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In Bed With The Opposition

By: Kathie DeNosky | Other books by Kathie DeNosky
Published By: Harlequin
Published: Dec 01, 2011
ISBN # 9780373731398
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Categories: Romance>Contemporary Fiction


In Bed With The Opposition by Kathie DeNosky - Romance>Contemporary eBook

Texas Cattleman's Club Rule #6:
Be Gracious in Victory

Unexpectedly becoming a father to his infant niece must have scrambled Brad Price's brain. Why else is the levelheaded ladies' man suddenly besotted with his longtime rival, Abby Langley? Being fierce opponents for the Texas Cattleman's Club presidency hasn't stopped Abby from coming to the desperate dad's aid. Now he can't stop thinking about Abby...and wanting her.

Abby finds Brad's struggles with parenthood endearing...and irresistibly sexy. And though she's sworn off entanglements, Brad's electrifying kisses weaken her resolve. It's the ultimate contest of their lives...and the only winning strategy is complete surrender.
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Brad Price stared at the object in his hand, then at the tiny baby girl grinning up at him as she grabbed her foot and tried to stuff her tiny toes into her mouth. When had Sunnie lost her little pink sock?

Scratching his head, he scanned the floor. She had it on when they arrived at the Texas Cattleman's Club not two minutes ago. How could a baby barely six months old be so quick?

He once again glanced at the disposable diaper he held. What in the name of all that was holy had he gotten himself into, taking on the responsibility of raising his late brother's child? He knew about as much when it came to taking care of a baby as he did about piloting a spacecraft to the moon.

When he had made the decision to adopt Sunnie, he had even gone so far as to give serious consideration to dropping out of the race for the TCC presidency. But only briefly. He had made a commitment to seek the office, and he never went back on his word. Besides, he believed in the club and everything it stood for, and he intended to raise Sunnie to believe in those values, too.

The organization needed someone with a level head and a solid plan, and he was the man with both. He had several ideas on ways to bridge the ever-widening gap between the old guard and the younger members in order to unite the club and renew the solidarity that had always been an integral part of the TCC. It was something that had to be done to ensure its future and to continue the valuable services it had always provided for the residents of Royal, Texas.

But if he didn't figure out how to change Sunnie's diaper, and damned quick, it would all be a moot point. He would miss outlining his vision for the TCC at the annual general meeting, and for the first time in the club's history, a woman--the only woman ever to be allowed to join the organization--would be voted into office by default. He'd be damned if he'd let that happen.

Closing his eyes, Brad counted to ten. He could do this. He had a master's degree in financial planning, had graduated from the University of Texas summa cum laude and in the years since had built a thriving career as a certified financial planner, amassing a sizable fortune of his own. Surely he could figure out something as simple as changing a baby's disposable diaper.

But where did he start? And once he figured out how to get the one she was wearing off and the new one in position, how the hell was he supposed to fasten it around her waist?

As he studied the sides of the diaper Sunnie was wearing, he tried to remember what his housekeeper, Juanita, had told him when she gave him a detailed lecture on diaper changing before she left him high and dry to rush off to Dallas for the birth of her third grandchild. Unfortunately, he had been preoccupied with putting the final touches on the campaign wrap-up speech he was supposed to give at today's meeting and barely heard the woman. In hindsight, he should have taken extensive notes or at the very least given the matter his undivided attention.

Just when he decided he was going to have to find one of the club's female employees and ask her to do the honors of changing his niece, he heard the door of the coat room open. "Thank God," he muttered, hoping it was someone who knew more about the intricacies of a disposable diaper than he did. "Would you mind giving me a hand here?"

"Having a bit of a problem, Mr. Price?" a familiar female voice asked. Relieved that help had arrived, Brad couldn't work up the slightest bit of irritation at the obvious humor in Abigail Langley's tone.

Turning to find his lifelong nemesis standing just inside the door, a...

In Bed With The Opposition

By: Kathie DeNosky