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Jamaica Nights

By: Dez Burke | Other books by Dez Burke
Published By: Pink Lotus Publishing
Published: Mar 08, 2013
ISBN # JDXNNX0000049
Word Count: 11,717
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Categories: Romance>Contemporary Romance>Interracial Romance>African-American

Trapped in Jamaica by an approaching hurricane, Jada decides to make the most of the bad situation by skinny dipping for the first time ever on a deserted Negril beach. Insecure about her body and full of self doubts she’s mortified when a handsome man on a paddleboard discovers her floating naked a long way from the beach and her clothes.

What follows is a long night of passion and a red hot romance between a black woman and a gorgeous man which neither will soon forget…

Warning: This 11,717 word short story contains a steamy romance between a young black woman and a gorgeous rich man intent on making her his own. Contains explicit scenes too passionate and hot for some readers to handle! Note to readers: A portion of this story has been previously published under the series title “Hot Sex with the Billionaire.”
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Skinny dipping was a new experience for her. She closed her eyes and floated tits up in the buoyant salty ocean, loving the freedom of being totally naked in the water. She lost track of time and didn’t notice the ocean current was carrying her further and further away from the beach…and her clothes.

“Do you need a lift, pretty mermaid?”

Jada blinked opened her eyes in surprise. With a loud yelp, she sunk under the water up to her neck.

“Jesus! You scared the crap out of me!” she yelled to the handsome man silently drifting beside her on a paddle board. He wore only a pair of deep aqua swimming trunks that matched the startling blue of his eyes. His muscled chest was tanned a deep brown from many hours in the hot Jamaican sun.

“Where the hell did you come from?” she asked.

He grinned, showing white perfect teeth. “I think a better question would be… where are your clothes?”

Jada glanced toward the shore which seemed very far away now. Her eyes desperately searched the empty, white sandy beach.

Where were her clothes? For heaven's sake! Someone had stolen her clothes!
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Submitted By: yveswms on Apr 4, 2013
Improvement, much better than the first story I read from this author.

Jamaica Nights

By: Dez Burke