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High Heels and Bloodsuckers

By: Casey Pendelton | Other books by Casey Pendelton
Published By: eXtasy Books
Published: Dec 12, 2010
ISBN # 9781554877065
Word Count: 56,250
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EligiblePrice: $4.99

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Categories: Romance>Vampires Romance>Romantic Literature Romance>Erotic Romance

WARNING: this book contains a Menage (m/f/m) scene.

Trish never asked to be the human queen of a vampire Collective. She enjoyed her life as a wedding planner and the long-term fiancée to a prominent doctor. Even so, she can't deny the sudden thrill of sharing sexual power with hundreds of hungry night creatures turns her on.

Even more exciting than the exhibitionist appeal of her royal duties is king of the neighboring Collective. Remy becomes her mate and partner in harnessing the ritual power needed to overthrow a common foe. Little does she know the pleasure she experiences with him is just the first of many delights she will share with him and Damien, her dark-haired goth-child of an assistant.
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Remy and Trish kneeled on their bare haunches, facing each other in the middle of the floor of the emptied-out great room floor. Dr. Delaney had drawn a pentagram on the floor around them. Candles lit the darkened corners of the room.

"It wasn't supposed to be like this," Remy said. "I admit it. I had my eye on you since I first sat there and watched you sleep, but I intended to date you, to give you a chance to grow to love me."

"I know, but your safety is more important. Eric almost killed you." Trish kept her eyes downcast, not able to bring herself to meet his gaze. He had seen her naked twice now, but this was different. This was ritual sex, sex to protect them and unite them against whatever magick Eric threw at them. Not only had she gone from being faithful to Russell to accidentally--however accidentally thinking reality is a dream made it--sleeping with Eric and kneeling naked before Remy. Even so, she found her current situation breathtaking.

Across from her, a strong alpha male looked at her with more longing than anyone ever had. So much had happened in the last few hours and so much of it was her fault, and yet not once had he said one unkind thing to her. Not once had he reprimanded her or reminded her how much depended on their successful union. Instead, he had done his best to romance her at supersonic speed, touching her casually at first, later with more familiarity, as if they had been planning this for months instead of hours.

High Heels and Bloodsuckers

By: Casey Pendelton