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Last Groom Standing

By: Kimberly Lang | Other books by Kimberly Lang
Published By: Harlequin
Published: Oct 01, 2013
ISBN # 9780373207329
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Categories: Romance>Contemporary Fiction


Last Groom Standing by Kimberly Lang - Romance>Contemporary eBook

Marnie Price's guide to surviving the bridesmaid blues...
1. Get a new man
2. Find a new job
3. When in doubt, drink wine!

Having watched her three closest friends all find love, Southern belle Marnie Price feels as if she's the only single girl left. Luckily she's found a solution--one sizzling night with Dylan Brookes. This man wears a wedding tux better than anyone, but all Marnie wants to do is get beneath it!

Dylan is all about making the sensible choice, and a fling with his ex's friend Marnie is about as far from sensible as he can get! Marnie might prove to him that taking risks is worth it, but that doesn't mean he's ready to give up his bachelor status quite yet, does it...?

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Marnie Price took a deep breath to assess the situation and her options. This was not the time to react thoughtlessly. After a moment to think, she did what any rational, reasonable, adult woman would do in a situation like this.

She pulled the wine bottle from the ice bucket and filled her glass right up to the rim.

Despite the fact she'd had several already tonight, she remained frustratingly sober. It was a happy occasion—Cassie was married and bridges she'd thought burnt beyond repair were slowly being mended. She should be happy—and she was, by God, she really was.

Except, at the same time, she wasn't. She'd started the day by cleaning out her desk at work and ended it with finding out her friends had been lying to her for years and that years of estrangement had been all her fault. In the middle, she'd gone to a wedding and found out her brother was sleeping with Gina—again.

Mercy, when losing your job wasn't the worst thing that had happened to you, the day officially sucked.

Hence the need for more wine. Lots more wine.

Her mother was probably spinning in her grave—ladies didn't overimbibe, much less in public—but this was New York City, not Savannah, and Marnie had intentionally given up the quest to be a "lady" years ago.

Old habits were hard to break, but she could drown the Southern guilt in another glass of Chardonnay.

The large table in the corner of the trendy Tribeca Terrace held the remains of Cassie and Tuck's small wedding reception, and Tuck had pulled Cassie to the dance floor a little while ago. It didn't take a genius IQ like Cassie's to see that they would be off to their wedding night very soon. Carter and Gina and Mason and Reese were also on the dance floor, doing that slow sway that said both couples would be leaving soon as well to a happy night themselves.

Marnie sighed into her glass. None of her friends had walked the easy path to happiness, but that was what made their stories so wonderful. The passion. Passion might be messy and difficult, but the proof it was worth it was right in front of her. And that's what she wanted. If she'd wanted a predictable and staid and unremarkable life, she'd have stayed in Savannah.

But the pairing off of the others had left her alone at the table with Dylan Brookes. Their party of eight had really been three parties of two and two parties of one, but that hadn't been too obvious or strange until everyone else coupled up. Being an extra wheel was awkward enough, but this situation took awkward to a new place.

Dylan had stood as Tuck's witness today, but it was just plain weird to have him around. Tuck was Dylan's best friend, but he was also Reese's cousin, and he'd met Cassie at what would have been Reese and Dylan's wedding—except that Reese had practically jilted Dylan at the altar in favor of Mason. It had been quite a mess. Reese and Dylan seemed okay with it now, but everyone else—including her—found the situation awkward at best.

Watching your ex-fiancée canoodle with the guy she threw you over for had to be uncomfortable, but if Dylan had a problem with that, he'd done a good job of hiding it.

He was currently typing something on his phone, and if he was feeling like an extra wheel, it didn't show.

Either he was a very good actor, or he simply didn't care. Marnie wasn't sure if she should envy him or pity him.

The music wasn't overly loud, but it was thankfully loud enough to not make the conversational silence at the table too noticeable. Not that she was in the mood for small talk, anyway. There was just way too much circling in...

Last Groom Standing

By: Kimberly Lang