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Her Viking Wolf

By: Theodora Taylor | Other books by Theodora Taylor
Published By: Amorous Publishing
Published: Aug 30, 2012
ISBN # 9780984919321
Word Count: 50,000
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Available in: Mobipocket (.mobi), Epub

Categories: Romance>Werewolves/Shifter Romance>Interracial Romance>Free Reads Romance>Erotic Romance


Her Viking Wolf by Theodora Taylor - Romance>Erotic Romance eBook

Escape with a sexy as hell, time-travelling Viking shifter this week...

When Chloe Adams was four, her shiftless shifter parents abandoned her on the side of the road. But now she’s a DIY domestic goddess, and engaged to the hottest alpha in Colorado—that is until a large red haired, time-traveling Viking werewolf shows up to claim her as his fated mate.

Wait, what?!?!

Be warned, Dear Reader: this popular romance should only be read by those who like their Vikings red-haired and red-hot! This smoking hot, BWWM time traveling romance contains jaw-dropping twists and turns, sizzling sex scenes, and nothing less than the adventure of a lifetime.

When Chloe Adams was four her shiftless shifter parents abandoned her on the side of the road. But now she’s a DIY domestic goddess, and engaged to the hottest alpha in Colorado – that is until a time-traveling Viking werewolf shows up to claim her as his fated mate.

Wait, what?!?!

Hold on to your seats, dear readers, this book contains two rival alpha males, sizzling hot mating, and nothing less than the adventure of a lifetime.
Reader Rating:   4.4 starstarstarstarstar (58 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   lipliplipliplip
“SO have you thought about what you’re going to wear on your first heat night?” Rafe asked Chloe as they climbed up King’s Trail, their boots crunching in the freshly driven snow.

Despite the frigid mountain air, Chloe’s cheeks went hot with embarrassment. “No,” she answered, keeping her voice as neutral as possible, so as not to betray how uncomfortable this subject made her. “Have you?”

Rafe slid her the most wicked of grins. “I’m thinking red lace, maybe some of those black garters. If you give me your measurements, I can put in an order online and have exactly what I want to see you in sent over to your place.”

At that moment, Chloe was grateful for the darkness of her skin, because she could feel her initial blush spreading over her entire body. And this despite the fact she was wearing little more than her favorite hand-knitted sweater over one of the many long prairie dresses she’d also made herself and favored even when she wasn’t filming episodes of Black Mountain Woman. Why did having these kinds of conversations with Rafe always make her so uneasy? He wasn’t just her fiancé, he was also her best friend—really her only truly close friend offline—and she’d become accustomed to bringing all of her problems to him.

But of course, she couldn’t tell him how uncomfortable it made her to talk with him about anything of a sexual nature. Was this how all she-wolves who hadn’t gone into heat felt about the subject of sex? If she were a normal person, she would go to the internet with her problem. Find a forum of similar women with a similar issue. Or maybe she’d consult one of her Black Mountain Woman fans. Many of them had come to feel like real friends over the three years she’d hosted her blog and YouTube show, and she knew at least a few of them had navigated their way around sticky relationship issues.

However, the North American Lupine Council had strictly forbidden talking on the internet about anything involving their species. It was bad enough, in their opinion, that interest in werewolves was at an all time high these days, with everything from books to movies being made about their supposedly mythical race. Better not to fuel the frenzy with a blog or forum that any non-paranormal could happen across.

Besides, even if she were able to reach out to other she-wolves on line, she doubted she would find much commiseration. There were only a few hundred alpha wolves in the entire world, and Rafe Nightwolf, the alpha prince of Colorado, had chosen her, a nobody she-wolf who had literally been abandoned at the side of the road outside their shifter town.

Rafe also happened to be ridiculously hot, with his Native American father’s high cheekbones and long, sharp nose, softened by the light brown eyes and toasted brown skin he’d inherited from his Latina mother. When he’d proposed to her in front of everyone at their high school graduation, the other young she-wolves in their class had only been half-joking about how jealous they were. Any other she-wolf would kill to have a werewolf as good-looking and well off as Rafe ask for her hand in marriage.

He was also kind and had proven himself to be incredibly patient. So far he’d waited over six years to consummate their relationship, since North American Lupine Council law forbade marrying or even mating with a she-wolf who hadn’t yet had her first heat. Most she-wolves went into heat between the ages of sixteen and twenty-one, which was why female wolves tended to marry and start their families rather young by modern standards.

However, Chloe had turned twenty-five a couple of months ago, and even Rafe’s seemingly infinite patience was showing signs of wearing thin. He’d been snapping at her more and more lately for little things like wearing her prairie dresses to formal events and spending too much time working on her Black Mountain Woman shows. He’d also begun bringing up their heat night whenever they were alone together, imagining out loud what they would do and how they would do it. And though she’d had six years to get used to the idea, and had even watched a few porn movies in the hopes it would jump start her into heat, she still couldn’t bring herself to talk about it or even fully imagine it in her own head.

“Hey, did I tell you? I’m working on a chicken and fennel recipe for the next episode of Black Mountain Woman,” she said, covering up her rather unsubtle subject change with a bright smile. “Maybe I’ll have it ready in time for the wedding.”

He gave her a quizzical look, “You’re marrying an alpha prince. You can’t cook for your own wedding.”

“Why not?”

“What would people say?” he asked. “Listen, Clo, you know I love you and I support your weird hobby as much as I can, but I’ve got to draw the line somewhere. We’ll have people flying in from all over the world to attend our wedding. You can’t serve them homemade chicken and fennel.”

Chloe opened her mouth to argue. First of all, he didn’t really support her Black Mountain Woman projects. She’d garnered hundreds of thousands of fans over the years with her from-scratch recipes, DIY crafting projects, and organic cleaning tips. She was also able to support herself off the money she made from advertisers on her blog and her YouTube revenue stream. But her own fiancé referred to what she did for a living as a “weird hobby.” One, she knew without having to discuss it, he expected her to give up as soon as they married.

But before she could point out any of this, he asked, “Why is it every time I bring up our heat night, you change the subject to Black Mountain Woman?”

“Um…” She scrambled to come up with a good excuse, but could only produce a weak, “Do I?”

He regarded her with cool eyes. “Yeah, you do.”

Silence descended as they continued to press up the mountain. Many of her fellow wolves loved to hike King’s Trail, but Chloe had never seen the appeal of walking up a steep precipice just because. Her glutes were already starting to protest this rare trip to the portal, a gate through space and time, which was located on a plateau about two miles up the mountain that bordered Wolf Springs. According to their lookout, Jeb, who had a cabin nearby, it flashed thirty minutes ago, which meant they had a visitor. Maybe even one from the past.

Alpha princes acted in a somewhat vice presidential role for their pack until they inherited the throne, and though she hated making the somewhat arduous trip to the portal, greeting the werewolves who had come through it had been one of her favorite duties so far as Rafe’s future wife.

Technically wolves used the portal for one of two reasons. The first was to punish wolves, who had committed acts so heinous they were banished, not only from their communities but also from their own space and time. However, the last recorded instance of that happening had been when Rafe’s own mother, Lacey, was the future alpha princess. Lacey still occasionally told the story of how a werewolf had come through the gate, still-shifted and frothing white at the mouth. The crazed thing had leapt at her and Rafe’s dad barely had time to pull his gun and put a silver bullet in its head before it got to her.

To this day, the king still made them carry tranquilizer guns when they made these trips, even though a banished wolf hadn’t come through the gate in almost three decades. No, these days, most of their visitors were using the gate for its second intended purpose: to find one’s fated mate.

Fated mates spells had fallen out of fashion in modern times, and most had been lost to the winds of history. But about once a year a she-wolf from another place and/or time, came through the portal. These she-wolves were usually at two ends of a rather extreme spectrum: silly romantics, who hadn’t fully considered the repercussions of a spell that could literally rip them out of their current space and time, or women who were well-ahead of their time or couldn’t fit in with their own societies. They’d had a pre-Civil War southern debutante come through the gate the year before, but prior to that, they’d gotten one suffragette and one modern she-wolf from a middle-eastern country that put serious restrictions on women’s rights.

She glanced at the tranquilizer gun, which she kept hidden in a vintage leather holster at her hip, and wished she could just get rid of it altogether. Holsters and prairie dresses didn’t really go together.

“Who do you think it will be?” she asked, when they were about five minutes away from the gate. She was once again changing the subject, but she hoped he wouldn’t call her on it this time.

Rafe shrugged. “You never know.”

That was when they heard a groan.

“Did you hear that?” Chloe asked, dropping her voice and wishing she’d brought a first aid kit. “Do you think she was hurt? The portal spits people out so hard.”

“No,” Rafe pulled out his tranq gun. “It sounded male.”

They carefully approached the portal, an invisible rift in space and time that a lycanthrope could feel but couldn’t quite see, unless it was sucking a wolf in or spitting one out. And indeed, they soon spotted a large figure passed out in the snow and facing away from them.

Definitely male, Chloe thought. The top half of his torso was uncovered, revealing a back that was hard with muscle, even in repose. A pair of leather pants covered his legs, which were as thick as tree trunks, and probably just as hard if they matched his back. No, even though long, red hair fell to his shoulders in thick, tangled waves, Chloe could sense his maleness from his smell alone, an intense mix of wood, animal blood, and testosterone.

“Stay behind me,” Rafe told her. He edged closer to the semi-unconscious shifter and used one booted foot to turn him over.

Chloe did as she was told but even from behind Rafe, she could see the man had a hard and serious face, half of which was covered with a thick, red beard. His hand was clutched tightly around a sword, which featured an ivory grip, a large iron wolf at the top of its hilt, and a double-edged steel blade. It was coated in blood, and looked wickedly sharp. Luckily the werewolf, who had been on the verge of unconsciousness when he groaned earlier, seemed to be completely unconscious now.

She spotted a large rock near where his head now lie. “He must have hit his head on that rock when he came out of the portal. Maybe we should move it. I’d hate for the next person who came through to get hurt, especially if it’s a she-wolf.”

“Check the gnarly beard on this guy,” Rafe said, lowering his gun. “He looks like a Viking, right?”

Chloe stepped from behind Rafe to fully observe the unconscious man. “He’s either a Viking or a very strange rock star, and I’ve never seen a rock star with—”

Suddenly the maybe-Viking’s eyes popped open. And that was all the warning they got before he yanked on Rafe’s leg, pulling him to the ground and jumping to his own feet. As Rafe’s tranq gun went flying across the snow, the red-haired man pinned Rafe with a large bare foot planted squarely in the middle of his chest. And his eyes blazed with a warrior’s fury as he raised his vicious-looking sword above his head with the blade pointed downward. Chloe didn’t know a lot about sword fighting, but even she could tell this was the preparation for a killing blow.

“No!” she screamed, raising her own tranq gun and pointing it at the mad wolf.

He paused and looked toward her, pinning her with a piercing gray gaze that looked like it had been fashioned from the same material as his steel sword.

Chloe just hoped to the heavens above that whatever time period this wolf was from, he understood what a gun was—even if hers technically wasn’t a real one.

“Put the sword down or I’ll shoot,” she said, hating that she couldn’t keep her voice from trembling as she issued this command.

She half-expected him to kill Rafe then come after her. He’d pinned Rafe so quickly, he’d probably be able to do away with them both before she managed to squeeze the trigger. But he didn’t kill Rafe or her. He just stood there staring, his eyes flinty under the midday sun.
Several seconds ticked by, but he did not look away.

And eventually he said something to her in a thick, coarse language that sounded a little like German, but she couldn’t be sure. Oh God, he probably really was a Viking, she realized.

“Um,” she said, wishing now that she hadn’t chosen to take three years of high school Spanish as opposed to a language that might actually be useful when dealing with a possible Viking werewolf. Her mind fumbled around for any German she knew, and started spewing every single word and phrase, in the hopes something would stick. “Dankeshein? Um…neinn…sprechen sie Englisch? Um…um, oh my God, Auf Wiendersehn?”

He squinted at her. Then to her great alarm, he lowered the sword and came stalking straight toward her.

“Um, stop. Stop, please! Stay right where you are!” How did you say “stop” in German? She had no idea.

In the end, she squeaked, squeezing the trigger, and her eyes shut at the same time.
She heard a hard thump and when she opened her eyes, the maybe-Viking was lying crumpled on the ground with a dart lodged in his shoulder, already rendered unconscious by the fast-acting sleep agent it administered.

Beyond him, she could see Rafe, now sitting up and shaking his head. “Chloe…”

She re-harnessed her tranquilizer gun. “I know, I know, tranq the wolf first, ask questions later.”

“Especially when he has a sword pointed at my freaking neck.” Her normally indulgent fiancé didn’t look too happy with the Viking or her at that moment. “And do I really need to tell you not to close your eyes when you shoot?”
Reader Reviews (25)
Submitted By: zskd on Jan 27, 2015
Okay read, characters being werewolves didn't add anything really to the story, not a bad or good thing. Female lead was a bit timid for my taste but overall not bad.
Submitted By: jack6i on Feb 3, 2014
Kind of long, but nothing you want to rush through. Great erotica with the right amount of sap to make the sex okay. Good strong-willed female characters without being *itches. I really enjoyed the book!
Submitted By: 2ndglance on Jan 30, 2014
Hot romance and a great love story. I appreciated the fact that it's not an instant lust or instant love story. They really have to find their way to accepting each other as mates. Really loved the time travel aspect. The story started off a little slow for me, but by the mid way point I didn't want to put it down.
Submitted By: msladye on Jan 25, 2014
It 5am in the morning on a snow day. I'm happy to report I called off and finished my book. The author is a great writer and I hope the next books pulls me in as deep. Great read. Now I must go and start the next book bye now.
Submitted By: ct2014 on Jan 14, 2014
Her Viking Wolf was a decent story. It's a story about a woman named Chloe who was engaged to a wolf alpha Prince for 7 years, but they never got married because she never went into heat even though she was past the age of change (25). One day this alpha Viking King named Fenris is transported into the future after invoking this incantation to find his fated mate (which he did not want to do), or be killed by his traitorous cousin who wanted to usurp his place on the throne. Once Fenris came into contact with Chloe, she began her process of going into heat and things escalated from there. The story was good in the fact that even though Chloe and Fenris were fated mates, they still had issues to work out. First being, Fenris is from a time period that is opposite of Chloe's own time. He believes in the mantra that women should want what their men want while Chloe is if the mind the women have a freedom to choose. They had to overcome their different ways of communication, the language barrier and also the cultural barrier that existed. It was good to see how they overcame those aspects of their relationship. The biggest problem that I had in the book was that the author would cross back and forth between Chloe's thoughts and Fenris' and I would have to go back and re-read the paragraph to make sure I didn't miss anything because of me not being sure whose angle I was reading. Also, another thing that confused me was sometimes Chloe's language didn't fit her personality, but maybe that was just the "sista" in her coming out at times. Fenris was a strong character who didn't want to love Chloe, but it just couldn't be helped. He wanted to rule his home wit an iron fist, but in order to have some peace and tranquility, he had to bend, which he did so reluctantly, but in the end, he saw it was to his benefit. He was a strong alpha male, but he still treated his woman well. Also, the book never talked about them actually shifting. When Chloe went into her heating frenzy, neither her nor Fenris shifted (but some things were wolf-like, like the knots that wolves get when mating) nor when danger came upon them. I was confused by the non-shifting in a shifters book. But other than that, it was a decent read.
Submitted By: DeniseJA on Jan 13, 2014
Hot hot and steamy. Yeah, I really enjoyed this book. Had to read it again. Now that I think about it, I will have to give it another read. Makes me wish a "Viking wolf" would travel through time in search of me! Did I say hot and steamy? Wish there was of and ending, but overall a good read.
Submitted By: Minna on Jan 12, 2014
Great read! I couldn't put it down once I started.
Submitted By: summerk1_4 on Jan 8, 2014
This was alright. It took me a few days to read.
Submitted By: roula on Jan 8, 2014
nice and interesting enough. enjoyable read.
Submitted By: sarahd123 on Jan 7, 2014
This story combines shape shifters and time travel. I am a huge shifter fan, but for me the time travel kind of threw it off. I liked the characters and even the plot, but I would have to say somewhere along the way something went wrong and I did not enjoy this book as much as I was hoping I would.
Submitted By: monique1000 on Jan 3, 2014
Time travel and shape-shifters thrown together in one novel....who can turn down such a combo as this? A great read and a keeper.
Submitted By: Danayett on Dec 13, 2013
Awesome book, I truly enjoyed this story.
Submitted By: Tgmd on Dec 7, 2013
I really enjoyed this book. I love the characters and how they interacted with each other. Could not put this book down. I hope this author has more books like this one.
Submitted By: brownbrown on Feb 20, 2013
I really had no expectations but this book was very entertaining. I liked it and would recommend it to others.
Submitted By: sbrt1 on Feb 6, 2013
Interesting storyline. Time travel with shapeshifters....it works. I'm looking to follow this series since I found it so enjoyable.
Submitted By: jslindzy on Jan 25, 2013
The concept is promising, but falls short somewhere. The characters seemed interesting enough, but the plot itself just didn’t grab me.
Submitted By: uksuzi on Jan 5, 2013
Good book! I wanted to both laugh and cry during certain parts. The main characters were funny and I liked how their relationship developed over time inbetween th hot loving:-) looking forward to reading the next book.
Submitted By: Jadeb63 on Jan 1, 2013
I loved this book. Great read. Get it you wont be disapointed.
Submitted By: lisaj64 on Jan 1, 2013
A must read, good from beginning to end.
Submitted By: yveswms on Oct 13, 2012
Cheese & crackers......this read was the snit! I've read it 3 times since I bought it.
Submitted By: nverde6 on Oct 7, 2012
I didn't enjoy this as much as the author's previous novels, but it is still an entertaining read.
Submitted By: ladytee20019 on Sep 28, 2012
I really loved this book, it was well written and erotic. The chemistry and sex was hot and sensual. I hope there's more stories on this town.
Submitted By: lurker1 on Sep 8, 2012
This was an interesting take on shifters. The author nailed the interactions and relationships between the various characters and the love story. Some of the world building needs polish.
Submitted By: happy on Sep 3, 2012
i really enjoyed the way the author gave you different look at wolves and their mates. very good read!
Submitted By: junecharles73 on Sep 2, 2012
I love this author's imagination. A wonderful story and a sweet read. This book is so worth the read.

Her Viking Wolf

By: Theodora Taylor