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Mother in Law, Son in Law

Series: Cougar Erotica , Book 1.0
By: Julia | Other books by Julia
Published By: Andrews UK Ltd
Published: Sep 05, 2012
ISBN # 9781782342298
Word Count: 75,580
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Eligible Price: $9.49

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Epub

Categories: Erotica>Fantasy Erotica>Multiple Partner Erotica>Rubenesque


Mother in Law, Son in Law (Cougar Erotica) by Julia - Erotica>Fantasy

Mother-in-Law, Son-in-Law is the sexually explicit tale of lonely people trying to find happiness by daring to follow their hearts. Some people shout about finding the wild place, whilst others are quietly swimming in it... Kate married far too young. Now husband Alex, once the love of her life, bores her to tears. He's so busy gardening and watching repeats of Top Gear on the tele, he would never guess about Kate's secret life with her lover Colin. But gardening and Top Gear can keep a man happy for only so long. Especially with a mother-in-law as voluptuous and gorgeous as Julia, a lonely widow who hasn't had sex for five years...
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Sensuality Rating:   Not rated
Oh my god, he's unbuttoning his flies, I'm so excited, oh god he's there, it's so long since I've done this kind of thing, years and years, and never in this house. Leaning forward over the work surface, my breasts are on the dough, what a strange feeling, the coolness and softness of the dough on my breasts, and Alex behind me, holding my hip with one hand and with the other sliding my knickers off. I'll step out of them; I don't really know how to do this! Oh god I can feel his penis against the top of my thighs, it’s so hot and stiff! If I raise my bottom slightly he can enter me. He's guiding his cock into my pussy. Oh fuck he's inside me that's lovely, mmmmm, he's filling me up oh god that feels so good, his penis inside me, mmmn he's fucking me now, pushing in and pulling out, oh god I feel like I'm going to collapse this is so gorgeous, the feel of him thrusting into me from behind. He's steadying his hands on the work surface now and fucking me hard and fast, his penis feels huge, oh god this is gorgeous. His breath on my neck as his face is buried into me and the smell of his hair, I can feel the curls of his hair on my cheek and he's fucking me and fucking me, pumping into me...

Mother in Law, Son in Law

By: Julia