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Office Duties #1

Series: Office Duties , Book 1.0
By: Mac Flynn | Other books by Mac Flynn
Published By: Crescent Moon Studios, Inc.
Published: Dec 26, 2012
ISBN # MCPBLS0000001
Word Count: 7,000
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Office Duties #1 (Office Duties) by Mac Flynn - Erotica>Contemporary eBook

Office duties just got a lot more fun.

Samantha Olsen was looking to climb up the corporate ladder to better her life when she happened upon this great job opening higher up in her company. To her surprise she landed the position, but she also caught the eye of the reclusive Vice-President of the company. She was in for a lot more than filling staplers as the boss gave her a memorable orientation.
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“So is this your first day?”

The question was addressed to a young woman about twenty-five years old in a blue blouse and simple black, knee-length skirt. She had dark brown hair and an unusual set of hazel eyes. Her plain name was Samantha Olsen, lately of a small town a few years back and trying to make her way in the big city. She smiled in answer to the question and shook her head.

“No, I was working in the copy room before I got this job.”

The woman who had asked the question, her direct supervisor, was surprised.

“How did you get promoted so quickly?” Going from errand girl to assistant for the board members was a little quick. She hadn’t been told the girl was going to be that inexperienced. She’d have to have a chat with HR to see how they chose this girl.

“I just applied for the job and got an interview. They called me back and said I got the job.” She didn’t really know, and she wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth. All she knew was she had to do the best she could to keep the job. The pay was too great to miss out on. She’d be able to get a better apartment now.

“Interesting.” She didn’t sound interested. Mrs. Vanessa Winkle was never impressed by anyone who’s name wasn’t fixed on some fancy door leading to a high-priced office. She’d been at the job of secretary manager for too long to be impressed by any new girl.

The two women walked down a long hall full of white, sterilized cubicles. The company they both worked for was housed in a twenty story office building newly renovated for a more spacious design. The workers in their squares would have begged to differ about the space, but the bathrooms had been overhauled and they now had a break room. It was separate from the higher end lounge offered to the high position staff, but it was still better than the water cooler they’d had before. There were three halls separating two rows of cubicles. The outer walls of the building were lined with offices for the managers, stairwells, elevators and storage rooms.

They stopped in front of a cubicle placed a few spots down from where the hallway turned the corner to head toward the elevators. The newly promoted employee looked down the row of doors along the wall with their name plates and shuttered windows. It was intimidating being so close to so many of the big names in the company.
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Submitted By: sarahd123 on Jan 31, 2015
I prefer my stories to not be part of a collection of them to finish them off. I lose interest in them if I have to stop reading and go to another installment just to finish it.
Submitted By: Kirbs on Jun 12, 2013
Not mr cup of tea. It didn't have enough of a storyline to be interesting.

Office Duties #1

By: Mac Flynn