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Men in Shorts

By: Lori Perkins | Other books by Lori Perkins
Published By: Ravenous Romance
Published: Jan 14, 2009
ISBN # 9781607770602
Word Count: 50,000
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EligiblePrice: $6.99

Available in: Epub, Mobipocket (.mobi), Adobe Acrobat

Categories: Romance>Anthology/Bundle Romance>Erotic Romance

There is nothing like summer, when the weather changes and the men change into their summer shorts. And basketball shorts. And cut-offs. And board shorts!

Here are 11 erotic short stories featuring all those wicked fantasies we've ever had about the mailman, the cop, the athlete, and the gardener.

And G.I. Joe!

With legs bared and muscles flexing, these men in shorts are sure to inspire, entertain, and titillate you!
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Kate’s jaw ached. The last time it hurt like this had been after a mammoth smooching session with her first boyfriend. Ten years ago. She’d been fifteen and they’d been hiding behind the bike sheds of their London school. Sadly, the current ache had nothing to do with kissing.

The moment she’d been levered into the orange monstrosity that masqueraded as a bridesmaid’s dress, she’d been forced to smile. Her hair had been tweaked into a style she hated. Smile. Her shoes pinched her toes. Smile. She hadn’t smiled nine months ago when her boyfriend Pete had been bewitched by her friend Jennifer – the definition of friend was still under review. But the smile was back in place today while the pair married. Kate even smiled when bastard Pete thanked her in his speech for bringing him and Jennifer together. She’d smiled harder when Pete caught her alone in the corridor and tried to give her a drunken kiss. Laughing it off didn’t work. The knee in the crotch did.

As the other five bridesmaids cooed over their gifts of jewelry, Jennifer handed Kate a foot-long narrow package. “A special gift for you.”

Kate forced a laugh from somewhere when she saw what was inside. Then Jennifer gave her one of her looks, one that made Kate feel there was an undercurrent she hadn’t quite grasped.

“Now you’ll have a man in your life,” Jennifer said.

Kate stared at the toy in her hands: a dark-haired male doll wearing nothing but a pair of denim shorts. Exactly what Pete had been wearing when he’d opened Kate’s apartment door to find Jennifer prancing around in her underwear.

“It’s the best I can do,” Jennifer said and smiled.

Kate’s jaw was locked into an inane grin.

She couldn’t even let her smile drop in the cab on the way home to Lewisham. The driver was a relative of Pete’s. Only after she’d slammed the door of her apartment and shut out the world did Kate let her shoulders drop and her head fall.

She kicked off her shoes and sighed. It was over. She’d promised long ago she’d be Jennifer’s bridesmaid and she’d kept her word. If only Jennifer had kept the promise they’d made about not stealing each other’s guys.

Kate looked at the doll in her hand. GI Joe. He was cute. Square jaw, dark eyes, strong nose and an impressive ripped physique, if a little cold and stiff. The only imperfection was a scar under his right eye. Kate rubbed his shorts with her thumb, impressed with the miniature stitching and the little studs. She wondered if he was anatomically correct. Unfastening tiny buttons, she eased the shorts over his firm backside and smiled. The first genuine one of the day. A smooth mound. No wedding tackle. Poor asexual Joe. Not the sort of guy she needed.
She opened her closet and tossed him inside. Kate needed to fix the light in there. Maybe Joe would do it for her. She threw herself back on her bed, beat down the suffocating layers of orange netting that flew up and closed her eyes. She wished she had a guy to come home to, wished she’d had one at the wedding to sit next to, wished –
The thump was so loud Kate jolted upright. She held herself taut, waiting for another sound but heard only the clock ticking her life away. It sounded as though the noise had come from inside her closet. Maybe a rail had broken or a shelf had given way and tossed her clothes to the carpet. The end to a perfect day.
Reader Reviews (10)
Submitted By: trix on Jan 22, 2014
Clever theme anchors this anthology of m/f and m/m stories. I like Heidi Champa's story best--very sexy!
Submitted By: Mink08 on Jan 20, 2014
Great read of short stories in one book that's good for when you don't want to be dragged into a long book.
Submitted By: sarahd on Jan 8, 2014
This was a nice hot read for one of those night when you just want to relax but don't have the time for a full book. I liked the different dynamics in the different stories. I was definitely worth reading at least once.
Submitted By: rainy86 on Aug 29, 2013
This wins the award as the most unreal story ever! Spinster hides a doll in a room then a man with the same body features of the doll falls from the roof and she thinks magic transformed the doll into a real man! Ahah! Seriously...it's ridiculous.
Submitted By: obscure on Jan 8, 2013
Great way to sample a new author (to me) without having to be "left hanging". Highly recommended.
Submitted By: azjo50 on Jul 18, 2011
Some of the stories were HOT! Some, not so much. All together though the stories were a fun read and the price was right.
Submitted By: Ragbrim on May 18, 2011
A poorly written mess.
Submitted By: TeMpTaTiOn on Mar 14, 2011
Loved it, stories were short and to the point. I wanted them to last longer but that's the point I guess. Great read. :)
Submitted By: booksforever on Feb 15, 2011
Very nice short stories that made me look at men in shorts in a completely different way. Very nice read.
Submitted By: Myths8 on Oct 3, 2010
I loved almost every story in this book. The GI Joe story was my favorite.

Men in Shorts

By: Lori Perkins