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Her Goblin Prince

Series: Goblin Market , Book 2.0
By: Thalia Frost | Other books by Thalia Frost
Published By: Musa Publishing
Published: Jul 13, 2012
ISBN # 9781619372795
Word Count: 9,300
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EligiblePrice: $1.99

Available in: Epub, Mobipocket (.mobi), Adobe Acrobat, Mobipocket (.prc)

Categories: Romance>Paranormal/Horror Romance>Fantasy Romance>Short Stories

Sierra Lake has inherited her spinster aunt Lizzie Lake's old farmhouse in the Appalachian hills. She longs for the peace and quiet the house will offer after a love affair gone wrong and a lover who won't take the hint that she's not ready to be married at age twenty-two. A walk in the woods that leads to a chance sighting of a man that is anything but human and a chance reading of an old book make her think that all is not what it seems at Landry's Farm.

Godwin, the prince of his goblin tribe that lives in the woods near the farmhouse, spots Sierra in the woods on a lush summer day and knows she is his mate for life. The only problem is, he wants nothing to do with her. His concern is keeping his fellow goblin men safe in an increasingly threatening world. When a threat to Sierra brings them together with blood and violence, will Sierra claim Godwin as her prince?
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A path spread out before her, the width of four people. Shimmering woods lay beyond it. She stepped to the head of it, watching dust motes float down in the sunlight. Branches stood back from it, and no gnarled roots lay in its center. A gray squirrel skittered across it.

It's been well tended. Aunt Lizzie must have enjoyed her own walks.

The degree of neatness of the path startled her. And could one woman clear a path like this? Maybe with many years. . . but it shows the work of a man's hands. Maybe she had a boyfriend no one knew about. . . or just a gardener who came once in a while. Mother used to make fun of her for avoiding men.

Brush crunched underfoot, and birds twittered and whirled overhead. Sierra breathed in the sweet scents of hard woods and growing things, closing her eyes as she did so. She sauntered along as if in a dream. It's pure pleasure to be here.

* * * *

The creature peeked from behind a tree down the path as he heard the snap of brush under feet.

Who walks there? Not Lizzie, for she is dead. His heart dropped in sorrow at the death of his father's lover. Another victim of the rising tensions and the evil threatening this place. . .

He gripped the tree, tasting blood as he bit his tongue. Never will it happen again, not while I am prince and not when I am king.

The figure came in to view. A woman with a halo of curly black hair and skin like milk smiled, eyes closed as if enraptured. She glistened in the sunlight.

Godwin's heart jumped, and his groin tightened at the instant bolt of soul recognition that ran through him. She is meant to be mine, but I will not have her.

Her Goblin Prince

By: Thalia Frost