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Fucked by the Beast-Men

Series: The Breeding Island of Dr. Melville , Book 1.0
By: Lucy Apple | Other books by Lucy Apple
Published By: Lucy Apple Erotica
Published: Aug 24, 2012
ISBN # LCPPLR0000001
Word Count: 8,600
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Eligible Price: $2.99

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Categories: Erotica>Werewolves/Shifters Erotica>Paranormal/Horror Erotica>Sci-fi/Fantasy


Fucked by the Beast-Men (The Breeding Island of Dr. Melville) by Lucy Apple - Erotica>Sci-fi/Fantasy eBook

For a sheltered librarian like Eve, a round-the-world yachting trip with the son of a billionaire made for more excitement than she had ever experienced in her young lifetime. But when the yacht docks in the lagoon of a mysterious island, Eve’s fate takes an inconceivable turn.

Because the Breeding Island of Dr. Melville holds sexual horrors and sensual delights far beyond Eve’s darkest fears - or her deepest fantasies. The mad doctor has a plan for her, a plan involving every member of his menagerie of hybrid animal-men. His brood of savage beasts.

An eight-thousand word character-driven erotic story with multiple sex scenes.

Pulp sex fiction at its finest!
Reader Rating:   1.5 starstar (2 Ratings)
Sensuality Rating:   lip
She was wet; shamefully, her body in its fear had betrayed her. But even that wetness could not fully ease the way of the beast’s monstrous cock into her pussy.
The fearsome strength of the animal’s limbs was overpowering enough, but the brutal assault of its cock was even more so. She felt as if she were being splayed out. The beast seemed to be all cock and claws now, and Eve completely defenseless.
She squeezed tears out of her closed eyes. Tear of pain.
At least at first.

The beast was filling her, owning her, as she had never been owned before. She found herself digging her fingers and her toes into the sand, and her hips began to gyrate as she bucked in savage rhythm with vicious fucking she was undergoing.

She became entirely open: her mouth gaped for air, her nostrils flared as she inhaled the thick musty funk of the animal’s fur and breath. Every inch of her skin, every scrape and cut from the attack, and every pore, seemed to throb.
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Submitted By: dragonmum on Nov 7, 2015
Pointless story.
Submitted By: karol44 on Jan 8, 2014
If you like a book that is only about sex this is the book for you

Fucked by the Beast-Men

By: Lucy Apple