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By: Julie Garwood | Other books by Julie Garwood
Published By: Simon & Schuster
Published: Sep 11, 2001
ISBN # 9780743422444
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Categories: Romance>Contemporary Romance>Suspense/Mystery/Thriller


Mercy by Julie Garwood - Romance>Suspense/Mystery/Thriller eBook

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Heartbreaker comes a thrilling novel of passion and obsession featuring attorney Theo Buchanan.
Like his FBI agent brother Nick, Theo Buchanan is devoted to his crime-fighting career. Unlike his brother, he works the other side of the desk as an esteemed Justice Department attorney and rarely sees on-the-field action—until he comes to the aid of Dr. Michelle Renard, a beautiful and brilliant surgeon in Bowen, Louisiana, who recently saved his own life. Michelle's medical clinic has been vandalized, and the investigation uncovers a deadly ring of criminals bent on preserving their secrecy at any cost.
They call themselves the Sowing Club: four white-collar professionals whose sophisticated crimes have amassed millions of dollars in a Cayman Islands bank account. The group is bound by a pact to leave the cash untouched until they accumulate a certain amount, but their leader, John, is distracted by and nearly bankrupt from his wife's grave illness. Knowing what must be done, John turns to his three friends to mercy-kill his wife, but the line between mercy and murder quickly vanishes....
As the relentless and cold-blooded Sowing Club sets out to silence Michelle, the one person who has information that could destroy them, Theo confronts the lies, greed, and evil that bind the lethal foursome—and risks more than he ever has before. Michelle saved his life...now can he save hers?

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Julie Garwood

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The following is a preview of Mercy....

Theo Buchanan couldn't seem to shake the virus. He knew he was running a fever because every bone in his body ached and he had chills. He refused to acknowledge that he was ill, though; he was just a little off-kilter, that was all. He could tough it out. Besides, he was sure he was over the worst of it. The god-awful stitch in his side had subsided into a dull throbbing, and he was positive that it meant he was on the mend. If it was the same bug that had infected most of the staff back in his Boston office, then it was one of those twenty-four-hour things, and he should be feeling as good as new by tomorrow morning. Except, the throbbing in his side had been going on for a couple of days now.

He decided to blame his brother, Dylan, for that ache. He'd really nailed Theo during a family football game on their parents' lawn at Nathan's Bay. Yeah, the pulled muscle was Dylan's fault, but Theo figured that if he continued to ignore it, the pain would eventually go away.

Damn, he was feeling like an old man these days, and he wasn't even thirty-three yet.

He didn't think he was contagious, and he had too much to do to go to bed and sweat the fever out of his body. He'd flown from Boston to New Orleans to speak at a law symposium on organized crime and to receive recognition he didn't believe he deserved for simply doing his job.

Tonight was the first of three black-tie affairs. He'd promised to attend a fund-raiser, and he couldn't back out. Dinner was going to be prepared by five of the top chefs in the city, but the gourmet food was going to be wasted on him. The thought of swallowing anything, even water, made his stomach lurch. He hadn't eaten anything since yesterday afternoon.

He sure as certain wasn't up to pointless chitchat tonight. He tucked the room key into his pocket and was reaching for the doorknob, when the phone rang.

It was his brother Nick calling to check in.

"What's going on?"

"I'm walking out the door," Theo answered. "Where are you calling from? Boston or Holy Oaks?"

"Boston," Nick answered. "I helped Laurant close the lake house and then we drove back home together."

"Is she staying with you until the wedding?"

"Are you kidding? Tommy would send me straight to hell."

Theo laughed. "I guess having a priest for a future brother-in-law does put a crimp in your sex life."

"Five more weeks and I'm gonna be a married man. Hard to believe, isn't it?"

"It's hard to believe any woman would have you."

"Laurant's nearsighted. I told her I was good-looking and she believed me. She's staying with Mom and Dad until we all head back to Iowa for the wedding. What are you doing tonight?"

"I've got a fund-raiser I have to go to," he answered. "So what do you want?"

"I just thought I'd call and say hello."

"No, you didn't. You want something. What is it? Come on, Nick. I'm gonna be late."

"Theo, you've got to learn to slow down. You can't keep running for the rest of your life. I know what you're doing. You think that if you bury yourself in work, you won't think about Rebecca. It's been four years since she died, but you -- "

Theo cut him off. "I like my life, and I'm not in the mood to talk about Rebecca."

"You're a workaholic."

"Did you call to lecture me?"

"No, Laurant's been bugging me to call you."

"Is she there? Let me talk to her," he said. He sat down on the side of the bed and realized he was feeling better. Nick's fiancée had that effect on all the Buchanan brothers....


By: Julie Garwood