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Only for the Weekend

Series: If Only , Book 1.0
By: Ella Sheridan | Other books by Ella Sheridan
Published By: Ella Sheridan
Published: Dec 04, 2015
ISBN # LLXSHR0000006
Word Count: 22,371
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Eligible Price: $0.99

Available in: Epub

Categories: Romance>BDSM Romance>Contemporary Romance>Erotic Romance


Only for the Weekend (If Only) by Ella Sheridan - Romance>BDSM eBook

She’s his completely…but only for the weekend.

When a rock star Dom is asked to teach a lovely woman to submit, she turns out to be his sister’s best friend—the woman he left behind years ago. Can he show her the ropes and watch her walk away this time, or will she leave him yearning for more?

When Jane Jacobs flies to Las Vegas for a blind date with a Dom, she’s expecting a stranger who’ll show her how to submit sexually—but she’s not expecting him to be masked. Or every bit as powerful, magnetic and sexy as the man of her dreams, rock drummer Vincent O’Connell. Her volcanic response to this commanding stranger shocks her, and leaves her daring to hope she’s finally free of her obsession with Vincent. Until her Dom reveals the man behind the mask.

Vincent knows agreeing to dominate Jane is a calculated risk. But the innocently sultry blonde has figured in his own fantasies for years, and he’s damned if he’ll let another man explore her submissive depths. When their encounter flames hotter and more satisfying than any in his memory, he knows that to keep her, he must tell her the truth. But that means revealing more than just his face.

It means showing her his heart.
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Sensuality Rating:   lipliplip

Vincent kept his voice low, but still she startled. The trembling in her hands increased. She tugged her full bottom lip between her teeth in a way that made him want to bite as well, but not yet. He waited, instead, forcing control so that she could look her fill.

Her gaze took in his half mask first, a piece of soft black fabric covering the top half of his face and head, leaving everything but his eyes and jaw and ears a mystery. Even most of his hair was covered, and what could be seen at the back of his head hopefully didn’t shine too brilliantly red in the shadowed room. She measured the width of his shoulders, his height. Her nostrils flared as if trying to breathe him in, to determine who he was, whether or not she was safe, by scent alone.

She didn’t speak. Good.

“Come in,” he told her.

A hesitant “Yes, Sir” accompanied her steps farther into the light. The yellow glow lit a fire in her hair as she tucked her chin, dropping her gaze to the vicinity of his boots. The Dom in him purred its approval.

“Kneel for me, Jane.”

There was no hesitation this time. With a feminine grace rare in a first-time sub, she sank to her knees. Head still bowed, knees parted just enough to show off the lace atop her stockings, hands at the small of her back.

His gut clenched. She’d been practicing. For him.

Logically he knew it hadn’t been for him personally. She didn’t know the masked Dom before her was the man she’d propositioned as a teenager. She only knew the mask hid a Dom. But telling himself that didn’t stop the flare of possession and satisfaction burning its way through his chest.

Ignoring the dangerous emotions inside him, he walked forward, his steps heavy, deliberate. No leather for him except the boots. He’d chosen black button-fly jeans and a black silk shirt. The fabric cupped him, slid along his skin as he moved, and he imagined it was Jane’s hands on him, molding along his cock, brushing his pierced nipples. He barely held back a groan as he circled Jane’s kneeling body.

She turned her head the slightest amount, probably trying to keep him in sight. He laid a single finger along her jawline. “Eyes down.”

Jane shivered as she obeyed. Oh yes, definitely submissive.

He circled her again, this time allowing his finger to trace her lips, her cheekbone, the delicate curve of her ear. As he moved behind her, he delved into her curls, indulging himself in their soft texture before fisting the thick mass and tugging her head back. Jane kept her eyes lowered, but she couldn’t keep her breath from catching, and as he looked down her body, he could see the tight tips of her breasts forced against the fabric of her shirt.

“You’ve read and signed the contract.” A statement. He knew she had; he’d read every line. But he wanted the acknowledgment between them—and to hear her voice.

A moment’s quiet, then, “Yes, Sir.”

That word on her lips… He bent over her, letting her feel his size, his heat, his power. “And you are certain you wish to proceed, sub?”

No pause. “Yes, Sir. I wish to proceed.”

He stood, trailing his fingers through her hair, showing his pleasure at her response. “And what is your safe word?”

Her voice quivered as she responded. “Weekend, Sir.”

Weekend. The word hit him like a two-by-four to the head. A reference to his band, Weekend Washout, or a reminder that she was only his for the weekend?

She’s not yours, dickhead. You’re an experiment, nothing more.

But would he be if she knew who he was?

If she knew who you were, you’d be out on your ass.

He couldn’t forget that. Jane must never find out the identity of her first Dom. And he… Well, he could never forget her. At least he would have this.

He moved away, taking a position between Jane and the light. His shadow covered her. “‘Weekend’ it is. If you feel overwhelmed, need to pause or talk or just catch your breath, you will use ‘yellow.’ Is that clear?”

“Yes, Sir.”

That breathy voice, ripe with arousal and fear, threw gasoline on the fire of his lust, threatening to burn out of control. He needed to shut that part of himself down, needed to focus completely on his sub. But just like his body had warned him earlier, he couldn’t. All he could give her was every piece of him—lust, dominance…everything.

“Then stand.”

Without a word Jane rocked back onto her heels and came to her feet. Regret ached in his shaft as the hem of her skirt once more covered the delicate bands of lace circling her thighs, but he was about to see so much more.

“Undress for me, sub.”

Only for the Weekend

By: Ella Sheridan