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More than a Man

By: Emily Ryan-Davis | Other books by Emily Ryan-Davis
Published By: Elise Logan
Published: Feb 17, 2011
ISBN # 9781466022157
Word Count: 41,097
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Eligible Price: $2.99

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Categories: Romance>Sci-Fi


More than a Man by Emily Ryan-Davis - Romance>Sci-Fi eBook

Manporium. It's where women of The Future go to buy the men of their dreams.

Genetically engineered to the bride's specifications, a Manporium husband is a perfect husband. At least, that's the theory. But twice-widowed Noelle Lytton shook Manporium's flawless track record when both her first and second husbands died tragically while pursuing interests she engineered into their makeup. Desperate for the perfect marriage she's always dreamed of, she knows her third Manporium husband will be her last. It's this man or nothing.

Vegetarian. Generously equipped. Dominant in bed. When Aya Lytton emerges from Manporium's creation chamber, he knows exactly what he is: custom-made for his bride. Noelle's wish list made her desires perfectly clear. But her desires have nothing to do with his overwhelming need to be more than just the man she created. He'll use every advantage he has to convince Noelle he’s not just her match: he's irreplaceable.

Warning: Sometimes things don't go quite as expected at Manporium. A bride's wish list is, er...subject to interpretation and a man might come out with extra appendages and a mind of his own.
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Sensuality Rating:   lipliplipliplip
The seamsdroid's ocular lenses flashed a rapid pattern. Its mechanically modulated voice said, "These are flat-fronted trousers. You are ruining the line."
"What's wrong?" Noelle looked up from her 'fone, a frown creasing her brow.
Aya hesitated but they were alone in the small shop and the seamsdroid had already ascertained his condition. He shrugged. "Evidently my imagination is inconvenient."
The construct coasted backward. "Fix it. Remove the garment first."
Noelle's gaze skimmed down his chest and landed at his groin. Her cheeks flushed bright red. She stood awkwardly. Aya tilted his head, fascinated by the color, by the signals she put off. Her nipples strained visibly at the fabric of her top but her shoulders were stiff and square as if she were angry. She crossed the sales floor, avoiding the seamsdroid's ocular lenses as if she were embarrassed. Interesting.
"Aya," she whispered, casting a covert glance toward the construct. "What are you doing?"
Oh. She didn't like this situation at all. Even more fascinating, a discomfited Noelle pushed him from half-erect to painfully-hard. Casually, he unfastened the trousers.
Noelle's eyes widened before her lashes swept down, obscuring her eyes and redirecting her attention to his hands. A deep breath lifted her breasts.
"Deity," she whispered. Louder, "We're...you..."
Aya lowered the zipper.
Noelle swallowed. She waved to indicate the shop. "Public. "
"I need clothes," he reasoned. "Manporium only provides one set. Do you want me to leave without anything? We'd have to start over again another day and we've already been here half the afternoon."
She cast a glance at the street outside the boutique display window. A pair of policemen buzzed past, slow on their hovercycles because of the foot traffic congestion.
Noelle moistened her lips. "Public indecency is a criminal offense."
He hooked his thumbs in the waist. Noelle looked from the window to his groin and worried her bottom lip, her eyes so expressively indecisive. Aya didn't need VioletFang tech to read her mind, to know she was remembering and weighing possibilities. She'd writhed beneath him, begged for immediacy, and he'd bet his Free-Walk License that
right then, she was deciding she could have his cock without a fight—his cock in her mouth, in her slick pussy. Calculating, planning, cause-and-effect evaluating.
While she watched, Aya stroked himself through the trousers, tracing the ridge of his erection with his middle finger. Even though he didn't need the VioletFang, he suddenly wished he had it. Did she conclude he wouldn't make her squirm and beg, wouldn't play the power games she loved/hated? Did she think he'd have to be quick?
Deciding not to disabuse her of the notion too soon, he reached for her and tugged at her wrist. "Come with me."
Noelle shuddered. Beneath his fingertips, her pulse skipped and sped. Aya ducked his head and spoke in her ear. "Yeah. Come with me."
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Submitted By: zskd on Jan 30, 2015
Fun quirky short read. Enjoyed the characters but I did wish it was a bit longer, still good though.

More than a Man

By: Emily Ryan-Davis