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Maharaja's Mistress

By: Susan Stephens | Other books by Susan Stephens
Published By: Harlequin
Published: Sep 01, 2011
ISBN # 9780373528318
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Categories: Romance>Contemporary Fiction


Maharaja's Mistress by Susan Stephens - Romance>Contemporary eBook

Monte Carlo is abuzz with news that Ram Varindha--young, hot and royal--is without a co-driver for the biggest rally event of the year. Though it's been years since she last saw him, Mia leaps at the chance to get up close with the maharaja!

With time to spare before he takes on more serious royal duties, bedding this beauty is top of Ram's list. But Mia has long known Ram's reputation. Is she just in for the hottest few nights of her life, or could her dream of finally taming Ram's playboy ways become reality?
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She had to steel herself to place the call. Hard to believe she had once taken Ram on as easily as any tomboy took on her older brother's best friend, but a lot of water had passed under the bridge since then and these days Ram was a royal playboy.

While Mia had issues...

Scars and issues, as well as a desire to race cars again that refused to be repressed.

Get real, Mia. At least, don't lie to yourself. This is a chance in a million to see Ram again.

She hadn't spoken to Ram for...too long, anyway, Mia reflected as she waited for the call to connect. From what she'd read about him in the press she expected Ram to be as changed as she was. Ram had announced he would shortly be quitting his playboy life to serve his people in the independent state of Ramprakesh, but before that he was to enjoy one last indulgence—a timed rally car race across Europe in his super-car.

As soon as the newsflash came on, saying Ram's co-driver had been taken ill, Mia knew it was her chance to step in. Ram had to find someone in order to complete the last leg of the rally, which would take place in the winding streets of Monte Carlo—the same glittering locale where Mia had made a new life after an accident in a rally car had nearly blinded her.

She had believed she would never race again, and this was a chance in a million to compete at the highest level, but first there was a little hurdle to overcome: she had to convince Ram to take her on. To do that she would have to be as determined and as pushy as she had been as a child. There could be no allowances made for the years that had passed—when and if he answered the phone she would have to launch straight in as if she were that same tomboy who had never flinched from baiting him.

Heat curled inside her as she remembered wicked eyes, and a man who had filled her early years with the hottest of fantasies—made all the safer for knowing Ram would never look at her that way. But she had to put all that to one side now. Raking her dark, cropped hair, Mia fixed her gaze on the bold print headline that had fired this crazy idea in the first place. The Maharaja's Back in Town! screamed the headline. Ram, or the Maharaja, as Ram was more popularly known thanks to his heritage, his unbelievable good looks and his money—not to mention his raw and dangerous sex appeal—was still her brother's closest friend, and had been Mia's...

Childhood crush?

Trying to force the lid down on that box proved impossible. Ram meant so much more to her than that—and was still as far out of her league as he always had been. The English edition of the Monte Carlo Times pulled no punches where celebrity was concerned and Ram Varindha needed no introduction, either to this playground for the rich and famous, or to the world. When a man was too good-looking or too rich, or he originated from an exotic land with which he shared an equally exotic reputation—and Ram filled all these criteria admirably—the glamorous principality of Monte Carlo was only too eager to welcome him home.

Mia's heart cannoned into her throat as a familiar black velvet voice growled a suspicious greeting.

'Ram?' She played it cool—authoritative and cool. 'Ram, it's me.'


'Ram, it's Mia....'


More silence as Ram no doubt trawled the telephone directory in his mind, running down the list of Mias until he came to one who lived in Monte Carlo.

'Give me a clue.'

So there were a thousand Mias in his life.

'Don't pretend you don't know me.' Her voice might sound confident, but beads of sweat were breaking on her...

Maharaja's Mistress

By: Susan Stephens