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Milk, and Lust (Her Secret Desire #2) (lactation / lactating / medical erotica)

Series: Her Secret Desire , Book 2.0
By: Jenny Greyford | Other books by Jenny Greyford
Published By: Hundred to Home Publishing, LLC
Published: Jan 02, 2013
ISBN # jghsd2
Word Count: 5,643
Heat Index     
EligiblePrice: $2.99

Available in: Epub, HTML, Adobe Acrobat, Mobipocket (.prc)

Categories: Romance>Erotic Romance

Welcome to the HER SECRET DESIRE series…

-this is erotic romance mixed with erotica… and three of the hottest, wildest fantasies a person could have-

Claire finally has her baby but her body is still seeking relief. The milk has not only arrived to her tender breasts, but she is leaking everywhere. What started as a few drops has now become a constant flood of lactation. More than she knows what to do with.

Seeking pleasure from her too busy husband fails as he doesn’t like Claire’s milk or her engorged chest. That leaves Claire back to self pleasure. She soon realizes that touching her breasts and herself gives her pleasure and relief.

But she needs the touch of a man.
A real man.

She feels left with no choice but to seek out the super sexy Dr. Zach to see if his magic can help her like it did while she was pregnant.

Can Dr. Zach do it again? Can he help milk her aching breasts and give her the pleasure her body deserves?


*This story contains romance and sex featuring a neglected lactating woman and a sexy doctor. It's medical erotica meets erotic romance... with milk!*
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Milk, and Lust (Her Secret Desire #2) (lactation / lactating / medical erotica)

By: Jenny Greyford