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Joy & Pain

By: Celia Kyle | Other books by Celia Kyle
Published By: Summerhouse Publishing
Published: Jul 02, 2011
Word Count: 10,845
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Categories: Romance>LGBTQ>Gay Romance>BDSM Romance>Contemporary Romance>Free Reads


Joy & Pain by Celia Kyle - Romance>LGBTQ>Gay

The stage.

It’s my home.

Doesn’t matter if soft, muted-pink leather encases my feet as I perform the ballet of my career, or if I’m wearing combat boots, a little twink stripping as I twirl around a brass hued pole. What once brought me joy, a thrill, now tugs me down. But it’s all I can do. And so...I do.

Until Zeke. Zeke with his deep frowns and disapproval. With his ready smiles and sweet touches.

He’s just...Zeke. And I'm just a broken ballet dancer. Well, until Zeke.
Reader Rating:   3.6 starstarstarstar (51 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   liplipliplip
Reader Reviews (11)
Submitted By: on Apr 18, 2015
Just. Wow. This was such a sweet little story. It has a beautifully satisfying ending, and honestly I just felt content at the end. A good feels read, in all ways.
Submitted By: amarillis183 on Jan 31, 2015
It started out with a plot, but then lost it when the sex scene began. It was a very hot story, though.
Submitted By: fergie12 on Jan 14, 2014
Nice for a free read. Kind of lacking or not enough to the story. But OK.
Submitted By: enjoy on Jan 9, 2014
A quick read with likeable characters and a nice touch of humor.
Submitted By: duchessbee on Jan 4, 2014
Felt there was more that could be flushed out in this one. A free read, enjoyable, just falls a bit short.
Submitted By: sarahd123 on Jan 3, 2014
this was something that a friend suggest I read and needless to say it was not at all what I usually read. I lost interest fairly fast and ended up not finishing it
Submitted By: kammrm68 on Jan 24, 2013
This was an okay short story. A little short on story and quick on the love. But it was okay. I enjoyed it.
Submitted By: Dp15 on Jan 6, 2013
When I started reading this I felt as though I had read it before but still couldn't put it down. It was added to my will read again collection. I wish there was a continuation of the short. Wanted more from the story it was so good.
Submitted By: youngromancelover on Oct 16, 2012
A nice sexy short free story, hot guys but would have like to have more
Submitted By: girlfemale on Nov 13, 2011
Good read, wished it was longer.
Submitted By: yummyskarsgard on Aug 3, 2011
Great story. Can't believe it's free. Don't miss out.

Joy & Pain

By: Celia Kyle