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Lust Knows No Boundaries [Sports Wives 2]

By: Destiny Blaine | Other books by Destiny Blaine
Published By: Siren-BookStrand
Published: Jan 29, 2009
ISBN # 1606010751
Word Count: 31,200
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Categories: Erotica>Multiple Partner Erotica>Contemporary


Lust Knows No Boundaries [Sports Wives 2] by Destiny Blaine - Erotica>Contemporary eBook

[BookStrand Menage and More #8: Contemporary Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, Spousal Sharing]

There's unconditional love and there's obsessive love. In a love triangle, sometimes there's a little of both--and it can complicate a marriage.
Professional football player Corby Teller realizes he's losing his wife but he also knows if a man loves a woman, he doesn't set her free when she doesn't really want to go. Instead, he does everything in his power to make all of her dreams come true.

Corby finds a way to ensure everything is perfect for the wife he plans to keep and it means sharing her with a man she has always loved. After Corby pushes Cassie back into Steve's arms, an earth-shattering event threatens to tear her world apart. Corby's smart enough to know if he doesn't allow Steve to keep his place in Cassie's life, he will lose her because of the history she shares with the first man she ever loved.

BookStrand Erotic Romance

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Suzy twisted her little ass around the kitchen like she so ultimately belonged there as much as I did. "I will," She teased back before whispering in my ear, "If you will."

I turned around to steal a good look at her face. Sure enough, the evidence of alcohol existed in her eyes. I let her taunting pass. She could drink herself into another world but she wasn't going to tug me there with her.

Mark pulled out a chair for both of us as we all sat down for dinner and he immediately looked from Corby to me and back to Corby again. "It's good to see you both looking so great again."

Suzy took a sip of wine and then noted the obvious. "Yeah babe, it's amazing what a little sex will do for a man."

Mark rolled his eyes and I caught it. "Oh I don't know baby," he began to slur in mockery of his wife, "sometimes living without it is better than living with it. Just depends on the partner I guess." His eyes quickly drifted over to me and he ran a slow tongue over his bottom lip. "What do you think Mrs. Teller?"

Corby shot him a warning. "You and Suzy behave. This conversation is off limits at the dinner table."

. Suzy's happily ever after with Mark must've hit a snag. It was something I wouldn't know anything about since the three of them ran around town now without me.

One thing I learned early on, Mark didn't take a lot of shit off of his wife. After a few glares and stares, Suzy made the mistake of opening her mouth.

"So you had a good night last night, hmm?" She looked at Corby with nothing more than pure lust in her eyes. I should've kicked her out of my house or at least asked her if she wanted to fuck him now or later.

Corby took a bite of his burger and after a chew or two, he swallowed and took a gulp of his beer. "Not bad, Suzy. How was your night?"

Throwing her head back over the chair, she laughed out loud. "Probably not near as exciting as yours." Her eyes darkened and her lips formed a smile most women would recognize.

She had something over on Corby and he damn near choked on it. He squirmed in his chair and a first bead of sweat bubbled on his forehead.

She should've shut up while she had a good piece of meat to place between her pouty lips but she didn't. "Why don't you two lovebirds just spill all of your dirty little secrets."

Mark became agitated on command. "Suzy's rubber man lost his dick in the move so she's not having a good week. You two just ignore her. She'll sober up by morning."

Corby almost sprayed his beer forward and had to get up from the table to keep from losing it. I snickered and Suzy's eyes met mine. She reached for the bottle of wine and poured herself another glass.

"What's so funny Corby?" She directed her question to him but held me in her gaze.

Corby grabbed a paper towel and sat back down wiping at his mouth. "The rubber man thing always gets my attention. Sorry, I just don't see the thrill."

Smugly, Mark sat back in his chair with his arms crossed. "I didn't either. It's a sad day when a rubber doll with a shaft smaller than mine gets more rides than the real thing. So I fixed the problem."

I felt my face heat as the embarrassment flooded over me. I really didn't want the true visual but I imagined we were getting pulled into the privacy of Suzy and Mark's matrimonial bedroom whether we wanted to be there or not.

Corby nearly foamed at the mouth. Sometimes, depending on his mood, he really liked to poke fun at his best friend's wife. "So, hmmm…" he chuckled and his eyes twinkled with amusement, "how did you resolve this issue?" He stood up again and started to clear the plates from the table.

Mark cleared his throat and Suzy beat him to the punch line.

"He took a damn ax to it and whacked it off!" She wasn't happy about it. She stood up in a huff.

We all roared with laughter—with the exception of one. The one who seemed clearly distraught that she wouldn't be riding a rubber cock into ecstasy anytime soon wasn't amused in the least.

"Don't worry baby, I ordered you another one." His eyes danced as he gave her the news. "Hell, I should've ordered you three or four of those guys because after all, you prefer all different shapes and sizes. Isn't that right?"

Corby held up his hand. "Okay, you two. It's over. Not here. Not now. Not ever. Cassie and I don't want in this. Keep it at your place." He nodded at me and then reached his hand out for me. "Come on baby, let's go for a swim."

It didn't sound like a bad idea—at least, not at first.



His mouth never failed to give and his hands, Lord help me, his hands never quit moving us both closer to an explosive ending that only locked me to him permanently. I felt the moisture puddle and form as he lapped and licked every inch clean before my body supplied only more. He took me to the gates of ecstasy but then refused to let me go forward into fulfillment without him.

"Selfish lover." I teased him but didn't want to be teased.

"You know it." His hands and tongue promised but never fully delivered.

Grasping the sheets until my knuckles were white, I called out to him. "Please. Finish me here! Let me find…"

"Pleasure?" He watched, oh sweet mercy how he looked on as he continued to finger fuck me with a steady beat programmed to undo the best of women

"Yes…so much pleasure."

"So much that you'll let me take you here?" Three fingers parted and met. Parted again and met once more. My ass fell into the giving strokes.

"Oh Corby, no…you can't. We can't…"

"Why baby? Tell me why." His eyes danced with mischief but a dark passion sealed his innermost feelings far enough away from me that I'm sure he felt protected.

He shouldn't have been so bold.

I knew he expected denial but to deny him would bring questions and I didn't have the answers since the element of pain and pressure mixed wonderfully with pleasure and release. I wanted to take it—all of it.

His lips played havoc on my hardened nipples. He took one in his mouth but his lips fell away as his teeth seemed to dominate and control the right amount of adoration—the perfect spice and stimulation.

My hips spread wider and to keep myself contained and willing, I bit down on my own forefinger hoping against every seed of passion that my child was safeguarded from the acts of a man loving a woman into another global experience.

"Let me feel you like no one else has." He raised himself over me and every inch of common sense I had, left me in two point eight seconds.

Before I protested, before I agreed, he flipped me over and raised my hips to meet him. His cock burned to the touch. I felt the heat and the slick moisture his precum provided. He seemed to move over, retrieve something, open a container, and return it all within a short little window of opportunity. Perhaps he feared he'd lose sight of the goal or end result he hoped to find. His finger ran over the seam of my ass with a cold moisture oozing right along with it.

"Sweet heaven." He sank in and he did it without warning or permission. He just moved past the point of entry into the position of total access.

"Hell's fury." My breath caught in my lungs. "You're so hard…harder than I remember." Of course it would feel differently because no other man had touched me there much less slid into my world –rearview.

Before I could adjust, he apologized for something I didn't immediately understand. "Oh baby, forgive me, please forgive me."

His hips gave, his thighs bunched and his muscles drove us to a place where no man takes his woman without a guaranteed lock for life. "That's it Cassie, give me what you want, let me take you, let me have you—always."

His hand cupped my pussy with a hard caress one minute and a thrust inside the next. Corby made an art out of finger fucking my cunt while his dick buried deeper inside my ass. To say he delivered good sex would've been sorely wrong—he mastered a whole new way of doing it to perfection and he made sure he inspired every nerve ending. .

"You feel so good, Cassie, so perfect for me." He used some level of force and displaced passion yet I knew I had to have him and all of his fury in order to feel the true impact of this wild ride and sexy new experience.

"Corby!" I screamed as my juices not only threatened but spilled. "More!"

"Yes more, baby. So much more." His hands secured my hips and he pushed and caressed his cock into a tight space of intimate security.

One stroke, two, three, four….quick thumps and faster paces took me to another realm of ecstasy. Whatever source of pleasure he found, he tapped until I was blinded by it all. "Corby! Now!" My ass only rose higher to him. My back arched while my head dropped forward and I moved…God, how I moved… for him, with him, to him, against him.

Lust Knows No Boundaries [Sports Wives 2]

By: Destiny Blaine