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Human and Freakn'

Series: Freakn' Shifters , Book 4.0
By: Eve Langlais | Other books by Eve Langlais
Published By: Eve Langlais
Published: Nov 12, 2012
ISBN # 9781927459232
Word Count: 69,000
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Categories: Erotica>Werewolves/Shifters Erotica>Multiple Partner Erotica>Rubenesque


Human and Freakn' (Freakn' Shifters) by Eve Langlais - Erotica>Multiple Partner eBook

Warning: Can you handle a pair of hot wolves determined to claim an unsuspecting human? Expect extreme heat and a whole lot of fun in this threesome, jungle adventure. (MFM)

Trekking through the jungle isn’t Ruth’s idea of a good time, even if her companions are hotter than hell. With her sister missing, though, she’ll do anything to find her – slog through swamps, squish giant centipedes, and fight her attraction to not one but two males intent on seduction. But when she discovers there’s more to the hunks accompanying her than meets the eye, will she accept their alter wolf egos, or completely freak?

Fate sure has a wicked sense of humor, trying to make Kendrick think the chubby human he meets in the jungle is his mate. Joke’s on him, though, because despite his preferences and attempts to stay away, he can’t help but fall for the tall and curvy Ruth. Harder to swallow, his buddy is falling for her too.

Joel knows firsthand how fickle human emotions are, but when he meets Ruth, all his best intentions get swallowed by the jungle as she worms her way into his heart – and makes him want to trust.

When Ruth’s human morals get in the way of two wolves and their need to claim what’s theirs, they’ll have to team up and show her two are so much more pleasurable than one.

Freakn' Shifters series (each can be read as a stand alone):
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Book #3 Already Freakn' Mated
Book #4 Human and Freakn'
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Reader Rating:   4.4 starstarstarstarstar (19 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   lipliplipliplip
Stay away. Stay away. Ruth kept telling herself that, especially after the way the guys previously cornered her into a manwich. But dammit, like a stupid moth, she wanted to get burned, or so she assumed when she took the spot between them on a log – at their behest and despite their matching grins – the lure of the crackling fire they’d built to ward off an unusual chill too much for her to resist.

Thighs pressing against hers, making her much too aware of them on either side, she held her hands out to the dancing flames.

“If only we had some marshmallows,” she joked.

“Mmm, something soft and sweet to bite into. Sounds yummy.” Sounding so innocent on the surface, she couldn’t help a curl of heat from forming at the implied innuendo. Or was she imagining the sexual overtone? By now, she surely wasn’t the only one craving real food.

The others in the group, with feeble excuses, wandered off, Peter to sleep, Liam and Fernando for a stroll – which, given they walked all day, made no sense to her or her sore glutes.

Silence set in as her tongue stuck to the roof of her mouth, a sudden shyness overtaking her. It was one thing to converse with the guys, or go toe-to-toe with them when Kendrick pulled his macho routine, another to come up with small talk when she was all too aware of them alongside her. Not for the first time, she wished she understood what game they played. What they wanted of her. What she wanted of them. Actually, that answer came easily. Sex. But with which one?

Uncomfortable at the direction of her thoughts – naughty ones she just couldn’t seem to prevent, especially once Kendrick’s fingers claimed possession of her knee in a casual manner – she blurted, “How many more days until we reach the X on the map?”

“Hard to tell. It depends on the terrain. I figure we’ll come across the ruins on your map tomorrow; that is, if what you received is accurate. Then, at least another two, maybe three days to the mark where the X is, depending on how quickly we travel and any obstacles in our path.”

“And then what happens?”

“If your note is telling the truth, then fingers crossed, we’ll find the girls and turn right around,” Joel replied.

“More walking?” She groaned. “Can’t we call a helicopter for a pickup? Speaking of which, how come we didn’t just have one drop us right on the spot?”

“Distance is an issue. As is missing clues only seen on the ground from the air.”

“Well, that sucks.”

“Tired?” Kendrick squeezed her knee when he asked.

“Nope.” She lied, not wanting to appear weak in front of them.

“I guess I won’t offer a massage then.”

Keep her distance – which she’d already failed to do – or succumb to the temptation of a rub? “Now let’s not be hasty.”

Joel chuckled. “Let’s loosen those muscles.” Standing, he moved behind her and dug in with his digits. She groaned. His fingers spread and danced along her tight shoulders, to her head-lolling delight. To her shock, Kendrick slid to his knees in front of her and grabbed a foot. She jerked it away.

“What are you doing?”

“What’s it look like I’m doing?”

“Catching your butt on fire?”

“Am not.” He said it, but Kendrick also peered behind him to make sure.

She grinned.

“Wench.” His tilted lips matched the mirth in his eyes.

“That’s for the spider comment this afternoon.”

“But I swear I saw it.”

“Sure you did,” she said, nodding her head, not believing him for one moment – now, at any rate. Earlier, when Kendrick claimed he saw a poisonous arachnid, she couldn’t move into his arms fast enough. Only Joel’s growl that nothing was there made her realize Kendrick did it to cop a feel. She found it hard to stay mad at him for his prank, given the girly part of her appreciated the reason for it. And yet, that was all he attempted. She still didn’t know if she liked him for not pushing her for something extra, or was annoyed that like Joel, he kept teasing without attempting to take that next step.

If only one of them would act, take charge and make the decision for her. At this point, her body craved some kind of relief, and so long as it was Joel or Kendrick offering, she didn’t care which.

Still kneeling, Kendrick grabbed her boot and removed it.

“Don’t you dare. I’m ticklish.” At least she was clean from the river bath she enjoyed earlier, a bath she was pretty sure had an audience of one, maybe two. Thankfully, the water flowed deep enough for her to kneel down and avoid giving too much of a show. She could have confronted her peepers and demanded they leave, but with every step that got them closer to the X on the map, the more her nerves coiled, especially as she noted the group’s watchfulness. There were worse things to worry about than a pair of hunks with a penchant for voyeurism.

“I am trying to relax you, so would you shut up and enjoy it?” Kendrick growled.

Ruth bit her lip, not to stem any more arguments from her, but because she almost moaned in a way that might have proven embarrassing as their strong fingers dug into her tense muscles. A moment later, her head lolled and she groaned blissfully, not caring who heard. “Oh my God. Yes. Mmm. Right there.”

Fully clothed, in plain sight, and not having anything sexual done to her; nevertheless, Ruth’s sounds of pleasure could have rivaled those heard in a bordello, and her panties bore moist witness to her enjoyment of their touch. If this was how they wanted to fight over her, then fight away.

Though relaxed, her body humming happily – it didn’t mean she didn’t sit bolt upright when a pair of lips began to caress her neck while a set of hands roamed up her thighs, closer and closer to the origin of the ache in her body. What were they doing?

Who cared? Wasn’t this what she wanted? Her breathing hitched as Joel found the sensitive spot at the back of her neck. He nibbled and a soft sigh parted her lips, followed by a squeak as Kendrick rubbed his jaw along her thigh. Sure, the material of her cargo pants was in the way, but it didn’t stop the tingles from racing through her. From her hoping he’d move a little higher. A little more to the middle. A…

Reader Reviews (10)
Submitted By: PianoACS on Jan 28, 2014
Takes a while for this story to get going between the men being men and the girl needing better self-confidence we ended up spending more than half the book spinning out wheels. But the end made it better, though I wish she had taken that drink...
Submitted By: cjlps23 on Jan 26, 2014
An amusing story about a couple of shape shifters and the girl who has no interest in them, ménage action, humour is wonderfully ironic a great story, read this then read the rest of the series. Great writing, story and characters you will love.
Submitted By: blueisland23 on Mar 2, 2013
This is the 4th story in the Freakn' Shifters series. I liked this story and the characters but didn't love it love it. Still an enjoyable series!
Submitted By: lady_blue on Jan 27, 2013
Eva Langlais rarely disappoints, and she hasn't with this one - first book in the series i've read, can't wait to get the others in the series.
Submitted By: jslindzy on Jan 25, 2013
As a fan of series, I realize that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose when it comes to books later on in the series. This book was not a disappointment by no means! I really loved it and I'm so glad to see that the later books are just as good and held my interest as much as the previous ones!
Submitted By: tickledpink49 on Jan 10, 2013
Overall Enjoyment: 3 - Eve Langlais is a guarenteed good read and this was a good read.
Submitted By: GladysMarie12 on Jan 6, 2013
I finished this story last night and really enjoyed it. It is my least favorite in the Freakin' series but still a great humorous adventure. The author is a pro at creating hilarious dialogue and situations for her characters.
Submitted By: micnedy on Dec 27, 2012
Lacked conviction, persuasion and mutual development. Started out great, then went south. There was no evolvement into the relationship between the characters, it was just decidedly controlling. There was a lot of potential for a development into an S/M or BDSM relationship, but no mutual persuasion that way. The ending was just that, an ending. Read this authors previous books, they are brilliantly packed with humour and fiesty characters that share in their mutual convictions.
Submitted By: yveswms on Dec 13, 2012
Ms. Langlais has done it again! Her shifter stories are super fabulous! And down right funny....can't go wrong.
Submitted By: mkeefe on Nov 26, 2012
What has happened to my favourite author? Where is the daring, confident heroine who kicks ass and bosses everyone around? Alas, she is amiss, as too is the pen my author uses. Tho' this story claims the fame of its predecessors, it pales in comparison. We see the fight in our heroine to begin with and then, nothing... There is no plan for revenge, she just gives in. There is no team work to seduce her, they just take. Where are you Eve?

Human and Freakn'

By: Eve Langlais