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Kiljorn Prime

Series: Katieran Prime Series , Book 4.0
By: K.D. Jones | Other books by K.D. Jones
Published By: JK Publishing
Published: Feb 15, 2013
ISBN # 9781301306664
Word Count: 57,969
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EligiblePrice: $4.99

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Categories: Romance>Fantasy Romance>Erotic Romance

Lindsey Carreli doesn’t think twice when she accepts the position offered to her as the Katieran Legal Advisor for Earth Relations. It is a high profile position. Her responsibility is to give legal representation to the alien race known as the Katierans. It is, also, a new start for her and her family. She is instantly attracted to the Leader of Katiera, but it is the Leader of the Kiljorn Nation that she finds herself falling hopelessly in love with. The problem is the Kiljorn Leader is planning to spend his life with another woman. Will she be able to fight her attraction to this man? Will her involvement prevent two nations from forming a much-needed alliance? Or will she find the courage to pursue a relationship with the Kiljorn Leader in spite of all the odds stacked against them?
Kiljorn Prime Leader KadEN must protect his people from an impending attack by the warring aliens called the Morins. KadEN seeks to negotiate an alliance between the Kiljorn Nation and the Katieran Nation, which will add numbers to their military forces. To secure the alliance, KadEN offers to mate with the Katieran Prima. However, his plans are disrupted when he meets a frustrating Earth female that sparks his mating urges and causes his blood to boil. How can he pursue a relationship with the lovely Earth female if he is honor bound to mate with another? Will he overlook his obligations to his people or will he find a way to overcome the mating urges?

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Kiljorn Prime

By: K.D. Jones