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From This Day Forward: The Dragon Shifters of Derkesthai Academy

Series: The Dragon Shifters of Derkesthai Academy , Book 2.0
By: Mackenzie Lucas | Other books by Mackenzie Lucas
Published By: Mackenzie Lucas
Published: Jan 15, 2014
ISBN # 9781311039293
Word Count: 40,700
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Eligible Price: $2.99

Available in: Epub, Adobe Acrobat

Categories: Romance>Paranormal/Horror Romance>Suspense/Mystery/Thriller Romance>Action/Adventure


From This Day Forward: The Dragon Shifters of Derkesthai Academy (The Dragon Shifters of Derkesthai Academy) by Mackenzie Lucas - Romance>Action/Adventure

From This Day Forward is a contemporary paranormal romance novella with mystery and suspense elements. This is the second story in the Derkesthai Dragon Mage Academy series. Derkesthai Academy is Hogwarts for dragon shifters.

Noah Easton, a Special Forces dragon shifter, escapes the torture of a hoard thief bent on stealing dragon hoard stones and their elemental power from the mages who possess them, but the situation becomes personal when the hoard thief targets the woman he loves. He must return to his hometown of Mystic Springs to protect those he loves from a magickal threat he cannot identify before he loses everything.

April Easton is a modern day oracle. She reads tea leaves and just about anything else that can predict coming events. However, past abandonment issues make her resistant to reading her own signs. But when evil comes to Mystic Springs, April must face her biggest fears of abandonment and betrayal in order to save what’s most important to her. Only by studying the past and owning her future can she stop a magickal criminal who threatens to steal everything she’s ever loved and destroy the dragon mage who holds her heart.
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From Shauni S./Reviewer with Tea and Book
"Ms. Lucas does a wonderful job catching stray threads and turning them into a wonderful tapestry. A compelling story that makes you want more!" Tea and Book, (http://ow.ly/t75ZI)
Chapter Two: The Way Home

Noah Easton never saw the frontline these days. No operator did. Hadn't since probably about WWII. But in Special Forces, the frontline was all around you. In front, in back, beside. Hell, sometimes inside. The battle raged everywhere and you never knew where or when to expect the next strike. Like now.

Shit. He'd wanted to go home. But not this way. The barrel of a cold .45 pressed to his temple.

"What are you thinking, Captain?" the young man who'd fought next to Noah for the last year snapped. Literally and figuratively. What brought a man to this point, to the edge of sanity? This kid wasn't a bad kid. Really. Sammy McDonald was green. Untried. And why the hell they'd planted him on this mission so soon, Noah had no freakin' idea. But he didn't question his commander. Well, hell. Yes he did. But at the moment he stood in a grimy back alley in an old section of Dubai, apparently awaiting some kind of handoff. So he had a little more on his mind than the chain of command.

"I'm thinking you sure as hell don't want to do this. You've got a bright career ahead of you. This gains you nothing."

Sammy laughed. Sweat bathed his thin face and his eyes gleamed with an unnatural gloss. "Shows what you know. It gains me the world. I'm gonna get paid royally for this. I just gotta deliver you to The Fox. Then I'm set for life. I disappear. Get a new name, a new life, and go on my merry way."

Noah paused, studying the situation. They were alone. Seemingly. The operation had been, per usual these days, minimalist. No fanfare. Three of them deployed based on the Intel. Land in Tel Aviv. Infiltrate. Operate. Gather. Execute. Extract.

Only he'd never figured Sammy would try to execute him.

"Come on, kid. Really? You don't want to do this. Listen to me. Put the gun down, walk away and I'll forget this even happened."

Like hell he would.

"Even I know that's bullshit. I'd be a dead man."

Damn straight. Noah could disarm the kid, put him out of his misery. Easily. But, damn, he had to see where this threat led. And why someone had targeted him. What they wanted. The Fox. Yeah, code names were rife in the military, but especially in Delta Forces. No one called anything what it really was today. Everyone spoke in a crazy double-speak that drove him nuts. He was a man who valued the truth. Fact. And he never shied away from calling it like it was whenever he could. His commander would receive a few pointed questions after this one.

"Sammy, put the gun down. Let's talk. Be rational."

"The Dragon? Rational? There are stories about you. Big, bad bedtime stories that make the men afraid to go to sleep at night. No. I think I'll keep my gun right here. That way, I stand a better chance." He nudged the muzzle, bumping it ruthlessly against Noah's temple.

Little did the kid know those stories were truer than Noah would ever admit to anyone not magickal. He was The Big Bad Wolf. And Sammy didn't stand a chance. Gun or no gun.

"Who's been telling fairy tales, Sam?"

The kid lifted one shoulder. He rubbed his forearm. "I dunno. Just things we hear. How some target goes missing before the rest of the team gets in and you're always there." The boy eyed Noah's arm. He fidgeted, shifting his weight from foot to foot. "So what's the deal with the tat? I thought we weren't allowed identifying markers. You know. Anonymity and all that Special Ops bullshit."

Sammy referred to the color tattoo on Noah's upper arm, just below the short sleeve of his Army-issued t-shirt. There were times the whole tat rearranged itself—like a living breathing dragon truly inhabited the space on his bicep, contained in a thick tribal ink cage that banded it, top to bottom. Little did non-magickals know it really did live and breathe there. A charm embedded in the ink ensured mundanes never remembered the tattoo specifics. They had some vague idea of a colorful dragon, but they couldn't latch on to the image or it wouldn't stay concrete in their heads. And they certainly never remembered it moved.

"People can't seem to remember it, or me, for long. Guess I'm pretty unremarkable."

A shadow slipped out of a doorway. A pebble skittered behind him on the cobbled stones. Someone stood outside his peripheral vision. He could feel the person breathing. A tiny pulse in the sultry night air.
Where the hell had the human come from? He inhaled rancid smells—human urine, garbage, rat feces, and a faint wild dog scent. Musky. He drew it deep into his lungs again.

Still, he couldn't pick up the odor of another mundane other than Sammy. Something bigger was going on. No one snuck up on him. No one. And it wasn't just because he was the elite of the elite Delta Forces. Hell, no. His magickal abilities gave him the edge. His human form, hammered by the military, made him the best operator in the business. However it's what lived and breathed on the inside that made him the best at what he did—helped him track and eliminate terrorists in order to free the oppressed. Dragon bred, born, and trained . . . his sense of sight, scent, and hearing were well beyond the human norm and made him the best.


So either he was having a really bad day, which didn't happen, or there was magick at play here. That fact alone brought the threat to a whole new level.

From This Day Forward: The Dragon Shifters of Derkesthai Academy

By: Mackenzie Lucas