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Office Christmas Party

Series: Force Me
By: Shara Azod | Other books by Shara Azod
Published By: Shara Azod, LLC
Published: Dec 31, 2012
ISBN # 9781300495512
Word Count: 4,900
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Eligible Price: $0.99

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Categories: Romance>Erotic Romance


Office Christmas Party (Force Me) by Shara Azod - Romance>Erotic Romance eBook

The problem with the big boss was he was just way too male. Too sexy. Too- everything! Shenice knew the enigmatic CEO was way outside her league and she would totally stop thinking about him. If only he would stop being so freaking hot!!!!

What Shenice didn’t know was she the sole reason Alistair couldn’t seem to get rid of the bulge in his pants. She was in his office giving him reports he could care less about was his growing infatuation, not because he cared about Midwest regional sales. If she licked those luscious lips at him one more time…

Office parties are often a time to let inhibitions go. This one was sure to explode!
Reader Rating:   4.2 starstarstarstarstar (8 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   lipliplipliplip
Male. The ultimate in male alpha hotness. Shenice had to admit her boss was the epitome of all things masculine, and that fucker probably knew it. There wasn’t a thing about him that didn’t scream M-A-N, from his towering height, to his rock-hard body, down to the bulge he seemed to sport without giving a damn who saw it. A very, very impressive bulge it was too. There wasn’t a female in the office who hadn’t been caught gaping as he strolled by. Alistair Parsons walked as if he owned the world, like it was commonplace to have such a vivid display of maleness, and he had every right to show it. The admin assistants and secretaries all clustered and giggled over his drop-dead gorgeous looks over coffee breaks and lunch. As a junior executive of sales, Shenice wasn’t welcome in those circles. The women she lunched with had to pretend indifference in meetings when he pierced one of them with those deadly blue-gray eyes of his. But they were all affected. Lord knows she was.

There had been a time or two when she had been trapped in his office, alone, wanting to do nothing more than to tear off her conservative clothing. Splay herself across her desk and offer him anything if he would just do her just once. It was always so damn hard going over sales numbers of stupid advertising sold for stupid radio programs all around the country. Who gave a shit if the numbers were up in Omaha when his eyes turned all molten silver as she squirmed in her chair, praying he couldn’t smell the aroma of her arousal? Alistair, as he demanded she called him, seemed not to notice what he did to those of the opposite sex. (And some of the same sex.) Not once did he even look like he knew she was creaming sitting directly across from him, so hot and horny she changed her batteries in her vibe no less than three times a week.
Reader Reviews (3)
Submitted By: crys1 on Dec 7, 2013
VERY sexy! Short and sweet. Great read.
Submitted By: PianoACS on Nov 29, 2013
Wow, makes me want to find an ultra sexy and masculine boss!! Long enough to catch you under the sensual spell and get you cheering for the characters! Wonderful job!
Submitted By: lurker1 on Feb 8, 2013
For a short it was quite good. Good set up, great sexual tensions (albiet short) and extremely hot sex. A really good read.

Office Christmas Party

By: Shara Azod