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Marriage, Las Vegas Style

By: Terry Spear | Other books by Terry Spear
Published By: Terry Spear
Published: Jul 23, 2011
ISBN # 9781466161290
Word Count: 47,940
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Categories: Romance>Contemporary Romance>Romantic Comedy Romance>Romantic Literature


Marriage, Las Vegas Style by Terry Spear - Romance>Contemporary eBook

Marcy Taylor wants a divorce, but she doesn't want her husband to go after the family fortune, so she's trying to do this the easy way, no fuss, no muss.

The only problem is Michael Lindquist doesn't have a wife, and he's sure she's running a scam to try to get his family's fortune!

It all began in Las Vegas when Marcy threw caution to the wind. Boy, was that a mistake. Twenty-five thousand dollars richer with a husband to boot and one powerful hangover, she's got to right the wrong.

Now that Michael has a wife he doesn't know he had, he's not at all sure he wants to lose her. At least until he can unravel the mystery about her. And that's how the roller coaster ride all began.
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Chapter 1

Michael Lindquist studied the dwindling sales figures for his hotel’s profits for the previous quarter as his administrative assistant, Tomas Salazar, knocked on the doorframe. “Hey, Boss, got a live one for you, you’re not going to believe.” Tomas’s white teeth glistened as his grin couldn’t stretch any wider. His brows raised in peaks in obvious amusement.
It had to be about another crazy customer at one of the businesses Michael and his father and brother managed.
“What’s the matter this time, Tomas?” Michael tapped his pen on his desk. “Not another case of someone trying to pass $16 counterfeit bills at the hotel.”
Tomas shook his head. “Better.”
“Our travel agency doesn’t have another customer complaining about a bad ticket because she’s getting to her destination ten minutes before her departure time, hopefully?”
“Did Lisa ever convince the lady about the time zone changes?”
“No, she finally told her the plane flew really fast.”
Michael chuckled. “Something going on at the car dealership?”
“No, last week’s saga with the drunk trying to test drive one of our cars will be tough to beat. And yet, this one’s bound to outdo that and everything else that might arise this year.” Tomas rubbed his hands together as if he emphasized how good the joke was this time. “You pay me to fix the messes, Boss, but the situation that’s just arisen is a little out of my league. Besides, I thought you might get a chuckle.”
“All right. Let’s have it.”
“There’s a hot-looking chick sitting in the waiting area who claims she’s your wife.”
Michael’s sense of astonishment quickly dissolved into laughter. He checked his watch. “April Fool’s Day was three days ago.”
“It’s not a joke, Boss. You know me…I’m always thorough. I wouldn’t have bothered you with this without grilling her first. She has an official marriage license and everything.”
“From Waco?”
Tomas’s smile stretched across his face again.
Michael folded his arms. “Okay, Tomas, from where?”
“Las Vegas.”
“Hmm.” Was the woman after some of Michael’s money? “Las Vegas.” He flipped through his calendar. “When exactly did she claim we were married in Las Vegas?”
“February 14th.”
“Valentine’s Day, stands to reason.”
“Thought you’d find that amusing since you visited Las Vegas at that time.”
“Yeah, seems she’s done some checking up on me.” Michael ground his teeth as he considered the news. “That’s nearly three months ago.”
Tomas nodded.
Michael wrinkled his brow deep in thought. “Why would the woman wait that long to tell me I married her?”
“Maybe she only just now found out how much you were worth and decided to set up a sting.”
“Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Okay, well I’m certain you can handle it. Rest assured I haven’t married anyone lately.” He held up his hand. “See, no ring. And no plans for any kind of a commitment with a woman anytime soon. Heck, I haven’t even dated anyone steadily in months.”
“Oh, it gets better.” Tomas grinned. “She already wants a divorce.”
Reader Reviews (3)
Submitted By: katysue on Jan 2, 2016
This was a great read. Am going to look for more from this author. Would Recommend!!!
Submitted By: van-tastic on Jan 23, 2013
This was funny and sweet. How interesting that both parties swore they would keep the other person from doing the same thing. and how they decided to work on it. Interesting too how they got caught in the first place.
Submitted By: Mpotter79 on Jan 19, 2013
They got married and now they need to get to know each other. And they are both keeping secrets. It all turns out alright in the end though.

Marriage, Las Vegas Style

By: Terry Spear