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In Bed with a Stranger

By: India Grey | Other books by India Grey
Published By: Harlequin
Published: Jan 01, 2012
ISBN # 9780373130450
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Categories: Romance>Contemporary Fiction


In Bed with a Stranger by India Grey - Romance>Contemporary eBook

Sophie Greenham whirled into army officer Kit Fitzroy's life like a redheaded tornado, smashing through the walls surrounding his heart and changing his life forever. Leaving his bubbly fiancée to return to the front line disposing of bombs was the hardest thing Kit had ever done....

When Kit returns home, his reunion with Sophie is raw and intoxicating. But the man Sophie loves is now a virtual stranger. Exquisite nights in sultry Morocco reconnect Sophie with her distant husband, but they'll need more than passion to survive the challenges ahead unscathed....

In Bed with a Stranger is the unforgettable conclusion to India Grey's two-part story. Don't miss part one, Craving the Forbidden, available now!
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British Military Base, Theatre of Operations. Thursday, 6.15 a.m.

The sun was rising, turning the sky pink and the sand to gold. Rubbing his hand over eyes that were gritty with sand and exhaustion, Kit looked out across the desert and idly wondered if he'd be alive to watch it set again.

He'd slept for perhaps an hour, maybe two, and dreamed of Sophie. Waking in the dark, his body was taut with thwarted desire, his mind racing, and the scent of her skin was still in his nostrils.

He almost preferred the insomnia.

Five months. Twenty-two weeks. One hundred and fifty-four days. By now the craving for her should have faded, but if anything it had got more intense, more impossible to ignore. He hadn't phoned her, even though at times the longing to hear her voice burned like a laser inside him, knowing that if he did it would only add fuel to the fire. And knowing that there was nothing that could be said across six thousand miles that would possibly be enough.

Just one more day.

In twenty-four hours he would be flying out of here. Flying home. There was a sense of suppressed excitement amongst the men in his unit, a mixture of relief and exhilaration that had been building over the last week as the days dwindled. It was a feeling Kit didn't share.

He'd been in bomb disposal for a long time. He'd never thought of it as anything other than a job; a dirty, awkward, challenging, exhausting, addictive, necessary job. But that was in the days when he thought rather than felt. When his emotions had been comfortably locked away in some part of him that was buried so deep he didn't even know it was there.

Everything was different now. He wasn't who he'd thought he was—quite literally thanks to the lies the man he'd called his father had told him all his life. But also, loving Sophie had blown him wide open, revealing parts of him he hadn't known existed, and now the job seemed dirtier, the stakes higher, the odds shorter. So much shorter.

One more day. Would his luck last?

'Major Fitzroy—coffee, sir. We're almost ready to move out.'

Kit turned. Sapper Lewis had emerged from the mess hut and was walking towards him, spilling most of the coffee. An earnest kid of nineteen, he had the gawky enthusiasm of a Great Dane puppy. It made Kit feel about a thousand years old. He took the enamel mug and grimaced as he swallowed.

'Thank you, Lewis,' Kit drawled. 'Other men I know have curvaceous secretaries to bring them coffee in the morning. I have you to bring me something that tastes like freshly brewed dirt.'

Lewis grinned. 'You'll miss me when you get home.'

'I sincerely doubt it.' Kit took another mouthful of coffee and chucked the rest into the dust as he began to walk away. Not before he'd seen Lewis's face fall though.

'Fortunately you make a far better infantryman than a barista,' he called back over his shoulder. 'Bear that in mind when you get home, won't you?'

'Yes, sir!' Lewis hurried after him. 'And can I just say how great it's been working with you, sir? I've learned loads. Before this tour I wasn't sure I wanted to stay in the army, but watching you has made me decide to go into EOD.'

Kit stopped. Rubbing a hand across his jaw, he turned round.

'Do you have a girlfriend, Sapper?'

Lewis shifted from foot to foot, his face a mixture of pride and embarrassment. His Adam's apple bobbed. 'Yeah. Kelly. She's expecting a baby in two months' time. I'm going to ask her to marry me this leave.'

Narrowing his eyes as he looked out to the flat horizon, Kit nodded.

'You love her?'

'Yes, sir.' He scuffed the dust with the...

In Bed with a Stranger

By: India Grey