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Holiday Gem (The Seven Sin Sisters 3)

Series: The Seven Sin Sisters , Book 3.0
By: Paloma Beck | Other books by Paloma Beck
Published By: Secret Cravings Publishing
Published: Dec 21, 2012
ISBN # 9781618854704
Word Count: 32,985
Heat Index     
Eligible Price: $3.99

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Reader, HTML, Mobipocket (.mobi), Epub

Categories: Romance>Paranormal/Horror Romance>Contemporary Romance>Erotic Romance


Holiday Gem (The Seven Sin Sisters 3) (The Seven Sin Sisters) by Paloma Beck - Romance>Paranormal/Horror

Seven sisters are entwined in a legacy, one originating back from the time of the Italian Wars in the 1500s. One by one, they will find their mates from the immortal Valendite Breeds and secure their place in history.

Gemma has spent her adult life consumed with researching the Valendite Breed history, constantly greedy for knowledge about their race. Until she meets Seamus and she's no longer able to hide in her world of books and theory. Now is her time to live.

Seamus has found his gem and he wants nothing more than to treasure her. But his best friend is missing and he needs to locate him. Torn between his mate and his brother-in-arms, Seamus may be forced to choose one over the other. Will he sacrifice a lifelong friendship for the love of his life?
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Sensuality Rating:   Not rated

She was certain she’d done the right thing by encouraging him to find Donovan. There was not a doubt in her mind about that. Still, she feared for him. Gemma put on her big-girl panties and stood by him while Caedon and Madden went over mission objectives and details, much of it she didn’t understand. She held herself together and forced all her emotions down so as not to worry Seamus.

But before he left, Gemma needed Seamus to know he could count on her. She jumped up and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. “I am yours,” she spoke into his mind so others wouldn’t hear.

Seamus’ response was immediate as his lips crushed down on hers. This wasn’t the sweet kiss of earlier, and Gemma returned his intensity and encouraged him to pull her closer and deepen the kiss even further. Seamus grabbed her bottom and forced her to wrap her legs around his waist. The thought that she should be embarrassed in front of the others crossed her mind but it was only fleeting. Everything inside her focused on her mate.

Gemma did hear one of the men gasp however. She opened her eyes for just a moment and saw the colors of light. Seamus and her combined emotions caused bursts of sparkling light to swirl around them. Incredible joy pounded in her veins and she knew she loved this man. He felt right against her as his lips pressed against hers and his teeth nipped at her lower lip.

A cough from behind them broke their moment. Seamus squeezed his eyes closed before opening them, shaking his head and placing her down on the floor. With his hand around her waist, he looked to Nicolaus.

“I place my mate in your keeping.” Seamus spoke solemnly.

Holiday Gem (The Seven Sin Sisters 3) 61

“I swear my oath to her safety,” Nicolaus dipped his head slightly and nodded once.

Seamus grabbed her face, his hands on either side, and placed his forehead against hers.

“I will be back as quickly as possible.”

“I will be right here waiting,” Gemma offered the only assurance she had to give.


With a grin, he flipped her and laughed at her shriek of surprise. Seamus leaned right over her again, boxing her in with his arms on either side of her head. His body lightly touched hers from knees to chest. He spoke softly into her ear so she’d have to strain to listen. He wanted her full attention. “You do realize that our blood bond will make the sex we are about to have even hotter than anything you’ve ever experienced.”

“I’m looking forward to the first-hand knowledge of that.” Gemma took Seamus off guard by replying so coyly, but then she gasped as he licked a path from her ear and down her throat. Seamus wanted to play with her.

Gemma brushed her hands along the contours of his back as Seamus lay on top of her. His muscles rippled with raw power as he held himself just above her. Each muscle tightened slightly as she stroked over it. Seamus exuded a sexy strength; the vibrations emanating from him flared Gemma’s desire until a glowing aura of light surrounded them.

“My powers,” she said with awe as she looked around them. Gemma felt small as she contemplated her powers and moved her arms around Seamus, only to realize they didn’t meet in the back. He was massive compared to her smaller frame. He was power and she felt a frisson of safe refuge in his arms. He would protect her. She would never have to be afraid again. An image of her panic attacks leaving her body sent a shiver through her and she looked up at him as he brought his head up from her chest.

“Did you feel that?” Seamus asked.

“My anxiety; it was as if it just left me,” Gemma couldn’t hold back the awe in her voice. Her relief was so great. A giant burden had been lifted and Seamus did that for her. She reached up to him and sucked on his lower lip.

Seamus ran his tongue along her mouth until Gemma let go of his lip and stroked his tongue with her own. Her fingers still clung to the muscles bulging along his arms as he held himself above her, but she lost herself in their kiss. A heat inside of her grew intense. Gemma couldn’t stop her need to touch every part of this miraculous man. She yearned to know him intimately, needing him to belong to her in every possible way. Gemma gasped as she pulled away from his mouth to run her tongue along the curve of his shoulder. Seamus was salty and complete male deliciousness. His skin was smooth but the muscle just below was firm. Everywhere she touched, he was hard.

Gemma squealed when Seamus flipped her so she was now lying on top of him. Since she wasn’t prepared for the movement and hadn’t put out her hands, her body was flat against him. It was delicious as she felt her softer body melt into his muscle. Seamus’s rock hard cock rested between them.

“Am I hurting you?” Gemma asked.

“You, beautiful, are the tiniest thing. I promise you can’t hurt me like this; unless of course you don’t let me finish.” Seamus grinned up at her and winked.

“So I wouldn’t hurt you if I did this,” Gemma asked as she rotated her hips to grind Seamus’s cock against her pelvis.

Seamus’s eyes rolled and he grabbed onto her hips to still her. “You might not hurt me but I’m likely to explode.”

Holiday Gem (The Seven Sin Sisters 3)

By: Paloma Beck