernielbj on Feb 11, 2012
Loved it! All her books are garet. Characters were wonderful. All the intimate scenes wished it was me :-). Recommend it.
Submitted By: same on Jan 24, 2012
Good read - creative topic and erotic situations.
Submitted By: neneburge on Jan 2, 2012
I absolutely loved this book...it was hawt, fun and thoroughly entertaining!!
Submitted By: crys1 on Dec 25, 2011
oh my word its stupid how sexy and hot this story was. what a great read and worth every penny plus it was such an amazing story to boot. paolo and yvonne's journey of love is such an intense ride and so worth going on. definitely highly recommend.
Submitted By: None09 on Dec 24, 2011
I LOVED this book. It's been a while since this author put together something good. The characters, plot, sex, all worked. Loved the Asian male lead.
Submitted By: yveswms on Dec 22, 2011
All I can say is daaaayyyyyuuummm Koko Brown.....way to bring a twist to a HOT story!
Submitted By: avari20 on Dec 18, 2011
I wasn't expecting much from this book, but other than the periodic grammar issues this story actually blew me away with how engrossing and well developed it was. It builds over time into an intense climax, no pun intended, to the point that I was genuinely happy for the characters at the end. I would rec this to anyone.
Submitted By: raeneysa on Dec 15, 2011
this read was fire pretty much I am not going to explain what I just wrote figure it out lol.
Submitted By: raeneysa on Dec 15, 2011
this read was fire pretty much I am not going to explain what I just wrote figure it out lol.
Submitted By: Charm27 on Dec 13, 2011
Loved it! Paolo & Yvonne are perfect together.
Submitted By: sassymama on Dec 8, 2011
This book was really good. Oh Paulo is all male and alpha male at that. Hot steamy sex scenes, and the story was good as well. I would recommend this book. Hint: younger man, older woman.

Player's Ultimatum

By: Koko Brown