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Hard Drive

By: Ambrielle Kirk | Other books by Ambrielle Kirk
Published By: Breathless Press
Published: Jul 01, 2011
ISBN # 9781926930336
Word Count: 6,713
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EligiblePrice: $2.49

Available in: Microsoft Reader, Mobipocket (.mobi), Palm DOC/iSolo, Adobe Acrobat, Mobipocket (.prc), Rocket

Categories: Romance>Contemporary Romance>Interracial Romance>Erotic Romance

When Dana seeks out Carlos's computer expertise, he never expected the daring beauty would rev up his libido.

Content with his computer business, Carlos is happy with his choices in life…until a confident Nubian beauty walks into his store. Too bashful and insecure to unleash the romantic man inside, he is instantly attracted to Dana as she unknowingly changes his preconceived notions about gorgeous women who need every male at their beck and call.

But the truth comes out: Dana may have another agenda, and Carlos is ready to hide behind his glasses and computers. But will he combat his trust before this beauty walks out on him…for good?
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Whatever it was that overcame Carlos in that instance, he didn’t know. He was in Dana’s path in seconds, and before he knew it, his fingers were tangled in her hair. He pulled her into his embrace effortlessly and pressed his lips to hers. She breathed in a sharp intake of breath and stiffened only briefly. As their mouths meshed, her body became pliant within his arms.

He was doing with her what he’d wanted to the moment she stepped foot in his shop. They nipped softly at each other, but then both became more involved and the kisses turned deep and aggressive.

She broke apart and panted against him, her hand pressing against his chest as if pushing him away.

Her eyes were a mixture of confusion and lust.

"I’m sorry." Carlos took a step back.

Dana moved toward him. "No, don’t be sorry for that."

"That was wrong."

She shook her head and wrapped her arm around his back. "No, it was so right."

He smiled, and saw the acceptance in her gaze. The same truth that’d been there since day one. "You like that?"

She grinned back. "Yes, I definitely like when you take control." Walking forward, she forced him further into the darkened room. "But you forget, I like to be in control too."
Reader Reviews (3)
Submitted By: thcreviews on Apr 5, 2013
Short little novella about a computer geek and a beautiful real estate agent who discover a deep attraction for one another when she brings her computer into his store for repair. Loved the geeky hero and the heroine was nice too. For such a short story, the author did a good job with character development and plot. There was a very steamy (but not erotic) love scene too. Overall, a really fun read that I enjoyed a lot.
Submitted By: same on Apr 1, 2012
Nice character development and storyline.
Submitted By: yveswms on Jul 27, 2011
Wished computer geek wasn't so hesitant/unsure in certain instances, but I guess that's a geek's personality. Cute story.

Hard Drive

By: Ambrielle Kirk