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I Married a Billionaire (Contemporary Romance)

By: Melanie Marchande | Other books by Melanie Marchande
Published By: Roses & Thorns Publishing
Published: Feb 24, 2013
ISBN # JSSBND0000032
Word Count: 50,000
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I Married a Billionaire (Contemporary Romance) by Melanie Marchande - Romance>Contemporary eBook

Maddy Wainright has given up on marriage - and men. After dating way too many losers who aren't capable of appreciating her for who she is, she's about ready to resign herself to a life of spinsterhood. Until her insanely rich boss Daniel Thorne comes along with an offer she simply can't refuse.

He proposes a marriage of convenience - one that would allow Maddy to live in the lap of luxury for a year, and Mr. Thorne to stay in the country that has become his home. At the end of their arrangement, Maddy will walk away with a cool two million dollars. All she has to do is move into his mansion, put on a convincing show in public, and endure a few INS interviews, for which she will be thoroughly prepped. It's a big risk, but one Maddy might just be willing to take, considering the payoff.

At first, it's all business. But when the gentle touches, passionate kisses, and lingering looks they have to give each other in public start spilling over into their private life, Daniel and his devious mind take Maddy to heights of pleasure she's never experienced. And the more she gets to know him, the more she feels that wistful tug in her chest every time he puts his arm around her in public. Before long, she finds herself wishing it were real.

As time goes on, Maddy finds herself wondering if two million dollars will be enough to cover the cost of repairing a broken heart. But Mr. Thorne may have yet another secret in store...
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Well, this was going fantastic. If this were a real first date, I would have blown it completely. I hunched over the table, staring down into the steaming cup of organic free trade gourmet roasted coffee that I hadn't touched. Daniel was waving the server down for the check.

Once he'd filled it out with his own elegant pen, produced from an inner jacket pocket, he leaned over the table again and spoke in soft murmur.

"I think it's best, for appearance's sake, if we leave in the same car. And I would appreciate it very much if you would come home with me and spend the night."

My throat tightened. "So soon?"

"Well, by this time, we've been having an affair for a few weeks now. It only makes sense you would come home with me after our 'first date,' if only because it's hardly our first date."

"Fine," I said.

He was almost whispering now. "You can stay in your own room." He smiled. "With a lock on the door. I have no plans to take advantage of you. Right now, everyone here thinks I'm telling you about all the naughty things I'm going to do to you, when we get back. Smile back. Smile back."

I did, even as goose bumps rose all over my skin. "It's a good thing the acoustics are so bad in here," I purred, slipping my foot out of my shoe and resting it lightly on top of his. It was dark, but the tablecloths were certainly short enough that someone might see, if they happened to look. His eyebrows went up a fraction of an inch. I wasn't sure if it was the situation, or the man, or the wine, or some combination of all three, but I felt bold.

"I hope their imaginations are sufficiently filthy to put the right words in my mouth," I said, slowly stroking the small part of his leg I could reach with my toe under the cuff of his pants. It was the first time we'd touched, other than shaking hands. I could feel his eyes on me - and the eyes of a few other patrons as well - but I refused to look up, instead pouring a little cream into my coffee, stirring it, and then raising the spoon to my mouth. I slid it into my mouth and licked it clean with an exaggerated gesture. It would be laughable under normal circumstances, but I hoped the alcohol and the atmosphere would work in my favor. If I could at least make Daniel half as uncomfortable as he was making me, then I would win.

Of course, it was backfiring horribly as well. I couldn't tell if the look on his face was entirely acting or not, but I was tingling all over.
Reader Reviews (14)
Submitted By: Yo0323 on Jul 30, 2016
An absolute great read. I enjoyed this book
Submitted By: ofrahaza on Jan 21, 2016
The story was ok but the hot/cold attitude of the male made me want to smack him up side his head.
Submitted By: on Jan 12, 2016
After page 49 the book story was blank and I was unable to finish the story. If the free version of this book is only a small sample it would have been nice to have been forwarned.
Submitted By: Amayeli on Jan 27, 2015
Good story. I enjoyed this first book in the series and ended up buying the box set. I really like the author, Melanie Marchande, and have bought several more of her books. Recommended.
Submitted By: Zee12K on Jan 23, 2015
How can a billionaire forget to file paper to become a US resident. If he couldn't remember to file, he should be firing his lawyers for not reminding him. That what he paid them big bucks for. It was a good story and I'm glad there is more to this story about Daniel and Maddy.
Submitted By: lyjo46 on Jan 7, 2015
It has a great story line, with well developed characters. I loved the chemistry between the hero and heroine. A must read
Submitted By: lyjo46 on Jan 7, 2015
It has a great story line, with well developed characters. I loved the chemistry between the hero and heroine. A must read
Submitted By: kdhmhmm on Jan 6, 2015
These people felt like strangers. It was very awkward. Some of the situations were unbelievable. The sex was odd. Not a fan. :(
Submitted By: sarahd123 on Jan 15, 2014
I got a little bored with the plot. The characters seemed to overthink things and I felt as if I had read too many books with this plot to really enjoy it.
Submitted By: mary26beth on Jan 5, 2014
This is a good read but not great. Characters are well developed, but spend abit to much time over thinking it and second guessing each other.
Submitted By: tigzzz on Jan 4, 2014
Enjoyed this book, although it was a bit predictable. Still want to read the 2 following parts. Characters are engaging, would recommend.
Submitted By: flawlessfiction on Oct 29, 2013
I had mixed feelings about this book. The theme of the man about to be deported who avoids it by an fake marriage has been a little overdone. This one, however, does have a slightly different twist. Although I enjoyed the book, I don't think the author ever adequately explained the reasons for all the mis-communication between the principals.
Submitted By: angieia on Sep 30, 2013
I enjoyed the first book in this billionaire trilogy. It was interesting watching Maddy and Daniel learning to get along with each other and admitting their feelings for each other.
Submitted By: firelocks on Sep 22, 2013
Yummm....a strong male with a hint of vulnerability. Can't wait to read how the characters develop with such a strong possibilities a head of them in the next two books in the series.

I Married a Billionaire (Contemporary Romance)

By: Melanie Marchande