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Head Over Heels

By: Marteeka Karland | Other books by Marteeka Karland
Published By: Marteeka Karland
Published: Jan 31, 2014
ISBN # 9781304861788
Word Count: 9,500
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Categories: Romance>Contemporary Romance>Short Stories Romance>Erotic Romance


Head Over Heels by Marteeka Karland - Romance>Contemporary

The quest for Olympic immortality is killing Natalia. Literally. She has pushed her body beyond endurance and she has nothing left to give. Good thing Zechariahs is there to pick her up and ease her through the transition from Olympic athlete to normal life.

Zechariahs has loved Natalia from the first moment he met her when they were both teenagers. He knew she had ambitions she had to pursue and kept his distance, but was unable to completely leave her. That is, until her mother moved her to another city with a better training facility.

From that moment on, Zechariahs dedicated himself to being ready when Natalia left gymnastics behind. He intended to be there.

But will Natalia recognize when it’s time to hang up her leotard and live her own life, or will she honor the wishes of her mother and continue on the path she’s followed for most of her life, even if it means losing out on her chance at true love?
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Finally able to lean against the back of the tub, she tried to relax as much as possible. The cold would soon be more aching than soothing and she’d have to get out, but for these brief few minutes, she had blessed relief.

He was right to assume she’d had more than one surgery. One ankle, an elbow, her shoulder, and both knees had had procedures on them, both minor and major. She was only twenty-six and she already had done so much damage to her body it was unlikely she’d avoid more surgeries later in life. And for what? She already had Olympic glory. Twice. What did she really need with a third round on the podium?

When the cold became too much to tolerate any longer, she pushed herself out of the bath. Zechariahs was there with a huge, fluffy towel, encircling her in his arms once again. This time, Natalia met his gaze boldly, needing to see his expression.

“You won’t get what you’re looking for now, Natalia.” His brisk movements were as clipped as his words. He wasn’t pleased about something.

“Why, Zechariahs? Why now?”

“It was an accident I found you today—it should have been your brother, but he was out of town on business. I’ve been waiting for you to come to your senses because I knew it was useless to try to talk to you until you left gymnastics behind.”
“But I’ve not—”

The denial was cut off as Zechariahs pulled her wet body against his and found her mouth with his. Natalia was so surprised, she gasped, which only allowed him to sweep her mouth with his tongue. Instantly all the icy cold rushed away from her, replaced by a heat so overwhelming, she was sure steam rose from her wet leotard. In that instant, every hope and dream she’d ever had came rushing back to her, filling her with more hope than she’d ever had before. Nothing could compare to the feelings Zechariahs was stirring up inside her. Nothing.

So this is what it’s like to kiss a boy…

Head Over Heels

By: Marteeka Karland