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Handcuffed To The Sheikh (Hot contemporary romance Novella)

By: Teresa Morgan | Other books by Teresa Morgan
Published By: Teresa Morgan
Published: Jun 08, 2011
ISBN # 9780986956805
Word Count: 13,770
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Categories: Romance>Contemporary Romance>Romantic Comedy Romance>Suspense/Mystery/Thriller


Handcuffed To The Sheikh (Hot contemporary romance Novella) by Teresa Morgan - Romance>Contemporary eBook

Best. Abduction. Ever.
When she opened her front door, the last thing Maxine Foss expected was a hot stranger with a set of handcuffs. Now she's shackled to a sexy, but crazy, person who claims he's an Arabian prince—and her lover. No way. If she had ever gotten naked with a guy this delicious, she would never forget.

Insanity is catching...
Alone in a secluded cabin, Sayd offers his body for her pleasure. But the price for giving in to his temptation could be her sanity, not to mention her freedom... and just maybe, her life.

Word Count: 13770
Page Count: 41

Includes an excerpt from Cinderella and the Sheikh
Reader Rating:   4.0 starstarstarstar (1 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   lipliplip

If she hadn't been so bone-deep jetlagged, Max Foss might have paid more attention to the ominous profile on the other side of her front door. She might have reasoned that it was pretty late for a natural gas scam artist to prowl around her Newark, Delaware neighborhood, looking for someone to fall for the old "I can save you so much money if you'll just give me your credit card number" trick.

As it was, she was too exhausted to realize how stupid it was to open her door to a stranger so late at night—even if the stranger had a clipboard. She'd just come home to find the contents of her fridge seemed to have aged months in the week she'd been at a five star all inclusive in the Dominican Republic. All her plants had died... not just died, but mummified. She'd never had a green thumb, but she'd tried so hard to keep this batch alive. It wasn't fair to a bunch of plants that didn't have much of a chance under her care in the first place. Dust swirled up out of the carpet whenever she took a step, sending her into sneezing spasms. She'd won the ticket in a radio contest and had gone away to relax. Now all she could see was the work ahead of her.

Her irritation and her overdeveloped sense of justice sent her crashing down the stairs to her sunken foyer as soon as the bell rang, determined to take a chunk out of anyone who tried to take advantage of her or her friends who lived in the neighborhood.

As soon as she had the door open, and he turned to face her, caution came crashing back. The guy lounging against the door frame like he owned it had sixty pounds on her, and all that was solid muscle. He also wore a fierce expression, as if she'd pissed him off just by opening the door. The way he looked down at her without lowering his set jaw spoke of a controlled rage that made her stomach clench.

All of this was probably good, since he also radiated a mysterious sexuality that might just have gotten a credit card out of her if those sensual Michelangelo lips hadn't been turned down at the corners. And those eyes. If they had contained a shred of decency in them instead of angry fire, would have been as tempting as any dark chocolate truffle.

Some instinct made her grab at the throat of her hoodie and zip it up another couple inches.

His hand tightened on the clipboard as his smoky, narrow-eyed gaze scraped over her body, bunching as if trying to make a fist. That was all it took to set her temper ablaze. Unreasoning fury sparked behind her eyes.

"Nobody wants you here." She lifted her nose in the air. "Take your con game someplace else."

"Con. Game," he repeated, a not-quite-British accent tingeing his deep caramel voice. Disbelief and rage dripped from those two words.

She slammed the door on him. Or at least meant to. Really meant to. But the clipboard was in the way, jammed in the doorframe. Then, without warning, he was inside, filling up her little foyer. His big form was just inches away, and coming closer.

An instant of shock passed over her. Had that just happened? He'd forced his way inside? He paused, seeming almost as stunned as her.

"Well, that was easy," he said, sounding confused.

Her surprise broke, replaced by terror. Oh God, this was a nightmare. A surge of adrenaline sent her scrambling up the stairs... Her phone was on the table. Could she keep him off until she dialled 911? Probably not. What else could she do? Her heart thudded an insane beat as she raced up the steps.

She didn't get far. A merciless arm banded her waist, pulling her back against a chest built like a brick wall. She inhaled to scream, but the fabric he held to her mouth muffled the sound. When she tried to breathe, the air tasted like bitter chemicals and she almost retched. Oh God, she was being drugged. He was going to drug her and kill her. And who knew what else.

Panicked blood hammered in her ears. She had to think. What could she do? Kicking and flailing seemed hopeless, but it was her only option—Or maybe... She forced herself to calm. She held her breath and let all her muscles go limp. Maybe he would relax his iron grip too early and let her go. Then she could kick him in the 'nads.

Fighting every defensive instinct, she let her eyelids flicker shut. She willed her heartbeat to slow, praying she wasn't succumbing too quickly.

His breath tickled her ear. "Ah." If his voice hadn't been terrifying, his exotic accent would have sent her to her knees. "She's not so strong as I imagined. I'd hoped you'd put up more of a fight."

You'll find out how strong I am as soon as you let me go, she promised silently. Brave words, but doubts crept in. Starved of oxygen, her lungs began to burn.

He didn't loosen his grip one inch. Through her shirt, she felt a deep bass chuckle reverberate in his chest. "What a terrible liar you are. Did you think I would fall for that one, Max?"

He knew her name? She gasped in surprise, and took in a lungful of chemical air that stung going down. What stung more was how stupid she'd just been.

Idiot, she cursed herself, as the drugs leeched into her system.

Before she passed out, the last thing she saw was those wicked lips, smiling in triumph as he locked her left wrist in one side of a pair of handcuffs.

Handcuffed To The Sheikh (Hot contemporary romance Novella)

By: Teresa Morgan