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Made to be Broken

Series: The Redmond Club , Book 1.0
By: Jessie Jordan | Other books by Jessie Jordan
Published By: JJXXX Publishing
Published: Sep 25, 2012
Word Count: 8,600
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Categories: Romance>BDSM Romance>Rubenesque Romance>Erotic Romance

When curvy Alexis lands a job as a hostess at an exclusive club for wealthy clients with a taste for the fuller figure she's looking to make rent, not find love. This all changes when she meets the enigmatic Daniel Trafford and a brutal but sensual encounter leads to her finding the acceptance she deserves in the arms of a dominant billionaire who believes that rules are made to be broken. This 8,600 word work of erotic fiction is intended for adults only and contains scenes of female masturbation, spanking, bdsm and steamy sex between a dominant alpha male and a magnificent BBW.
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“Could you take off your clothes please Ms Martin?”
This had been, without doubt, the weirdest job interview ever. My friend Jenny put me up to it. Hostess at some exclusive club. I thought she was joking at first. Hostesses tend to be leggy blondes, all tan and teeth. I was anything but. I guess I’m pretty enough. I have the sort of figure that drives some men crazy, but I don’t really have the kind of figure that a club would want to put on display.
“I understand it’s an unusual request. The Redmond Club caters for an exclusive clientele, a very wealthy exclusive clientele with...” He leaned back for a moment, “let's just say very particular tastes. I’m not messing around here. I’m not going to rub one out under the desk as soon as I get a glimpse of bare flesh. I am a professional. I only hire professionals.”
He looked a little frustrated and I had the feeling I was about to be sent packing. If not for the exclusive uptown address I’d have thought this whole thing was a scam. Someone trying to trick me into doing some BBW porn, but the location was way too high rent for that.
“Our clients want to enjoy your company in a relaxed and friendly environment. They don’t want awkward girls who have a complex about being called ‘thunder-thighs’ in high school. They want women who are comfortable in their own skin.”
The thing was, if I couldn’t do this I was a hypocrite. I was always telling myself I felt good about the way I looked. Was that true or had I just been lying to myself? Jenny had heard rumors that the money here was incredible and I really needed the money. My life had kind of fallen apart over the last couple of months and it turns out that once you dump your rich but unfaithful boyfriend and lose your cushy job for turning up late once too often this is actually a pretty expensive city to live in. Who knew? Either way if I didn’t get a job in the next couple of weeks I wouldn’t be able to make rent on my shitty apartment and that’s all she wrote.
“OK.” I took a deep breath. Even though I managed to convince myself that I liked my body most mornings that didn’t mean I had any desire to show it off to complete strangers. I took off my jacket and undid my blouse, shrugging it off my shoulders. I followed this up by unzipping and dropping my skirt. At this point I was wishing I’d warn something other than the rather drab shaper panties and matching bra. He raised an eyebrow expectantly and my chest reddened a little as I unhook my bra, freeing my impressive breasts and reluctantly shimmied out of my panties, trying to bend over as little as possible.
I resist the urge to cover myself with my hands, not that it would do much good as far as my massive breasts were concerned, and instead left them hanging awkwardly at my side. I stood naked still and silent as the interviewer took his time looking over my body.
Shoulder length copper red hair that’s decided to behave itself today. I like to think I have a pretty face. A smattering of freckles, friendly with a big brown eyes and a big wide smile. Next comes my secret weapon. No, not the twins, it’s broad shoulders I inherited from my Dad. Without them everything, especially my breasts, would be out proportion. Beyond that they helped me get an athletics scholarship, which kept me if not trim, at least fairly well toned. Yes I’m big, but for the most part I’m voluptuous rather than just plain fat. OK, maybe chubby. Cuddly? But never fat. Then there’s my breasts. There’s no hiding the fact that they’re big. I’ve was a D-cup at fourteen. School, as you can guess, was not a fun time for the big boobed freak. Now the three of us get on OK. I’ve considered having a reduction for the sake of my back, but at twenty-four they’re still fairly firm, I know gravity will take its toll in time, but it’s hard to get rid of something that so many men go gaga for so I’m making the best of them while I can.
I have, drum roll please, a waist. Sure it’s a big waist and yes I have a tummy, but I still manage to be narrower in the middle than I am at either end. It allows me to get away with a fair bit as far as my wardrobe is concerned. My hips are broad, which works for me, again the proportion thing. My thighs I’m not so keen on. The thunder-thigh crack was a bit too close to the mark. I do however, like my ass. It’s big, it’s round, it’s lovely and soft, but there’s firmness their, some muscle under the flesh that keeps it firm. That’s me. Alex Martin. Pleased to meet you.
“Could you describe your body for me please Ms Martin,” he’s behind me when he speaks, I actually jump a little and everything jiggles along with it. His voice brings me back down to earth and I’m surprised to find my nipples harden a little. My oreo sized areolas and large dark nipples are responding to the fact that I’m standing here naked in front of someone I do not know. I have no interest in this little man, the thrill comes from simply being on display. I can’t recall having felt that before, a big part of it might be the fact that I tend to avoid situations being exposed like this. I’m alright with my own body. It’s other people’s perceptions of it that I’m not so comfortable with.
“Ms Martin?”
I couldn’t do it. In my own head maybe, but out loud to someone else. It’s not about what I see, it’s about what he sees. “Voluptuous I guess. Maybe kind of cuddly”.
He winced as I stumble over my words and returned to his desk.
“Patrick, could you see if you can find Molly and see if she could pop up to my office for a minute.”
We waited in silence. As time passed the novelty of being naked began to wear thin and I longed to put my clothes back on. Finally there was a knock at the door.
A girl enters, a big girl. “You wanted to see me Mr Todd?.”
She didn’t bat an eyelid at my state of undress, instead she just gave me a little wave and smiled. I say girl because she can’t have been far out of her teens. I say big because, well she was. Much bigger than me. She carried it OK, but there was a lot of flesh jiggling in a lot of places I wouldn’t have been too comfortable with if it had been me. She on the other hand seemed to be doing just fine. As Mr Todd had said, comfortable in her own skin.
“Molly, you were looking after the Prince yesterday weren’t you?”
“Yes Mr Todd, he’s such a nice guy.”
“What did you do for him while he was here?”
“Oh, I’m down on the first floor so it was mostly just serving drinks and keeping him company. He took a meeting, some oil thing, but that was pretty quick.”
“What does the Prince call you Molly?”
She blushed furiously, it was sweet. “He calls me his Goddess. He’s nice like that.”
“Thanks Molly, that will be all.”
And as she left “Oh Molly, before you go. Did he leave you a tip last night? How much?”
“Oh yes he always does. He’s pretty generous. I shared it with the bar staff and a couple of other girls because it was a pretty quiet night. I took home, maybe three thousand or so. You’d have to check with my financial advisor. I let him do all the counting.”
My eyes went wide. Three… thousand? I’m juggling maxed out credit cards and this bubbly ditzy teenager needs a financial advisor?
“One last thing Molly. How do you think Alex here would do down on first?”
“You’re kidding right? Have you seen her? Well yeah obviously you have she’s right here.” She punctuated this with a giggle straight out of junior high. “I mean sure the Prince digs me and maybe a few other guys who like them real big. But oh boy.” She made an hourglass shape with her hands, “She’s going to be real popular Mr Todd.”
The idea of tips big enough to pay a month's rent in one night was a good motivator. I stood tall, described my body with a bit more confidence (you already know how that goes... shoulders, boobs, ass).
“Did you have any more questions at this point Ms Martin.”
“Sure, when can I start?”

Made to be Broken

By: Jessie Jordan