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Into His Dark

Series: The Cimarron Series , Book 1.0
By: Angel Payne | Other books by Angel Payne
Published By: Angel Payne Writes, LLC
Published: Feb 23, 2015
ISBN # 9780991011858
Word Count: 97,500
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Eligible Price: $3.99

Available in: Epub, Mobipocket (.mobi)

Categories: Romance>Contemporary Romance>Erotic Romance Romance>New Adult


Into His Dark (The Cimarron Series) by Angel Payne - Romance>Contemporary eBook

The Cimarrons:
They’re the mysterious, magnetic ruling family
of the most secretive kingdom on earth: The Island of Arcadia.
No westerners have ever been allowed inside Arcadia’s borders…until now.

A new adventure…
Camellia “Cam” Saxon struggles not to pinch herself. Is she really here, as a guest in the castle of the world’s most mysterious royal family, working on the only western film crew allowed on the island of Arcadia? A year ago, she was the girl who finished college with a sigh instead of a bang, moving on to a safe job and a steady suburban routine without a blink…

Until she gets the call from a film graduate buddy that will change everything.

A dangerous desire…
Cam’s excitement turns to dread in an instant—as soon as she lays eyes on Evrest Cimarron. Beautiful, commanding, and regal, he turns her logic to ash and her blood to fire…making it damn hard to remember the crown on his head.

As an Arcadian alone, Evrest must be thrust into Cam’s don’t-even-go-there column. As the leader of the kingdom, he’s now the face on her delete key, too. A fantasy never to be fed…ever.

A journey to the forbidden…
A mishap lands Cam in Evrest’s most secret chambers, surrounded by luxury beyond imagination—and seduced by a creature who is no longer charming host and alluring king but powerful, passionate man. In Evrest’s arms, Cam learns she has new identities, too. The sensible girl is abandoned for a woman of illicit needs and sinful desires.

It’s the most incredible night of her life. The most perfect man she’s known. The most flawless fit for her soul.

A mistake she can never make again.

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Sensuality Rating:   lipliplipliplip
I watched every mesmerizing inch of his lips move with the word, though the sound seemed to resonate through my heart, not my ears. On the other hand, nothing in the room moved yet, so it was easy for me to hear both the velvety syllables.
“Hi.” I didn’t push it above a rasp. I didn’t want to restart the world yet—though somewhere far away, a classical guitar and a harp blended in one of the most beautiful pieces of music I’d ever heard. It helped carry my soul’s plea to heaven.
Please don’t let this end.
He reached. Slipped both his hands around mine.
And the certainty encompassed my heart.
I’d been waiting for this moment. For a very long time. Perhaps forever. The air in my lungs knew it. The very marrow in my bones knew it. The reaches of my soul knew it.
Why? How?
I didn’t know the questions had fallen out aloud—maybe they hadn’t—but as he branded his gaze deeper into mine, I knew he’d somehow heard. The corners of his mouth turn up a little, just enough to sluice all my nerve endings with high-octane awareness. Everything became him. Only him.
“Thank you for coming.” The words, while seeming rote and protocol, evoked more. There was a meaning beyond his meaning but I couldn’t grasp it. What are you trying to say?
I hoped my eyes conveyed the question because I couldn’t speak the words. Tiny crinkles formed at the corners of his eyes, as if assuring me there was an answer to that, and he couldn’t wait to share it with me.
“I’m happy to be here.”
Nope. Please try your connection again. “Happy” was for free hot fudge sundaes on my birthday or a freak heat wave in January. This was something past happy. Something that didn’t have a word. Something twined to the completion of my hands inside his, my nearness to him, the electricity of my whole body in his presence.
“Are you certain of that?” His thumbs caressed the insides of my wrists, shooting rockets through my belly and fireworks through my brain.
Fireworks? Seriously, Cam?
But it made sense. Weirdly, insanely, suddenly, everything just…made sense.
“It’s just hard to believe this is happening.” I’d caught the double meaning virus, too—and it felt pretty nice. Until now, the whole living-in-a-dream thing was confined to excitement about the movie and simply being here in Arcadia. That was before this. Before him. Before the bubble that lowered over the two of us, this strange and wonderful cocoon sealed by the bridge of our touch, the embrace of our stares, the lock of our spirits…
Not just meeting each other. Recognizing each other.
“I am Evrest.” He dipped toward me, an edge of bashfulness in his voice. So beautiful. I treasured every note, gluing the sound to my memory like a precious flower in a scrapbook.
“Cam.” He extended the last letter, almost turning the word into a silken song. My lips parted as I imagined how it would feel if he did that against my bare skin, though I didn’t dare venture on what body part. Did it matter? His smile, parting wider, provided that definitive answer. Didn’t matter one damn bit.
“It’s actually—Camellia.” Yes. Go for the formality. Maybe it’ll hoist your mind out of the gutter. “Camellia Saxon. I’m the film’s production manager.”
“Is that so?” Like I’d just given him the coolest piece of trivia in the world. Damn, he was good. No wonder the gossip mag writers loved him so—and I yearned to splash right back into the gutter.
“Uhh, yeah. Yes. But—uhhh—call me whatever you like. Nobody really calls me Camellia, except my mother. And Harry, when he’s in a snit with me. Which is at least once a day.” I glanced away. “Shit; like you need to know that.”
I slammed my eyes shut and clamped my mouth. You did not just drop an s-bomb on the king of this island. At his state dinner. Less than five minutes after meeting him.
He released one of my hands. Dread slammed in as I prepared for him to move on, shattering the magic bubble forever. Way to swing it, girlfriend.
I didn’t expect a warm, firm finger at my chin, pressing until I raised my head and opened my eyes…to be consumed by the intensity of his gaze once more.
“Can I use it without being…in a snit…with you?”
I couldn’t help a tiny laugh. The pauses he inserted around the slang were blatantly innocent, an open invitation to look at the boy inside the sleek, sophisticated man. “I meant what I said. Please use whatever you like, Your Majesty.”
His finger stiffened beneath my chin. So did the whole of his face. My evocation of the formality had clearly pulled his tail, but ignoring the truth wasn’t an option here. Bubbles were special because they were temporary. Smashable. I’d just been the first to get out the pin.
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Submitted By: AnimeLady04 on Sep 15, 2015
Very hot story about a rule, his responsibilities, a daring love, danger, and a HEA. What more could you ask for...? The next book in the series!

Into His Dark

By: Angel Payne