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Ho, Ho, Ho and a Dom

By: Yvette Hines | Other books by Yvette Hines
Published By: Romance Management, Inc
Published: Feb 11, 2013
ISBN # 9781301498925
Word Count: 12,500
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Categories: Romance>BDSM Romance>Interracial Romance>African-American


Ho, Ho, Ho and a Dom by Yvette Hines - Romance>BDSM eBook

Kara is pissed. Nothing about this holiday is going as she’d planned. Now, she’s out for revenge against her cheating ex and allowing Jon Gravolin to take her to one of his ‘play parties’ is just the way to do it. For years, her sexy blue-eyed brown haired friend has been teasing her with his salacious lifestyle and there’s no time like the present to try it out.

Jon is shocked when Kara Messing, his best friend since the third grade, storms his house requesting to be pleasured for the holiday. Everything in him has desired the molasses colored beauty, but he doesn’t play when it comes to his lifestyle.

But, can their friendship make it through this night or forever be changed.
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Hearing the doorbell, he briskly rubbed the towel over his wet hair and tossed it into the hamper. He slipped his arms into the navy blue shirt on his way down the hall to the front door. He finished buttoning it as he stared through the peephole before he unlocked it.

“Jon, can you believe that jackass?” Kara Messing breezed into his house like a summer storm when he opened the door.

Lifting an eyebrow, Jon watched his best friend eat up his living room carpet with her four-inch chocolate leather boots. Closing the door, he said, “I can assume you’re referring to Milton since you called me from the airport and said you were going to his house.” Jon would have liked to remind Kara that he’d told her the second time he met the man that he was a jackass, but he loathed ‘I told you sos’. They benefited no one.

“Of course, Milton. He’s a fucking jackass to the first degree.” She tossed her coat, purse, and keys onto the couch and paced in front of his silver-and-gold decorated Christmas tree.

He fought two urges, one not to stare at her ass as the sweater-dress hugged her curves as she strutted across the floor and the other to pick up the objects thrown on his couch and place them on the hook in his coat closet. Both desires made his hands itch. But, Kara was upset and her needs won out.

“What did he do?” Jon slipped his hands into the pockets of his slacks. Not only to keep from moving things but to restrain himself from touching her as well. Kara was beautiful. At five ten, she was a tall woman with skin the color of pure molasses. She was also his best friend since the third grade, which meant hands off. Their friendship had started when a boy pushed her down into a mud puddle on the playground and laughed. When he saw what happened, he helped Kara up then walked over to the boy and punched him in the stomach. He’d gotten suspended for two days, but he’d gained a friend for life.

“What did he do?” Slapping her hands on her hips, she stopped making tread marks in his carpet. “How’s screwing three ho’s on Christmas Eve for starters?”

Clenching his teeth and balling his hands into fists until the skin over his knuckles throbbed. Jon shoved them deeper into his pockets. He wanted to head over to Milton’s condo and beat the shit out of him. How could that bastard even consider cheating on Kara with any woman, let alone three whores?

Bowing his head, he took a steadying breath. “Did he tell you this?”
Her laugh echoed around the room. “He didn’t have to. I walked in on the action like a dumbass fool.” She crossed her arms, lifting her breasts.

Jon told himself not to look at her full breasts, but he couldn’t deny himself a quick glance. Everything about Kara turned him on, from the sleek curves adorning her body to her short natural curls that framed her face.

“You’re too smart to be dumb. Besides, he was your boyfriend.” That one word tasted like brine in his mouth. “You’re supposed to be able to trust him when you’re away.”

“You’d think,” she sighed.

The wind seemed to be going out of her sail of anger. He could only hope that it was because Kara’s feelings truly didn’t run as deep for the jackass as he’d thought. A part of his heart told him he was only making wishes that would lead to nothing. He and Kara were two sides of the same coin. Their thoughts on relationships were night and day. He believed in being in control, she wanted full independence. She was the sandy beach to his ocean waves, living in perfect harmony yet still separate—as friends.

Ho, Ho, Ho and a Dom

By: Yvette Hines