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Hunter's Prey

By: Kit Tunstall | Other books by Kit Tunstall
Published By: Amourisa Press
Published: May 02, 2012
ISBN # 9781476327440
Word Count: 37,290
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Categories: Romance>Vampires Romance>Multiple Partners Romance>Erotic Romance


Hunter's Prey by Kit Tunstall - Romance>Vampires

Shaun spent six years training to be an agent for the Necro sapien Containment Agency. On her first mission, she freezes, ending up the captive of Armand Toussaint and Foster St. Claire. She's afraid of dying, but they want something completely different—her total surrender to the sensual pleasures offered by the two of them. Duty conflicts with desire, and everything she believes might just be a lie. In the vampires' arms, she can't tell who is the hunter, and who is the prey.
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“Nervous, O’Grady?” asked Torres, Shaun’s mentor and her partner for this mission.
Shaun looked up from the sights of her rifle. “No, Torres.” She aimed for cool professionalism, but her tone betrayed a hint of a squeak. To distract herself, she checked the alignment of the sights once again. Was she really going in there with the sole purpose of eliminating the necros?
Torres shook his head, whipping strands of dark hair over his olive-toned face. When he spoke, the toothpick clamped between his lips barely moved. “Listen, it’s normal, okay? This is your first time going on a real mission against the necros. Just remember to not let your fear interfere with your job.”
“Yes, sir.” Shaun was more concerned with her doubts interfering than fear overwhelming her. For months, ever since one of her sisters joined a group fighting for the rights of necros and began haranguing Shaun about the Agency, the question of whether or not this was a noble way to spend her life had festered in her mind. Finally, she had decided the only way to put the quandary to rest was to go on a mission, surrender to training, and silence the voice in the back of her brain once and for all.
He clapped her on the shoulder. “You’ll do fine. Aim for the heart, brain, or spinal column, and you’ll put ‘em down.”
Shaun forced a confident smile, wishing the nausea churning in her stomach would disappear before they entered the mansion. Three vans that had conveyed agents from the Necro sapien Containment Agency lined the high-walled perimeter and gate barring the walkway to the mansion. The lead van blocked the gate, keeping it from opening more than a few inches, allowing just enough room for the men and women to slip through the wrought-iron gate, but not allowing an easy escape for any of the necros who might be too young to fly.
Once again, she checked the chamber of her rifle, reassured by the sight of the gleaming .50-caliber silver rounds. Silver wouldn’t kill a necro, but it slowed them down enough to allow an agent to make a second shot or lop off their head, if the first strike hadn’t hit a vital area. She repeated that crisply in her mind, reviewing her training.
Six years of training, she realized with a start. Six years of her life had gone into becoming an agent, of working to be one of the elite who tracked down the necros and made the world a safer place for humans. Everything came down to tonight. It was her first live mission, and though she had been through countless simulations, Shaun knew it would be different once they were in the mansion. She hoped this assignment would be simple and straightforward, validating her career choice and dedication to the Agency’s cause.
She cast assessing eyes upon the towering structure, reminiscent of some kind of spooky castle straight out of a gothic novel. After being hunted for so long, she was surprised the necros still clung to their old habitats and ways. The mansion, perched high on a bluff on the central California coastline, might as well have had a neon sign advertising it as a vampire haven. The crumbling façade, single remaining spire, and air of gloom gave it away as such, just as surely as the cold readouts on their thermal imaging pinpointed more than twenty necros holed up inside, waiting for sunset.
“Move out.” Chief Gordie didn’t bother to keep his command quiet. Any necro older than a couple of decades already knew the squad had assembled outside. They could smell human blood from three blocks away, even if the team’s beating hearts hadn’t given away their presence. This mission wasn’t about stealth. It was about efficient extermination.
She tried to shrug off her squeamishness now that the time was at hand to actually kill necros. They were dangerous and unpredictable, and they needed to be eliminated. Only then would society return to the way it had been once upon a time, before Dr. Stoker proved the existence of necros. Knowing that wasn’t much help to calm her nerves, because Shaun had never killed anything. That was a detriment to this job.
“They’re already dead. You’re giving them eternal rest,” she whispered under her breath as she fell in line beside Torres. She double-checked the cinch at her waist. The lightweight nylon vest held all the weapons necessary for close-quarters combat with a necro: garlic spray, holy water, a crucifix, and a Beretta filled to capacity with silver rounds. The sheath on the side secured a lightweight katana sword she had opted to use for the unpleasant task of cutting off the heads once the necros were down. She had trained so long with the sword that it was an extension of her left hand when she held it.
She followed the line of agents moving toward the mansion in a slow jog, the rifle a solid, reassuring weight across her arm. Shaun glanced at the sun, burning high in the sky, and took confidence from it. Only a master vampire would have no fear of the burning rays, and intelligence didn’t indicate there was an MP with this covey, so even if their team didn’t successfully eliminate all the necros, they would be forced to stay in the mansion until another squad arrived.
At the front door of the mansion, one pane of the French window was completely broken out. A spider had taken up residence and built an intricate web in the abandoned space. The ugly creature clung serenely to its web as one of the agents kicked the door, which revealed its age by splintering on contact with the heavy combat boot.
As everyone else around her did the same, Shaun turned on the miner’s light on her helmet and activated the lights on each shoulder of her vest. The necros preferred pitch-black, and any illumination she could get might mean the difference between finding one before it found her first.
Torres tapped her shoulder with his rifle, giving her a wide grin around the toothpick, now showing fraying from his teeth. “Kill ‘em all, Rookie.”
She grinned in return, ignoring the way her stomach turned over when she took her first step into the darkness sheltering the necros. The silence surprised her. Not the furtive silence of someone hiding, but rather the silence of a tomb. Truly, it felt like nothing living moved in the space, except for the agents.
With cautious steps, she pressed onward, conscious of the others fanning out, each team following their assigned pattern of movement. Having Torres off to her left reassured her, but didn’t hold back all her fear. Sweaty palms forced Shaun to hold the rifle in one hand while blotting the other hand against her vest. After repeating the process, she grasped the rifle in a secure hold once more.
The darkness seemed to swallow her whole as she moved deeper into the house. The lights on her helmet and jacket did nothing to cut through the thick gloom. It seemed almost supernatural. Surely, the black shutters on the windows couldn’t account for this degree of obscurity?
A scream from the opposite direction of their location broke Shaun’s concentration. It sounded fully human, and she had to resist the urge to turn around to flee. No way she was going to let fear ruin her career, not after spending six years training for this.

Hunter's Prey

By: Kit Tunstall