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One Bright Star

Series: Dark Horse , Book 11.0
By: Kate Sherwood | Other books by Kate Sherwood
Published By: Kate Sherwood Books
Published: Nov 22, 2012
ISBN # 9780988153028
Word Count: 14,500
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One Bright Star (Dark Horse) by Kate Sherwood - Romance>LGBTQ>Gay

It's Christmas time. Time for family, celebration, and anxiety. The new baby is a blessing in Jeff, Evan and Dan's lives, but he's also one more thing to worry about. Jeff isn't sure society will accept their nontraditional family, Evan isn't sure what he has to offer the baby, and Dan... well, Dan's Dan. He's got PLENTY to worry about.
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Sensuality Rating:   lipliplip
"It's a Christmas tree." Dan waited for the baby to process the idea, or the words, or the image... whatever it was that was keeping his eyes so wide and alert. "They're fairly harmless. And this one is anchored so tight it wouldn't move if a hurricane came through, so you can touch it if you want."
"He'll be climbing it by lunchtime." Evan's voice was affectionate and only a little boastful, and Dan leaned back into the warmth of a strong, broad chest.
"More likely that he'll be eating it," Jeff warned. "I told you about the lemon." He had one arm around Evan, the other hand resting on Dan's shoulder.
"Just get him to stop looking like it's going to eat him," Tat instructed. "I want to call this picture Robbie's First Christmas, not Robbie's First Panic Attack."
Dan jiggled the baby a little, and reached his own hand out to touch the needles of the tree. "See, RJ? Just a tree. You've seen trees outside. This one's in a weird place, though. And the ornaments are new, right? You don't usually see ornaments on trees." Dan tweaked one of the shinier baubles, and the baby watched in fascination as it moved.
Tatiana was snapping away wildly, taking her self-assigned responsibilities as the family's photographer as seriously as she always did. "Good candids," she said. "I'm getting some good shots, here. Dan, can you turn just a little more toward the camera? Angle your head down a little?"
"I think they stop being 'candids' when you start making me twist around like a pretzel." But Dan did as he was told. In his worst moments of insecurity, he thought of Tat's many photo sessions as a way to collect evidence. See? he'd tell future RJ in the midst of whatever crisis the boy was suffering through. See how much we loved you? See how we'd have done ANYTHING for you? We still will--just tell us what you need!
He shook his head to banish the thoughts. The baby would be fine. Evan and Jeff wouldn't let Dan screw him up.
Reader Reviews (3)
Submitted By: enjoy on Jan 15, 2015
I read every book in this series as soon as they came out. This is definitely a must read.
Submitted By: menieves on Jun 11, 2014
It's Christmas time. Jeff, Evan and Dan's lives have change with the baby , but they need to hear wisdom words from Chris and Ryan to understand that their bond and love is more important that what other people may think.
Submitted By: amie/1968 on Jan 6, 2013
Sweet holiday story. It was nice to see how they were getting on with the new dynamics of fatherhood. It seems that this relationship should have progressed a bit further and been a bit more stable but overall a good read.

One Bright Star

By: Kate Sherwood