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Hot Sex With My Brother's Girlfriend

By: Vivian Leigh | Other books by Vivian Leigh
Published By: VivianLeigh
Published: May 25, 2012
ISBN # VVNLGH0000030
Word Count: 3,200
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Categories: Romance>Short Stories Romance>Erotic Romance


Hot Sex With My Brother's Girlfriend by Vivian Leigh - Romance>Short Stories eBook

It’s summer vacation and Jonas is home from college. His older brother Markus is home, too, and he’s brought his smoking hot girlfriend, Heather, with him. When Markus has too much drink and can’t take care of Heather’s needs, she turns to the next available option--Jonas. Can Jonas hold out against the temptation of his brother’s buxom bride to be, or will he have the hottest sex of his life... with his brother's girlfriend?

This 3200 word short story is for ADULTS ONLY. It contains skinny dipping, fingering, oral sex, and a wild ride on the edge of the pool.
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Sensuality Rating:   Not rated
“How drunk is he?” she asked.
“He’s going to have a rough morning tomorrow, I think.”
She sighed. “That’s too bad.” She leaned back in the chair and closed her eyes. “If I fall asleep out here, could you toss a blanket on me?”
“You don’t want to fall asleep out here. It’s going to get chilly before dawn.”
“Well, could you take me inside then?”
“To Markus’s room?”
“Or wherever.” She grinned. Her eyes were still closed.
Jonas shook his head. Was she making a pass at him? He wasn’t entirely sure. He peeled another piece of the label from his bottle and let it fall onto the pile. When he glanced back over at Heather, the grin was still on her face, but she hand one hand across her chest and the other between her legs. Is she diddling herself? He couldn’t help but watch. Just to be sure. For science.
Her arm moved slowly up and down. Her chest rose and fell steadily. Jonas sat up just to see if-- yeah. Her hand was definitely between her legs. Her middle finger disappeared under the blue material of her bikini. His erection pushed painfully against his trunks. Goddamn you, Markus. Why’d you have to get sick now? He adjusted his cock so it was tucked into the elastic band of his shorts.
“You enjoying the show?” Her voice was sultry and smooth.
She knows exactly what she’s doing! “Uh…”
“I know you’re watching.” She ran her tongue along her upper lip. “I don’t mind.”
“I think I better go on inside.” He tried to set his bottle down, but it slipped from his grasp. It hit the concrete and bounced a couple times, but didn’t shatter. He lunged forward, trying to corral it, hoping it wouldn’t break. He fumbled it and sent it skittering across the patio. It smacked into Heather’s chair with a crack, but still didn’t break. Somehow.
“Eek!” she squealed. Her eyes snapped open. The hand at her crotch covered her mouth. “You scared the shit out of me.” She picked up the bottle.
Jonas looked sheepish. “Sorry.”
She studied the shredded label. “Do you know what they say about men that peel the labels off bottles?”
“They masturbate too much.”
Jonas laughed. “I’m not sure about--”
“Do you masturbate too much, Jonas?” She looked at him intently. It was unnerving.
“Well, I…”
“You shouldn’t need to, a handsome man like you.”
She stood up and sashayed over to him, the bottle in her hand. She bent over in front of him and set the battle at the end of the row of empties. The luscious expanse of her chest hung right in front of him, barely contained by her top. Jonas forced himself to drag his eyes from her tits to her face, but what he saw scared him. And aroused him. She was staring at his dick.
Before he knew what was happening, she reached behind her back and let her top fall into his lap. “Oops,” she said.
His mouth dropped open. She hadn’t left much to the imagination before, but her tits looked good. Pink flesh a little bigger than a quarter, with a hard nipple standing at attention in the middle. It took him a couple moments to remember to breathe.
She grinned again, a wicked, wicked grin. Her eyes flashed. Pleasure. Satisfaction. Lust. He felt like a fish on a hook, being reeled into the boat.
She reached for her top. Her hand stopped on top of it, on top of his dick. She gave him a squeeze. “You definitely don’t get enough sex.” She lowered her voice to a bare whisper. “Me, either.”
And then she swung her leg over his and sat down. She rubbed her pussy on his dick, grinding down into it on the upstroke. One finger rested on his chest and traced the line between his pecs.

Hot Sex With My Brother's Girlfriend

By: Vivian Leigh